Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


19. 19

Is it possible to love a child but at the same time, be driven absolutely crazy by them? I was trying to get dinner together and was glad for the little bit of quiet time before Justin got home. And then, she pounced again.

"Selena?", her little voice asked behind me and I put on my best smile, turning to her.

"Yes, Kate?", I replied, seeing she had one of my t shirts on.

"Does this shirt look good?", she asked, posing in it for me, her hands on her hips, "Can I wear it to school tomorrow?"

"Katie, is that my shirt?", I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Ummm…I don't know…", she lied.

I decided to let that one go for now.

"Well, first of all, it's not nice to go into my things without asking…", I began gently, "And second…I know your father wouldn't like you wearing my shirts to school…"

"He won't care!", Katie frowned at me and got a little loud.

"And third…", I closed my eyes and tried to keep my cool, "I can see your undershirt…see, it's too low cut when you wear it."

I tried to touch the collar, to show her but she smacked my hand away, yelling, "It IS NOT! You're a PRE-VERT!"

"No, Katie…I'm a pervert.", I corrected, thinking of Roseanne…I should take some lessons from her. She had it all together.

"SHUT UP!", she looked embarrassed, "You can't tell me what to do! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

And she ran off, slamming her door as I stood there, a look of bewilderment on my face.

"Where's that arsenic?", I joked, taking the salt and sprinkling some over the steaks I was making.

A couple of minutes later, I heard her going into my room again. I groaned, making a mental note to get a very strong deadbolt for my door.

"Kaitlyn Ariel Bieber…", I called, trying to sound a little more strict now, "Please get out of my room…"

I kind of sang that…in a sarcastically sweet way…and I heard drawers being opened and closed…I was not used to this. I was always an only child and never had to worry about little siblings getting into my things. And if she found something that was…ummm…too "adult" in my drawers…I know Justin's not going to like to have to explain what a vibrator is and what it does.

"Gee, officer…", I muttered to myself, "I don't know WHAT happened to her…she was playing one minute…and the next, she was hanging upside down by her ankles outside my bedroom window…"

I turned off the flame on the stove and walked slowly to my room, seeing if I could catch her at what she was up to in there.

I found her in my makeup box…looking in the mirror and trying to put the lipstick on…God, it was a mess! Now I'm mad.

"Katie!", I went in and pulled the lipstick out of her hand, seeing it was all messed up and broken now. I couldn't even put the cap back on it!

"Again, this is MY room.", I pointed out calmly, taking my makeup box away from her, "You ask before you come in here. Alright? And it's not cool to use another girl's lipstick…that's a rule."

"This is my DAD'S HOUSE!", she yelled, the red smears of her lips making her mouth look bigger.

"No.", I turned to her, my voice a little tighter, "This is OUR house…and I don't go into your room uninvited…so you shouldn't come into mine unless I say it's okay. Okay?"

Katie's eyes squinted and she clenched her little fists.

"My DAD pays for everything!", she shouted, "YOU don't even have a JOB! SO I can go WHEREVER I WANT!"

I had to pull my claws back in before I lunged at her.

"Katie…", I began but then I heard the front door close and Justin's voice called out, "Hello, hello…where are all my beautiful girls? I'm ready for you to worship me and sprinkle rose pedals before my feet."

It would've been cute if I wasn't so mad at his evil offspring.

"We'll SEE now!", Katie smirked at me and walked out, "DADD!"

I didn't know what I was saying to myself as I followed but the words "demon child" registered in my brain.

"Hi DADDY!", Katie leapt into Justin's arms as he gave a loud "UGGGHHHH! What did I ask you about not jumping me when I came home?"

I walked into the kitchen area, smiling at Justin…and he smiled back at me…holding his daughter.

"Hi babe.", he said to me.

"Hey.", I tried to smile but he saw it wasn't a true one.

"What's all over your face?", Justin asked Katie as I went into the kitchen to finish putting the food together.

"Make up.", Katie informed, "Selena said I should wear it to school tomorrow."


I slammed the stove closed and flew back into the living room, scaring Daddy and his little angel.

"That is a lie!", I gasped, looking at them, then I said to Justin, "She keeps busting into my room, putting my clothes on, putting my make up on…I told her –NICELY—that she shouldn't be in there without my permission. But, as she just told me, this is YOUR house and she can do what she wants because…YOU pay for everything and I don't even have a JOB!"

Justin looked at Katie as if he couldn't believe it.

"No, Daddy, I didn't say that stuff!", she put on her innocent little sad face, the one he always fell for, "Selena's being so mean to me today!"

"UGH!", I half laughed and groaned…putting my hand up and going back into the kitchen, too busy for this bullshit right now.

I was listening though and Justin had better not say the wrong thing here.

"Katie…make up and Selena's clothes are not for you.", Justin said delicately, "You're a little girl, she's a grown woman…you know you can't wear this stuff to school. If you wanted to play dress up, I'm sure Selena wouldn't mind…but you have to ask her first. You know better than that."

"You NEVER believe ME!", she screeched back at him, and I heard Justin put Katie down, "You just care about HER! BELLLLAAAAA….ohhhh BELLLAAA!"

I just listened and wondered how expensive the nearest boarding school in Switzerland was.

Justin sounded shocked as hell when he answered, "KATIE!"

"I'm not a BABY and I don't play DRESS UP!", she lashed back, "GOD! You just can't face it that I'm grown up now! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

I heard the door slam in her room this time. I released a breath and hoped I didn't see Justin chase after her and beg her forgiveness.

Lucky for him, I didn't. He came into the kitchen where I was…and he looked absolutely dazed.

"What the hell was that?", he asked, stunned.

"Have you ever seen Chucky?", I asked, "That's all I can compare it to."

"What should I do?", he wondered aloud, looking at her closed door, "Should I go talk to her? The Bradys always used to go talk to the kids…"

"Oh God, you're basing your parenting on what the Brady Bunch would do?" I almost laughed, "Don't do it…you're a much better Dad than Mr. Brady was…"

We heard something bang against Katie's wall and then Katie let out a very shrill squeal.

