Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


12. 12


Bob told me that the only Chinese place within the city limits is a little restaurant called Jimmy Chan's. He told me the food was good, but to have a sense of humor when I went in. Any further detail didn't come out of his mouth and I couldn't pry it out of him.

Our day had been a lot of fun so I figured a little more humor couldn't hurt us now. Besides, it was really relaxing me before my oncoming appointment with Dr. Facinelli. I tried to keep myself in fun mode today, not wanting to imagine the torture I'd be going through at eight o'clock.

The outside of the place looked very nice, brick and glass…a neon sign burned red in the window, saying OPEN.

I stopped the car and looked at Selena. "It looks okay.", I said a bit cautiously.

And when we stepped out of the car, the aroma in the air was just pure heaven.

"Uuuuhhhh…", I felt myself purr very loudly, more like a panther than a kitten, "That IS CHINESE FOOD!"

I nearly began jumping up and down right there in the parking lot, which was empty by the way.

"Just promise me you'll be good in here.", Selena came up and slipped her arm behind my back, walking with me to the door.

"I promise to be good in here.", I lifted my hand, making my oath, adding, "Mommy."

"Ugh, please don't call me that.", she cringed as we entered. There was a little stand that had a sign. It read, 'Please wait to be seated by hostess.'

We waited, seeing no one. The oriental music playing softly from above was very relaxing. I looked around, and every table was empty. It didn't even look like anyone was working here. Maybe it's some strange holiday that I don't know about. Is it Casper's birthday?

"Damn, we're too late, it's packed in here!", I joked, stomping my foot.

Selena gave a laugh and waited patiently. Then she looked around the wooden stand.

"Is there a bell or something?", she asked.

"I don't see one.", I investigated, "Here, I know….BING!"

I impersonated a bell as well as I could, but nothing happened.

Selena and I began clearing our throats very loudly, hoping that would bring someone on. But that didn't work, either.

"Maybe the hostess is INVISIBLE!", I guessed, my mouth hanging open as I waved my hand around in front of us, "Sorry, Ma'am, didn't mean to touch you THERE! I didn't see!"

Selena was laughing harder now, and I was glad my jokes were working tonight.

"HEY!", a very loud, angry voice suddenly popped up from behind this kitchen window to our left. A very large African American man had risen up from somewhere and was standing there, glaring at us with a long knife in his hand.

Selena froze for a second while I looked the man over. He was bald, his head shining under the light above him. His eyes were very cruel but he had nice facial features. He had a small black mustache and very muscled arms. He was wearing a black t shirt as far as I could see and he was looking at us like we were cockroaches.

"What do YOU want?" he asked when neither of us replied to his very friendly greeting.

"Uh…", I took a step in front of Selena, feeling a need to protect her, "We…we wanted to get something to eat."

I never had to EXPLAIN the reason why I walked into a restaurant before. And for a split second, I was reminded of New York. This is the first person in this town who was actually rude to me for no good reason…everyone else here was so sugary sweet I should probably have a mouth filled with cavities.

"Oh JESUS !", he tossed the knife down on something hard below the edge of the window ledge, "Well, sit your asses down and I'll be there when I get there!"

I saw Selena give a little smirk at me when I looked at her, asking if it was just me or was this guy great!

Most people would've probably just rushed to find the first table they could get to. But we all know, I'm not most people.

"We're waiting for the hostess.", I smirked, looking at Selena as she looked down to the floor, muttering, "You PROMISED!"

Then the man did a double take at me and his eyes narrowed while I folded my arms, waiting for our hostess to arrive.

"Are you fucking with me, white boy?" the man's voice raised a couple octaves, "Don't you play with me, Priscilla! You don't need a damn hostess to find an empty table here, do you? SIT, Motherfucker! Or you can go find the other restaurant in town, you know, the one with three selections on their menu – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner."

"Okay, okay, we're sitting.", I smiled back at him, watching Selena almost RUN to the closest table.

"No, baby, not that table. It stinks.", I said, trying to provoke the guy even more as he watched us from his spot like a hawk, "You don't want to hear all the noise from the kitchen in a Chinese restaurant. Come over here…ALL the WAY down here…there's a nice view from this window…look – COWS!"

Selena sat down and tried not to laugh as the guys' eyes followed our every move. She looked out the window and pointed out a mommy cow and her baby…that was nice to keep us entertained while we waited for our waiter.

"What are you doing?", she asked, gritting the words so low I almost couldn't hear her.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"Don't piss this guy off.", Selena glanced towards the window, "He seems a little nuts."