I smiled at Justin and announced, "Welcome to the pre-teen years Mr. C."

"Oh God, Mr. C…", he blanched, "Don't say that, I'll feel like Richie Cunningham's father…ughhh…I hated that guy."

"Yea, he was so un-cool.", I teased, "Justin, from now on, you're not allowed to watch Nick at Nite…it's affecting you."

"Did you do this…when you were a kid?", Justin asked, unsure of how to play this problem.

Okay, at least now he was trying to relate to real life people, not TV characters.

"I guess.", I shrugged, "If I did, my Dad missed it. He worked a lot…I was alone a lot as a kid…some nights I heated up my own dinner and put myself to bed before his shift was over and he got home."

Justin looked sadly at me.

"I didn't know that.", his eyes looked into mine as I cooked, and his hand stroked my shoulder.

"I got used to it.", I shrugged, realizing we never got into many discussions about my own childhood, "I took care of myself. Charlie and I got closer when I was in my late teen years…it took awhile for it to happen. But it was never as close as I had wanted it once."

A 'tsk" sound escaped Justin's lips and he took me into his arms…I felt a little of my anger melt away as I hugged him back….holding my breath so I wouldn't inhale horse cologne.

"I hate imagining you so small…all alone like that…", he said softly into my ear as he touched my hair, "If Charlie didn't save my life and all, I'd call him right now and tell him off. And I still might."

"You're my sweetheart.", I touched his back and placed a little innocent kiss to his neck, "But you have bigger fish to fry now. Your little red haired daughter is in there, planning my fatal accident as we speak."

"Oh, she is not.", he said with a chuckle, glancing at her door.

"Are you kidding?", I asked him, taking the rolls out of the oven, "I thought her head was gonna spin all the way around before you came in. And here I am, all out of holy water!"

"Selena…", Justin gave me a very fatherly look…like a 'behave' kind of look…it was very sexy.

"Sorry Daddy.", I used my little girl voice, "I'll be good."

I laughed and so did he, a little. His smile cheered me right up and he said, "Oooh, cute…do that again."

"No.", I shoved his hand off my ass, "I'm cooking. Stop or you could get burned."

As I put the food on the table, we decided to let Katie alone and see what would happen. Maybe she just had a bad day today. We sat at the table and I nudged Justin to call her to come eat.

I felt like my lessons of teaching Justin to be a grown up were starting right now.

"Oh.", he nodded, then cleared his throat and called, "Katie! Dinner!"

He looked at me and I smiled back at him, nodding, confirming that was correct, my hand on his, patting it.

God, he's cute. My Mr. Brady.

It took awhile for Katie to emerge from the cave. I put the food on everyone's plates and we started eating before she arrived. If she thought we were going to wait for her and let our food get cold because she was late, she was wrong.

Funny…last week she was waiting on us, taking our orders and being so adorable. It was nice while it lasted.

Katie came to her chair and yanked it out, sitting down and scowling at Justin and I…waiting for us to react or say something to her. Don't weaken, Justin, I thought, hoping the message would reach him somehow.

She saw the slab of steak on her plate and eyed Justin, the thick red smudges still all over her lips…my shirt still on her body…

"Oh, I'll get it.", Justin moved her plate towards himself and began cutting the meat for her. She shot him the dirtiest look I'd ever seen her give before.

"Cut the baby's meat, right?", she yelled at Justin as he froze, not cutting anymore.

"I always cut your steak.", he informed.

"Why don't you just give me BABY FOOD?", she shouted.

I almost stepped in and commented on how it would be appropriate for the way she was acting…but I stayed out of it and let Justin handle it himself.

"Come on, Katie…", Justin went back to cutting the steak, "Selena made such a nice dinner, I'm just helping you so you can enjoy it…"

"I HATE Selena's food!", Katie looked at it like it was dog shit, "Why can't YOU make dinner?"

I'm moving in with Ben and Angela.

"I'm at work all day.", he said, then quickly, "Besides, Selena's a great cook. And you're being really insulting tonight, Katie…Selena does a lot for you…"

"I don't NEED her to do anything for me!", she shoved the plate away from herself, "I'll make my own dinner."

"Good, peanut butter and jelly are over there." I grumbled as I took a bite of my steak.

"Alright, you know what, Katie?", he put his fork and knife down, "Go to your room."

I almost threw myself into his arms and kissed him. He is wonderful!


"Go. To. Your. Room.", he said each word at a time, standing and pulling her chair out for her, "You don't appreciate what Selena made for you, then you get nothing. Go to bed."

Ooooh, even better! Justin C. is good at this discipline thing…

"No!", she argued, "It's only six o'clock!"

"Then you'll get lots of rest…and it sounds like you need it, you're a little crank pot!", he frowned down at her, "And before you go to bed, wash that crap off your face and take Selena's clothes off."

I didn't know I could love this man more…but I do. He is doing so great…and I know how hard this must be for him. I don't think he ever really punished anyone before, even when he was with Victoria.

She looked up at Justin and her bottom lip quivered…the crying was going to start any second now.

"I HATE YOU!", she screamed, crying as she took off to her room, "I WANT MOM!"

Ouch. Those two shots went right through Justin's heart, I know it. I winced just hearing it.

We could hear her crying in there…most likely face down on her bed. Justin looked like someone just tore the heart out of his chest. He just stood there, staring at the spot where she used to be.

"Justin…", I looked up at him, "Kids say that stuff all the time…she doesn't hate you."

"I know.", he said, for a second acting as if he didn't care…then he sat down and he let out a ragged, pained breath. He closed his eyes and tensed his jaw.

I held his hand and put my other arm around his back, talking right into his ear.

"She loves you…", I felt myself get all misty eyed at the pain in his face, "She's just mad…mad because you punished her. Kids always try to test the waters…to see how far they can go before you stop them. It's good what you just did. You can't let her walk all over you…"

"I know.", his voice cracked a little this time, "She never said she hated me before…I'm sorry…I should be tougher, shouldn't I?"

"You're doing great.", I kissed his cheek, nuzzling against it with my forehead, "Being a parent is really hard sometimes. You have to be the bad guy once in awhile. You can't always be her friend."

"She said she wants her Mom.", he said, squeezing my hand a little in his.

"Well…", I said gently, "She's getting to that age…where girls need their mothers…to learn how to be a woman…it's normal. It doesn't mean she doesn't need her Dad anymore. In a way, you ARE her Mom and her Dad right now."

He didn't answer or cry…but I knew he was really hurting…those words cut like a knife. I wish I could do something to stop the bleeding.

"It's good that her appointment will be in a couple weeks.", I whispered to him, stroking his hair a little, "Just like when I blew up at you awhile back, remember? Sometimes us women just go berserk!"

Finally, he gave a weak little grin and said, "Yea…you women ARE crazy."

"You'd better get used to it.", I smirked back, "Cause we're not going anywhere."

"Good.", he smiled back, the warmth coming back into his eyes.

We listened to Katie crying and throwing her tantrum in the other room. Part of me thought Justin should have talked to her but I knew he couldn't stand another hit if Katie said some more horrible things to him right now. I wanted her to calm down and not be angry before he spoke to her again. Maybe I could talk to her first.

"Go take your shower.", I suggested, "You don't want to eat anymore, do you?"

He looked at me apologetically and slowly shook his head no.

"It's okay.", I gave him another little hug, "The shower will relax you…and I can heat this up later if you're hungry."

"Okay.", he agreed, his face still very sad and concerned, "I'm sorry, Selena…"

"Go on.", I stood him up and spun him around towards the bathroom, "Do under your arms."

He laughed and went into the bathroom while I finished eating at the table alone, listening to Katie bawling and kicking her feet against the bed because Justin wasn't coming in there to calm her down.

"I'm getting my tubes tied.", I said to myself, chuckling, taking a drink of my soda.


The next couple of days were rough on Justin. Katie didn't talk to him much and if she did she was very rude and cold. And she didn't talk to ME at all…just glared and scowled at me.

Justin stood his ground, though, and I was real proud of him. He kept trying to reach out to her, but he didn't kiss her butt…and he didn't beg for her forgiveness. He was a real Dad…a good one. I was getting angry at Katie for doing this to him…but I knew it was perfectly normal for her to be acting this way.

The last two nights, Justin slept in his room…and he wasn't really in the mood for anything but sleep. He said he was tired…and I got the message as he laid in his bed, in the dark, alone. I can't deny how much it hurt. I wanted to be there for him now…but he wanted to be by himself.

Is he mad at me for making him punish his daughter? Does he blame me for the whole fight? I made some notes in my journal and waited for Saturday to come again…it was my birthday but I didn't care. I still wanted to talk to Peter…it had felt so good last time. He said I could always call him…but he doesn't specialize in child psychology. I figured at last that this wasn't the biggest problem in the world…a kid irritating her father was something older than the hills.

The third night after the fight, I was in my room, doing my homework when I heard a crinkling noise. I looked around and saw it was coming from under my closed door.

A slip of notebook paper was inside here, slipped under the crack of the door…and it had quickly scooted back outside…I stood there, half smirking, waiting for it to return…and in a minute, it did. It slid under quite easily and I could see some Justin handwriting on it.

It read:

'I'm sorry I've been such a dick lately.'

I had to admit it was nice to hear an apology. He hadn't really done anything to me but it had been very tense and quiet between us these last three days.

I felt my lips smile a little and the paper jerked out again…and I could hear some scribbling going on out there. No one can ever deny how fucking adorable this man is, that's for sure.

The paper came back and under the first entry was written:


I heard myself give a little giggle as I sat down on the floor, waiting to see what else he'd do.

The paper slid out there again, very fast…and I crossed my legs, anxious for more correspondence from my boyfriend.

The paper came back and now it said:

'How much longer are you going to make me beg for forgiveness? Not that I mind, I'm just curious.'

And beside that was a big smiley face.

I yanked the paper towards me and leaned to my right to get my pen. Hmmm…what can I say?

I almost said, 'About four more hours' but I knew he'd just agree to that. I didn't want him begging me for anything, especially forgiveness. I wasn't mad at him, it wasn't his fault. Katie had really hurt him and I understood that. I didn't hold it against him for not being all sexy and romantic with me while his daughter was freezing him with her cold silent treatment.

So I just wrote: 'I love you. I'm not mad at you. I just miss you.'

I slid that message out the crack and waited. I heard his breath exhale as if glad or relieved…and then he yanked the paper out his way. I laughed a little because this was the weirdest form of communication I'd ever participated in…but it was fun.

The paper came back and said, written in red this time…with hearts and smiley faces all around it:

'I WUV U 2 Selena!'

I chuckled and commented, "My little goofball."

The paper left again before I could grab it. Justin has fast hands!

It came back and said: 'Can I come in to play with you?'

I giggled like a thirteen year old schoolgirl. God, what is happening to me?

I stood up and opened the door quick before he had a chance to know I was doing it. And I looked down…and there he was…sitting on the floor, on his knees, his shirt off and soft little black shorts on. His eyes were so bright and happy as the light from my bedroom touched them…and once again I was in awe of how fuckingly beautiful he is. What entity made this? It had to have been four of five gods, not just one. And they were all artists.

He even bit his bottom lip a little as he looked up at me, like I was as lovely as he.

I didn't say a word…I just stepped backwards, motioning him in with my finger, curling it playfully as he pretended to leap up on all fours like a horny dog…panting and leaping in after me as I let out a surprised little scream. His voice growled out in triumph, as if he had hit his target.

The door slammed behind him and the lights went out almost simultaneously as he pounced. I never had a chance.

Hours later, as we both laid in bed together, and we had gotten a little rest…we talked about Katie.

"Maybe I should talk to her teacher.", Justin thought aloud, "Maybe something's going on there. You think?"

"Maybe.", I placed a kiss on the little dent in his perfect chin, "She is kinda going on and on how she's not a baby anymore. I told you she was going to try and catch up to the other kids in her class. And it's so hard…being a girl."

"Boo hoo…", Justin teased, moving my hair away from my face, "You girls all have it so easy…you all do anything you want and then you complain how tough it is to be a female."