"Maybe that's why I like him.", I took a sip of my water, looking around for him, "Doesn't he remind you of New York? He's so cool! I love the way he talks! He called me Priscilla, what do you think he means by that?"

And then, a second later, as I checked my hair out in the mirror wall behind me, Selena snorted and said, "I have no idea."

I chewed on a little ice cube from my glass and said, "I love the way he said, sit our asses down, motherfucker! No one else here talks like that."

"I know.", Selena grinned, "It was nice while it lasted, huh?"

Selena didn't know this about me, but Victoria, Emmett, and Jasper did. I love to argue with people. I love winding them up. In New York, it was so easy. So many people there loathed their menial little jobs and I found it a little funny to mess with the rude ones. It used to make Victoria laugh so hard. I wouldn't have done it now, here with Selena, but this guy was such a welcome change to all the people I'd met here so far. He was crude, obnoxious, lazy, even racist…I loved him already.

I could hardly wait for him to come over here.

"Will you calm down?" Selena looked at me like I was an alien, "You're bouncing!"

"I am not.", I looked at myself, not seeing anything strange.

Selena smiled at me and reached over the table, taking my hand, "This place reminds me of the last time we had Chinese food…remember?"

"Yea.", I couldn't help smiling back, my fingers playing with hers, "You were so cute…and so scared!"

"I was not.", she frowned a little around the eyes, her lips still curled upward.

I scoffed, "You nearly choked to death when I just asked you a simple question about yourself."

She let her mouth fall open, "You ASKED me if I ever sucked cock before! It's not like you just asked me about my childhood or something!"

She had tried to keep her voice down as she made that last statement but I wished she'd get louder so that guy would come back and start with me again.

I rolled my eyes at her, "You were so green back then…so easily shocked."

"That was like….two months ago.", Selena squinted her eyes, "Back then…"

"Yea, but you've come a long way since then, Selena.", I assured her, "You're my best student."


"Remember, the Justin Bieber School for Bad Girls?", I reminded, "I told you about that…didn't I?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about.", she huffed, leaning back in her booth wall, crossing her arms.

Uh oh. I angered the goddess.

"I'm sorry, I'm not trying to upset you, sweetheart.", I said sincerely.

She frowned at me and leaned forward, "And stop getting all subservient every time I get a little bit mad at you. I hate that…you know it. I'm not HER, Justin. You can have an argument with me…fight back once in awhile."

I was about to open my mouth to respond…and that's exactly the wrong moment for the waiter to arrive…so of course…here he comes now.

"Oooh, wait.", I sat up a bit, "Here he comes!"

Selena tried to hide it but she was enjoying my thrill of finding the one true person in this town that might be REAL. I wonder what his name is.

"Anthony!", she sneered low in her throat, urging me to behave, then she corrected herself, calling me, "Priscilla!"

"Shh…", I felt my eyebrows come together as I watched him. He looked like he'd rather eat shit than come all the way to the other side of the place to wait on us. This was gonna be GREAT!

He tossed a little bowl of those crunchy fried things I loved so much before the meal. Half of them fell out of the reddish wooden container as it landed. They were on my side of the table so I picked one off the surface and crunched on it. The man loathed me and that was clear from the eyeing he was giving me.

"Mmm, those are SOO good.", I said to him, then Selena, "You know I've eaten these things all my life and I never found out what they're called. What are these things?"

I held one up and asked him, hoping it would get on his nerves.

He looked like he wanted me dead right then. This guy was SO great!

"Welcome to Jimmy Chan's.", he deadpanned and I noticed there was no southern accent there, "Our special tonight is Fried Pork Chop Noodles. What do you want?"

His delivery was brilliant. I loved him more with every word he spoke.

"Fried Pork Chop Noodles?", I leaned in more towards him, my hands resting on the table full of crunchy things, "I never heard of that. What is it?"

"Anthony.", Selena warned.

I winked at her as the man unleashed his evil eyes upon me. But I couldn't stop looking at the guy…he was perfect!

"It's something I made up.", he looked up, hating us more each second, "It's good. What more do you want to know?"

"It's like…pork chops…and noodles…probably.", Selena tried to make nice talk…but the guy wasn't taking his eyes off ME.

He was waiting for me to provoke him again. I couldn't let him down.

"We never got menus.", I pointed out. I was starting off slowly…simmering is very important…

"Oh CHRIST!", he went to another table and yanked a couple off its surface…then he threw them down on our table. Selena looked afraid to reach out and take hers. But I did…I opened it and slowly perused our choices while he stood there…waiting.