I made a snort in argument but he went on.

"It's just as hard being a boy.", Justin pointed out, "Boys have fistfights."

"So do girls…now.", I said, "It's a much tougher world. You don't know. Girls can be even twice as scary and deadly as boys."

"First – I DO know.", he bugged his eyes at me, "And second, I know all about how fucking frightening women can be. I think I wrote that book."

"Oh yea, that's right.", I felt dumb, "I guess you DO know."

Justin closed his eyes and nodded like a little know it all. I had to laugh at that face. It was a new one.

"Well, yea, if you want to call the school and set up an appointment with the teacher, that's cool.", I nodded, "Or you could wait until parent teacher conferences, that's usually in like October…I think. Or we could wait until Katie sees the psychologist. They won't have any quick answers on the first visit though. could try talking to Katie again yourself."

"She won't talk to me.", he sounded so empty inside as he said those words…and I felt the hurt inside him, "Yesterday she said I was ugly. And I just asked her if she wanted to talk alone with me."

"Try again.", I suggested, "Don't give up. Try your paper under the door thing…that was VERY clever."

"Yea, it worked!", he smiled wider at me, his hands exploring my body under the quilt a little more now…

"Hey HANDS!", I struggled a little, "I think you've had enough for one night, don't you?"

"Nope.", he smiled more, not stopping those fingers of his…

"Justin!", I gasped and panted at the same time as they gently began to circle the very moist clit between my legs…right at the top….where it was most sensitive for me.

"Yes?", he asked, as if he was totally innocent…but that devilish smirk…was so damn hot.

"Six times…", I breathed, nose to nose with him as he worked on me in the dark.

"Six times what?" he didn't stop doing that…and he began slowly moving his fingers up and down…torturing me and knowing it.

"Six times…", I moaned a little, "Is not enough for you?"

He kissed my nose and slipped his one finger into a little fold in the side of my clit…I almost screamed but kept it to a very loud groan as he laughed, his lips on mine while we both made two very different noises.

"Is it enough for you, Selena?" he said in a voice so sexy…I nearly came right then from it alone.

I growled low in my chest, a little miffed that he was tempting me back into him again…I never could resist him and when he turned on the charm…and those bedroom eyes and voice…and those FUCKING TALENTED fingers!

I am already done for.

He's gonna put me in the hospital.

Doesn't he ever get tired?

I whimpered and clawed at his body…arching my back and unable to tell him to stop anymore. It was so good…I didn't want it to stop.

"That's right, bunny…", he whispered, "Just enjoy it…don't think…let me show you how much I love you…it feels good, doesn't it?"

I panted and nodded hard, my nose right beside his as I crushed my breasts against him.

"Good…", his voice was deep and sultry, "It's alright…relax…take your time…I'm going nice and slow…it's so intense this way…feel it?"

I almost couldn't speak…I loved the way he was talking while he was doing this…and it WAS incredibly gentle and slow…but it was AMAZING!

I nodded fast again, my fingernails digging into his right peck…but he didn't even flinch or make a sound…except that seductive voice…talking to me…

He opened his lips like he was going to kiss my mouth…but then his tongue just took a quick lick of my bottom lip….then the top one…he smiled as he teased me. I panted and moaned, helplessly caught in his web…not upset about it in the least. It even felt like he had stolen the power of SPEECH away from me somehow!

"Such a good girl…", he smiled at me approvingly, like a prized pet, "I love the way your legs are so open for me…ohhhh you're so smart…you want me to go deeper, don't you?"

I just kept making these aroused, little mews of sound…letting him know what he was doing to me…both with his hand and his voice.

"Like this?" he whispered.

I yelled out loud and clung onto him tighter…."UUUGGGHHHHH!"

He smiled down at me…"Yeaaaaa….see? Your body wants this…just give into it…trust me…the doctor knows what you need…"

I let his voice keep drawing me in…as his fingers curled and stretched inside me…touching places I never knew could feel sooo….sooooo….

"That's my baby…my little bunny…take your time…enjoy it…come on my fingers…"

At that, I came undone…again. I screamed and bucked against his body….wild with orgasm and lust…and he was kissing me, most likely trying to quiet me a bit without slapping his hand or a pillow over my mouth.

This man can never leave me. Never. I won't let him go. I can almost understand that little part of Victoria…and Raven…he is a drug…addictive…exhilarating…fuck, he's even GOOD for you…maybe, in the case of those sick bitches….too much so. He was too damned hot for his own good. I could see how angry, hostile women would want to suck him dry and keep all his goodness for themselves…even if it destroyed him in the process. They were the real vampires, not Justin. They had been swallowing his life blood for years…and not giving a damn.

His kissing was arousing me even while I was coming again! His tongue…his lips so strong and sure…he really knows what he's doing every second…damn, he's good!

Even his free hand is grabbing my hair…and just right…that's making me hot too!

I need sleep! I have school tomorrow! I wanted to cry but I was too busy struggling in vein in the bonds of orgasm…not really wanting to be free.

Finally, it seemed a year later, I was whimpering, "please…please…"

"What do you want, beautiful?", he smiled at me, giving me another little kiss, "More?"

I made a very scared sound as he laughed at me.

"I'm kidding…", he assured me, stroking my cheek, "I know you're tired, right?"

I sadly gave a little nod, clinging to him tighter.

"It's alright.", he snuggled his forehead against mine, "I'm sleepy too. Want me to hold you while you fall asleep?"

Is this man for real? DUH, of course I DO! I had really missed him the last two nights.

I just clung onto him, laying my face on that perfect chest…the heat so inviting, and nodding like a mute.

He gave a little chuckle and held me so well…I felt like all the demons in Hell couldn't hurt me now. I closed my eyes and breathed over the wonderful little curves and ripples in his torso. He laughed again, saying how it tickled…but he didn't make me move. He said he loved it.

"Go to sleep, angel.", he adjusted the quilt over our bodies, his chin resting against my head, "We always have the morning you know…"

Every woman needs one of these. I highly recommend it. But, we will need to find some kind of magic elixir for ourselves…to be able to keep up and not die of exhaustion or dehydration.

In the next few days, school was a little better. I had taken Dr. Peter's advice and started talking to a few other students. I even was invited to go out to lunch with a few of them one day…and even though I was never very good at the beginning of new friendships, I had to admit they were a fun little bunch.

We went to a place called the Campus Café. It was about a ten minute walk from the class we had right before lunch. The weather was warm and crisp…autumn was always my favorite season. I crunched my boots in the leaves as we went, making a little fun of our teacher, a Mr. Camafeel. He was old and very strange…and always wore yellow socks under his trousers.

I tried to stop being so stiff and formal, like they were strangers…because they were being so nice to me, including me like I had always lived here. It was a nice change from high school, where I was treated like a pariah, when no one would have invited me to sit with them at their precious lunch table. Who really wants to be friends with the Police Chief's daughter after all?

There was Cindy, a cute blonde girl who had lived here in Casper all her life. She was young and naïve…a lot like me before I'd met Justin. She seemed to have no problems at all. I almost envied her.

And Dan, a very uncomplicated guy who loved football and was going to try and make the team on this first year he was attending this college. It's all he talked about. You could bring up world peace and he'd find a way to bring the conversation around to football somehow. But he was also funny and big…he reminded me a little of Emmett.

Susie, a girl who seemed very smart for her own good. She always rolled her eyes at Dan and sometimes Cindy…she loves books and getting good grades. I could definitely see her as someone who would change the world someday. And so serious. She keeps asking me what my goals are while I'm here at school. She seems to like the fact I want to be a psychologist. She even said, "Finally, someone with a brain!"

There were another couple of people in the mix…Peter, who was very shy and standoffish, who I know nothing about really…and Annie, who has thick red hair and fair skin….she makes good jokes now and then…but I don't know much about her yet, either.

Separately, I probably wouldn't want to hang with any of them for long, but together, somehow, they worked. They bounced off each other's personalities very well and they all seemed to care about each other, all jokes aside. It wasn't a group I would have chosen, but maybe in time, I would come to love them all too. Maybe I could be part of things…and belong.

Even if things didn't work out with this group, I was glad I was at least starting to form a life of my own…just because I was eating with them today didn't mean I was married to them…I could always make other friends. But all else aside, it was fun being with them today instead of eating alone on campus or in my car listening to the radio. I liked it. I could talk about stupid, non important things…I could be twenty years old and be young. Some days I feel like I'm two hundred and five!

Friday came before I knew it and I felt good. Looking forward to the weekend was nice…maybe we could talk things out with Katie in the next couple of days. Or maybe she just needed some space. I was thinking about this when I heard a little tap on my window behind me. It sounded like something tiny and hard had hit the glass. I looked…and the soft orange glow of twilight was peeking in back at me. The sun was going down soon…I should start making dinner.

The little sound happened again and I turned around, my brow furrowed.

If Katie is throwing rocks at my window from out there…

Ding! Ding! Two more little taps right along with each other knocked on my pane.

I heaved out a breath and yanked the window open, saying, "Katie, are you out here?"

And then I screamed and flew backwards when I found myself nose to nose with a horse!

I wiped off my face because the horse had splattered me a little with his lips as I'd shouted out.

It took me a second to register it…that a horse's face was looking at me from out there…he had cute eyes…they looked at me as if to ask, 'What's YOUR problem?' He was brown…a thin white line down the center of his head…and with black, long hair.

A hand came around and placed a long red rose in the horse's mouth. The horse held it in his teeth….and the hand shoved the horse's face a bit, and it came inside the window a little more…offering it to me. I couldn't believe it but the horse didn't eat the rose…he just held it…as if he knew it was wrong to snack on it.

I smiled and slowly walked forward, almost afraid to take it….what if he bit me or something? I gently took hold of the long stem that wasn't near the teeth of the horse…and right away he let go of the flower.

"Thank you.", I said, not knowing what else to say, a little chuckle erupting out of me.

I noticed the thorns were all gone from the stem…and a little sprinkle of baby's breaths were encircled around it. It's a rosebud…not fully opened up yet. The horse moved a little, his side showing through the glass now…his head back outside. The hand moved up inside and pulled the window all the way up. And I saw a black hat as the rider bent down to greet me.

"Howdy Ma'am…", he smiled and used a very cute southern drawl, his hat brim dangerously hiding some of his eyes, his fingers touched the top of the brim, in polite greeting to me.

"Howdy Sir.", I played along, or tried to, "Who are you and what are you doing in my window?"

He smirked and leaned his arms on the saddle he was sitting on.

"Your husband home?" he asked, naughty boy.

"No.", I smiled more, "He's at work. He'll probably be home in a couple hours, stinking like horse poop."

He made a little bratty face at me, trying not to laugh or smile at my little statement.

The handsome stranger looked around him and then offered me his hand.

"Wanna go for a ride, pretty lady?", he asked me.

I almost jumped up and down. And I gave him my hand and said, "I would love that!"

Climbing out the window was a little challenging…thank God all the rooms were on the ground floor. His hand held mine securely, coaching me verbally how to get out and then climb up in front of him. I'm glad I had my long, flowy blue skirt on today. It was easier to maneuver.

"What about Katie?" I asked before we moved at all.

"The young'un?", he asked as I giggled, "She's taken care of. With her grandparents, I reckon. Don't worry none about her."

He's funny. He planned all this. For my birthday…a day early…what a little sneak!

I couldn't believe I was straddling the horse and my panties were all that was between me and the saddle as he gave a little cuddle with his cheek against my hair.

"Alright.", I smiled, "I won't worry none."

"Hold on, little lady.", he put my hands on the leather knob of the saddle while he held the reins.

The strange cowboy made a little kissing sound and kicked his boots on the sides of the horse…and slowly, we began to move away from the house, towards the setting sunset, trees and forest waiting ahead of us. It was like being in a movie…at the end.

I still had my rose, unwilling to let it go as we rode on. We didn't go fast…it was just steady, slow…so quiet. The muscles of the horse moving us along with him as we went. I was really enjoying this so much. We didn't even need to say anything.

This is so cool - I thought, like a kid…I LOVE my cowboy!