I started to laugh right away, loving this guy's menu. It was artwork, fucking artwork!

Under Desserts, for example, the choices were:

Unfortunate Cookies

Sweet Fried Rolaids

Ice Cream with Garlic Sauce

Boneless Pudding

Chicken Almond Ring Ding

"This is genius, totally!", I had to admit, smiling at the man, "Did you do this?"

Selena now grabbed her menu quickly, looking to see what I was talking about.

"Genius is something that scares you white hillbillies.", he gruffed, trying to keep hating me.

"We're not hillbillies.", I defended, "We're not from here."

I don't know why but I wanted to earn the guy's respect…somehow.

"Yea, I didn't think I heard Gomer Pyle in your voice.", the man sighed, already bored with us, "You passing through or something?"

"No…we live here now.", I admitted further, not sounding very glad about it.

"My condolences.", he snapped, "So what do you want?"

I laughed more when I saw under Chef's Specialties a dish called Sesame Street Duck.

"Sesame Street Duck, Selena…look!", I pointed out but she just gave me a very stern, "I SEE it, I see it!"

"What's the Sesame Street Duck?", I asked, "How's that made?"

He just stared me down, probably imagining eating my throat out.

"It's choice chunks of undernourished foul pelted to death with water chestnuts and stir fried in a sizzling wok by popular Muppets." He came back with razor sharp sarcasm, a MASTER!

Selena was laughing…and then came to a halt the second the man looked at her.

"Sorry.", she looked down.

Oh, he made my baby afraid. He had to go down. I had to try…even if I knew I couldn't win against his sparkling wit.

"I'll have that.", I said, having to try it now, "And can you also give me a little side of peeen-usss?"

I slurred the last word on purpose, hoping he'd take the bait.

"What?" he frowned more at me.

"Peen—uss", I slurred it again, "Make 'em real big…I LOVE giant peen-usss."

"Justin.", Selena growled.

"Penis?" he looked at me like I was covered in shit.

"Yea.", I looked at him like he was stupid, "You probably like little peen-uss, huh?"

He was going to come at me, he lunged forward a bit but Selena leaped up, putting her hand out, almost touching the man.

"PEANUTS!", she said, "PEANUTS is what he's saying! I'm sorry. He THINKS he's funny, but he's NOT!"

The man took a step back, eyeing me again.

Selena grumbled to me, "It's a miracle you ever survived New York. How did you not get your ass kicked every day again?"

"New York?", the man asked, "You're from New York?"

"You've heard of it?" I asked, wanting to piss him off some more. I was a little miffed at Selena…she ruined my joke. I could've gone on with it for a lot longer. It was always a riot with a Chinese guy.

"That's my town.", he actually smirked a little…a little!

"No, it's MY town.", I countered, giving him the same smirk he was giving me.

"I think a lot of people live there.", Selena inserted quietly, watching for another sign of a fight.

I couldn't take my eyes off this menu! Every dish was funnier than the last! No Fun Noodles…Baby Corn with Adoption Papers…Pork and Mindy! This was amazing!

"Selena, listen to this one!", I found a great one, "Tienanmen Square Beef! Oppressed young beef, severely battered, crushed with Bamboo shoots and brutally smothered as you watch from your table on a big screen!"

Selena laughed with me, daring it.

"That is POETRY, man, POETRY!", I couldn't be mean to him if I wanted to now, "You are really COOL!"

"Thanks, I'm touched.", he deadpanned again, "Can we order something now or are you just gonna keep jerking me off?"

I love him. It's official.

Selena was staring at me like she was terrified…and I realized why in two seconds. I was standing up before I knew it, and I threw my arms around the man ! What the Hell am I doing?

Selena was stammering now, maybe the guy was giving her a scary look but he didn't stop to move me.

"Uhh-he likes you!", she began, "Uhh—I mean—he—he's just been missing New York so much—you know, the rude people…NOT that you're rude…oohhh God! I'm sorry! ANTHONY! GET OFF HIM!"

She pried me off and sat me down, handing me the menu.

"Sorry about him.", Selena dared to face the man, "He's not been taking his meds lately."

I had to laugh. That was a good one for Selena.

"What's your NAME?", I asked him.

"Is that on the fucking menu?", he asked, very hostile now that I hugged him.

The name of the place was Jimmy Chan's. I had to do it.

"Are you Jimmy Chan?", I asked, grinning, "Is that why you're embarrassed to tell me? It's alright. I like Chinese people."