In minutes, the house and road were gone…and all I could see were mountains and hills…grass…the sky…forests all around us. No proof of living in the year 2010 existed here…everything I could see was ancient…and yet brand new all at the same time.

I watched Justin's hands handle the reins…and I was impressed. He'd learned a lot in a short time. And I felt safe, not nervous at all. I trust him.

"So beautiful.", I heard myself exclaim as we slowly moved past a lake…the reflections of the red sun and purple clouds seemed like a mirror…something I'd only seen on canvas or in photo books at Barnes and Noble.

"I was just thinking the same thing…", he laid his face against mine from behind me…and kissed my shoulder, right where the sleeve began, kissing my skin instead of the fabric.

God I love this man.

"Hey, watch it…", I teased, "I'm a married woman, remember."

"He's a lucky man.", his voice said deeply into my ear as we rode, "I hope he knows it."

"He BETTER.", I shot back, smirking back at those lovely eyes of his, the emerald so distinctive in the red glows of the twilight skies around us.

We rode around at the same pace for so long…I never wanted it to end. There was so much to see…so many unexplored areas. You could walk forever around here and never see it all. We even found a family of little rabbits and before Justin could dismount to pet them, I said, "Don't even THINK about it."

I was not in the mood to be eaten by a rabid pack of angry bunnies tonight. Animals all seemed to want Justin's ass…all except for this very calm horse we were on right now. He seemed so relaxed and sweet. He never once stopped to eat leaves or grass, or drink from the lake. Such a good, noble steed.

It was so sensual, too…having Justin's chest behind me, my head resting on him every now and then. I even closed my eyes from time to time, enjoying the feel of his body behind mine, his arms so strong curled around mine…almost in an embrace as he steered. His voice and breath were right near my ear always…and he spoke so low…so soft…it was just right for our surroundings…like he didn't want to disturb nature by making too much noise.

And, embarrassingly enough, my open legs were bare under the skirt, so the hot feel of the horse's sides against them…not to mention the movements under my cotton covered vagina…were doing something to me also. It wasn't like it was a super thrill…it was subtle…but it felt nice…powerful…a low hum just gently laying there inside me…

I wasn't sure if Justin knew where we were going ahead of time, but as we came up to this one area, it was certain that this was a gorgeous spot for lovers to hang out in, almost like it was created just for us…virgin territory not yet touched by human feet.

There was grass…and in other spots just soil…rock…a distance away was a rounded little cliff, overlooking the world, it seemed. Below were mountains…and valleys. I saw no buildings, no cars, no people. Just the ever changing reds and oranges, violets and screaming white streaks ripping up the sky that felt just out of my finger's reach.

You could never really see a full sunset like this in New York…something always got in the way…skyscrapers, planes…telephone wires…there was none of that here now. Just me…and him…and God.

"Whoa, boy.", Justin gently moved the reins back a bit…and the horse obeyed his command right away.

"Good boy.", he stroked the horse's mane, patting his neck affectionately. I liked that. I always heard how he hated the horses and how the horses hated HIM. I saw that was already changing for him. I was glad.

"Stay here a second.", he said firmly to me as he carefully dismounted. And I watched him take another rope that was around the horse's neck and he gently led him as he walked over to a very thick tree a couple feet from us. The horse went with him, and I kept holding on, giggling a bit as we arrived to it.

Justin skillfully tied a couple knots around the tree base, tugging to make sure it was secure enough. Then he came to the side of the horse and looked up at me.

I almost began to move so I could get off the horse and go to him but he said, "WAIT." It wasn't loud but just a tad louder than he'd been during our ride.

I thought I did something wrong but he just looked up at me from under his hat and said, gently, "You have no idea how beautiful you look there…the sky is like…crimson behind you…and your hair…your eyes…"

He stopped and looked down a moment, then when he looked at me again, his eyes were glistening a little, and he said, his voice cracking a bit, "You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I love you, Selena Gomez."

"I love you, Justin Bieber.", I said back with no hesitation at all, meaning it with all my soul.

He reached up for me and I made a horrible dismount…but it didn't matter…he caught me in his arms and carried me bridal style, kissing my lips as he stood there, looking out over our world, as if it belonged just to us…and it did.

"Happy Birthday, Selena.", he whispered to me, only his eyes visible to me as the setting sun began to melt away from us.

"It is NOW.", I replied, kissing him again…my arms wrapped around his neck as he deepened it…placing three small kisses there as I began to break the kiss, needing air.

"No. More…please…", he wouldn't let me end the kiss…and came back for more…mumbling the words against my lips.

I held his face with one of my hands as I gladly gave him more…I felt dizzy by the end of that kiss…and he was still standing, holding me without fail.

He placed me down on the grass, making sure I was comfortable as he began unbuttoning his shirt, letting it slide down off his arms, and then he balled it up and used it to place behind my head, a perfect pillow.

The hat stayed on and I loved that. He kissed me again, laying a little of his weight on my body as my legs under the skirt parted, letting him nestle himself there while we made out like teenagers. Only no teenager I ever knew could kiss like him…and I found myself whimpering before too long. He was driving me crazy and I wanted to be naked NOW.

He was kissing down my chin…and then down the middle of my neck…setting my skin on fire. I remembered the moment we were in that little room at Fire. It was kind of like this…reddish light…him kissing my neck this way…beating down my resistance fast. So I said what I'd said to him that first night.

Panting, I tried to say clearly, "Wait…can't we…talk first?"

I'm not sure if that's exactly what I said, but I was stupid from lust.

Justin was so good, he caught on right away.

"If it pleases you…", he whispered low above me, "I'm a very good talker."

And then he opened his mouth, placing his lips on the spot right between my breasts and closed them…slow and wet.


"Screw talking.", I growled, "Fuck me now!"

"Why, Miss Gomez…I'm shocked.", he kissed up my neck now…knowing it was my weak spot.

He was taking his time…instead of tearing my clothes off. I hated him for that at the moment.

"Please…Justin…", I begged like a puppy.

"Patience, Miss Gomez.", he smiled down at me, "I like to be…thorough."

Thorough…what a sexy word.

"I don't want an inch of you untouched by me when this night is over.", he informed, kissing behind my ear.

Before I knew it, I was completely naked, out in the open air…arched back and with my breasts proudly standing out, bathed in the scarlet light that caressed our ivory city bodies. We must have looked like two vampires outside their usual hunting ground, almost sparkling in the dying light of the fading sun. Justin was sitting on the grass, and I was impaled on top of him, moving up and down, as he leaned me back, almost in a laying down position, so the sun could keep stroking my flesh. He said he wanted to see the light on my body…until it was completely gone. And he did.

I kept shouting his name, so close to heaven that I'm sure God could hear it. I silently thanked him over and over again for this miracle, this love that turned my life and world upside down…but look how my little life has changed! Look how much I FEEL…look how much I LOVE…I've never really had this before…this love of life, this passion for anyone or anything. It set fire to everything I thought I loved before it…but it didn't burn it down…it lit everything up…it made it all sweeter…better…fuller.

I did cry…silently, with just one single tear moving down my face and landing on the earth…on the spot where I was happiest in my life so far. It is my birthday…and I am reborn this year. I'm not that scared, lonely girl I used to be anymore. I'm a woman, loved, wanted…no longer afraid to face life's demons. Armed and ready to take them on…because my future will be a great one…filled with great people…I'm going to be a mother…a wife…a friend…I could glimpse my future, the one I could have if I didn't give up and fought for it…I want it…so badly. And I'm going to have it.

What better place to re enter the world than out here, under the hand of whatever creator made it all so long ago? Whoever you are, I thank you for bringing my life to Justin, for bringing him to mine. I will work hard to be worthy of your gift. I will try harder.

I almost felt like we were Adam and Eve, two nude lovers in the middle of a forest, not needing anything more than what was here already. But Justin's hat never came off during our entire lovemaking near the cliff edge…he was watching the sunset while he made love to me…and I was watching him…we both had fantastic views of something marvelous.

And that little lake a few yards away…Justin carried me there and I almost screamed, thinking it would be ice cold. But it wasn't. It was actually quite warm and so soothing…we sat in there together and Justin kissed me while we watched the sky and talked about things only lovers could discuss. No problems, no therapy, no issues…just how good we felt, how strong we were together…our past…our future…it was so honest and open…so rare…I felt closer to him now than ever before. I hoped we'd keep getting closer as time went by. I knew we would.

Eventually, the sun was nearly gone. And Justin sprung into protector mode. I stayed in the lake as he ran naked to the horse, opening up a pack he had strapped to its side. I giggled as he came running back with a blanket and one towel.

"You planned this too?", I asked in the warmth of the water as he looked like he was shivering out there at the lake edge.

"Not really.", he stuttered a bit as he spoke, looking cold, opening the towel for me, "If I had, I would've brought TWO towels…and a heater!"

I hurried up and came to him…and he dried me all off with vigorous hands so I wouldn't catch my death of cold. Then he took the big blanket and wrapped it around me, over my shoulders.

"Keep warm.", he took the damp towel and began drying himself as he kissed me, "I'm gonna put my pants on and then start a fire for us."

I laughed and followed him back to the clearing around where the horse was…where a little circle of rocks waited in the middle of the soil ground near the cliff.

"I didn't know you could make a fire.", I said, not bringing up how afraid of fire he usually was, "I'm having a Frosty the snowman and Penny moment here…"

"Pipe down you.", he smiled at me as I sat a couple feet back, watching him going into his pack again that laid on the ground now.

"Watch and be amazed at my camping skills, little one.", he took two rocks and a little stick out of the bag.

"This I have to see.", I watched, thinking this way of making a fire was only done in old westerns and was a myth.

He began clicking the stones together, a little pile of twigs and dead grass bunched up underneath them. This went on for a couple minutes and all the stones did was make little sparks. Nothing caught fire.

Finally, I joked, "Stop, it's getting TOO hot now."

He shot me a little glare and laughed.

"Luckily, Bob told me how to do this the smart way.", Justin went into his bag, "And if you can't do the flint thing, he said…do this."

And then he took a little can of gasoline out of his pack and squirted a couple circles of liquid onto the dry clumps in the stone ring…and he took out a little box of matches, struck one, and tossed it in…and a nice little fire was born!

"YAY!", I clapped and hugged him as he held his hands out as if to say, "Voila!" like he'd just done something magical.

"My cowboy!", I kissed him as he shrugged, sheepishly, and said, "It was nothing."

We laughed like kids and the fire slowly got bigger as we added more twigs and things into it. In a few minutes, it was getting very warm and cozy indeed. And Justin's arms around me didn't hurt, either.

"Did you ever go to camp when you were little?", I asked him.

"No.", he said, "I always wanted to, though. Another dream you're making come true for me tonight."

He was breaking little pieces of stick off the edges of a long stick, and he handed it to me.

"Is this in case a bear runs up to us or something?", I asked, play swinging it in the air like a sword.

"No.", he smiled, going into his bag and taking something out, tearing two ends of something apart that I couldn't see as he turned his back to me a second, "It's for this."

He stuck two marshmallows on the end of my stick as I giggled.

"You thought of everything, didn't you?", I chuckled as he started to make his own stick now.

No date with Justin would be complete without some junk food.

I placed my stick in the fire and slowly turned my marshmallows around as he watched me happily, like a small kid who was so excited he was getting the chance to do this now. I felt a little sad for all that he'd missed in his life…I made a mental note to make sure all his missed things would be done now…he would live now…now that he was free; not just from Victoria but free of his parents and all their baggage. In a way, this witness protection thing was the best idea for Justin now. He could leave all the people behind who'd harmed him…even if they were blood relatives.

And he looked so cute when he finally got to put his own stick in the flames. He was made happy by so little. Or maybe it wasn't little at all…maybe I'd just took it all for granted myself.

It was very dark out there now and the sun was all gone. After the marshmallows were all eaten and the bag was empty…THEN…Justin took out our dinner. Typical. Sugar first, food after. That's my naughty little boy. I can't wait to take him to the dentist. And to hear the drill.

"What's this?", I asked as he spread out the towel, now dry, and began placing little containers upon it between us.

"Dinner tonight is provided by our bestest buddy, Jimmy Chan.", he announced, licking his finger as he opened the last little white container.

"No way!", I smiled, looking inside all the great little boxes as Justin handed me a silver fork out of his bag while I laughed.

"Way.", he grinned, "I told him it was your birthday and he said, 'no charge white boy'."

"NO!", I felt my mouth fall open, not believing it.

"Yep.", Justin grinned, "Told you he likes us."

"Awww…", I felt all misty eyed, "We have a friend!"

"Yay for us!", he yelled up over our heads, to the heavens above, "WE HAVE A FRIEND! WWOOOOOO!"

"Shhh….", I laughed, grabbing his bare arm, "Please don't make the owls attack us or something."

He laughed, too, and opened a coke for me, sticking a straw into it.

"I wanted to get wine…but Jimmy said I have a better chance of picking up toothpicks with my buttcheeks than finding a decent wine around here. Is soda alright?"

"Perfect.", I assured, loving my soda and sipping it through the straw as he kept setting things up.

"You're so cool.", he said to me, winking because I was so happy with what he'd done so far. I bet a lot of the women he'd known were very difficult to please…and that this whole night wouldn't have been acceptable to them. Well FUCK them. I'm loving this!

Justin held up his cherry coke can and said, "To our friend…and more importantly, to the day you were born…the most important day in my life now."

I almost cried as we clicked cans and drank.

"I still can't believe you went to Jimmy's for our dinner tonight, that's soo great!", I said as I ate a bite of something very rich and creamy…noodles and chicken it tasted like.

"You should've been there!", Justin enthused, telling me the story, "I rode the horse up to a window back behind the kitchen!"

I felt my eyes bug out as I laughed harder, imagining that.

"OH GOD you DID NOT!", I almost choked on my food while I giggled at him.

"Yes I did.", he said proudly, "I banged on the glass and he almost shit his pants…and then when he saw the horse! I wish I had a camera! He went NUTS!"

"That wasn't a long trip I'll bet.", I laughed while I ate.

Justin beamed as he told the whole thing…"He was like, 'This is not a DRIVE THRU mothafucka!' and I said, 'Well, you need one. This is a suggestion from your one customer.'"

"Then I said,", he went on as I was hysterical, "And besides, it's not really a drive thru if I'm RIDING a horse…I guess you'd call it a RIDE THRU.' And he almost killed me! He said he'd die first before ever installing something called a RIDE THRU in his restaurant. 'That's all I need is horse shit all over the fuckin' place, besides all the retarded white folk hanging around!' he said."

"I like how you do his voice.", I laughed, tears in my eyes, "Do some more."

And he did.

"If that horse shits, Woody, YOU'RE finding it in your food next time you mosey on in here, that's a fuckin' promise!", he mocked and did a perfect duplication of Marcus. I could listen to him all night long.

"He called you Woody?", I almost fell over from laughing.

"Yea, that was a good one.", he smiled at the fire, remembering it with affection, "He's the best!"

"Did he-(I kept laughing)—Did he…bring the food to the window where you were?", I asked.

"Yep.", he replied, "I told him if he didn't, I was bringing the horse inside to get my food."

"Oh man…you got him back for the ice water, that's for sure!", I wiped my eyes, picturing Marcus' face.

"And after he gave me all the food and said no charge I asked him, 'No carrots for my horse?'" he laughed, telling it well.

I roared out, saying, "You are brave, Masen! So brave! That's a beautiful shot! You're good!"

"What did he do?", I asked, almost afraid to ask.

"He was cursing and shoved M.S.'s face out of the window…and slammed it closed. I could still hear him as we rode off.", Justin smirked with pride, "I heard him going 'UKKK…fucking HORSE SNOT on my HANDS! MOTHERFUCKER!' It was so great!"

"Okay, stop…stop…", I begged, "I can't breathe…wait a minute…"

"The only thing I wish is that M.S. DID dump right there outside the window. But he didn't have to go then.", Justin stated.

"M.S.?" I asked, "Is that the horse's name?"

"Midnight Sun.", Justin informed, glancing at him as he hung out back a few feet away from us, "He's a nice old guy…perfect for learning to ride on. Mellow…quiet…not a troublemaker at all."

"He's great.", I smiled at him, "And you're great with him…I saw how well you handled him…how nice you were…"

I thought to myself that when I was tied up with him…back during those two weeks…he had been very gentle with me too…he didn't hurt me at all…in fact he was extra careful not to cross the line and harm me in any way. It occurred to me that after how cruel everyone had treated him when he was in the submissive position…that when he was in control of another…even a horse…that he made sure to be kind and safe with their well being. That said a lot about what kind of a man Justin Bieber is.

"We'll have our own Midnight Sun…", I looked up at the gigantic golden moon over us, "Well, in a few hours maybe…"

"Yea, it looks like even the moon wants to be here for your birthday.", he smiled up at it…"And all the stars too…everything loves you."

"Keep going.", I smirked at him, "Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE."

"Oooh, don't say that.", he grinned, "I'll have to pull out the big guns and recite poetry next."

"You know poetry?" I asked, not aware of that.

Justin cleared his throat jokingly but then spoke like he just stepped in from the 1800's….a romantic speaking poetry to me.

"She walks in beauty like the night…

Of cloudless climes and starry skies

And all that's best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes…

Thus mellow'd to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day…denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less

Had half impaired the nameless grace

Which waves in every raven -sorry—chocolate (he changed that word) tress

Or softly lightens over her face.

Where thoughts serenely sweet express

How pure, how dear their dwelling place.

And on that cheek, and over that brow…

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent.

The smiles that win…the tints that glow

But tell of days in goodness spent

A mind at peace with all below…

A heart…whose love is innocent."

Yes, I had to dive upon him again after that. That's how fucking innocent my love is! Who wouldn't attack him after that? It was Lord Byron, for Christ's sake! He just gets more and more attractive to me every time I peel another layer and find something about him that sets me on fire!

This is turning out to be one Hell of a birthday!

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