"Oh. My. God.", Selena looked down, shielding her eyes from the guy.

"Do I look fucking Chinese to YOU?", he barked, and I just smiled at him like an idiot.

"Mmmm…", I thought very hard, squinting at him, tilting my head a bit…"Not really, no. But you're bald…it kinda reminds me of Yul Brenner in the King and I…"

"We're gonna die.", Selena said to herself, reading her menu, her voice doing a false happy tone as she said it.

"I'm black.", he said right out, his fists at his side, "You got a problem with that?"

"Not really.", I answered politely, "I don't discriminate. I'm not a hater. Ebony and Ivory…you know?"

Selena mumbled, "Our Father…who art in heaven…"

"Look.", the man finally said, and I thought I saw a hint of a smile there on his face, "You're from New York, so I'm gonna give you a pass this time. Order something right now…and I won't piss in your food. Okay?"

Selena looked horrified at that. I almost laughed.

"I just can't believe that this place isn't FILLED!", I said, getting his murderous glare again, "I'm gonna be a fucking REGULAR here, I tell you that! You'll be seeing me in here maybe four times a week! We'll be the best of friends…"

"Um…I want some Pork Lo Mein, if you have any…", Selena glanced at her menu, "And…I'll also try…the Lemon Pledge chicken….and a coke."

He just tolerated Selena as she spoke…but he looked glad some food was being ordered.

Now it was my turn to order…hmmm…so many great choices.

I couldn't honestly just choose one thing. These dish names were too clever!

"Go on, Anthony.", Selena urged.

I made a smacking noise with my lips as I looked everything over. I was taking my sweet time. The man was plotting my death and I FELT it. I was sure to have piss in my food tonight.

"I think I'll have….", I began…then went…"Noooo…wait…"

Selena closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

"Ummm…okay…I'm ready.", I said, "I want…a cherry coke. Do you have that?"

He just stared at me harder.

"Okay. A cherry coke.", I repeated, "That's for sure….and then….hmmm…Okay…I'll try the Burn Your Tongue Platter. And you can cover it your special piss sauce if you want. Surprise me."

I handed the menus to him and he didn't make a move to take them out of my hand.

We stared each other down for a long time. I didn't blink. It was a guy thing.

Then a frigging miracle happened! He gave a little chuckle!

He snatched the menus from my hand and walked away, saying, "You'll get it when it's ready. Don't bug me about how long it takes, either!"

"No, never.", I folded my hands, "We'd figured it would take YOU all night to get it up!"

The man spun around and Selena squealed, half up on her feet again, "He's kidding, he's kidding! Sorry! Sorry!"

"Yea, I'm just kidding.", I laughed, "Jimmy."

Selena looked relieved when the man began to walk away, muttering to himself, using all his restraint not to eat me alive.

Then I said, "Oh WAIT!"

The man just stopped, not turning towards us at all. He just waited.

"Can I change my order?", I asked, loving this, feeling Selena's hand grabbing at my arm.

"I'd rather have the Duck Edwing Prepared in Questionable Taste.", I pointed to it on my menu, even though he wasn't even looking at us.

He waited, not saying a word.

"And the cherry coke. That I still want.", I confirmed, "Not too much ice, either, okay? And….the piss sauce…I still want that, too…nice and hot."

He walked away…without another word…and I felt like I had won the first battle. I intended to have many more with him, whatever his name was.

"We can skip the Dr. appointment, because YOU ARE INSANE!", Selena hissed across the table, leaning way in towards me.

I just laughed. "He's from New York! He probably loves this as much as I do! He laughed!"

"He LAUGHED because he's probably thinking up ideas of what to do with your HEAD after he RIPS it off your shoulders!", she whispered and yelled at the same time.

I just shook my head and kept laughing.

"It's a guy thing.", I said, "You'll see. He likes me."

"Not everyone has to like you, Justin.", she said softly, "It's his loss if he doesn't."

"It'll be a miracle if we get home alive.", she added, looking around nervously.

It seemed like it was just the man and no one else in here but us. No witnesses.

I kept on thinking up new ways to piss the guy off while he was gone.

"It's a shame there's not more people in here.", I said out loud a little while later, "It's a Saturday night, this place should be jumping."

"I don't think the locals are into his kind of atmosphere.", she grinned.

"Yea…", I made a tsk sound, "That sucks. This place would ROCK in New York."

Selena tried to change the conversation slyly.

"So…are you nervous?", she asked, "About your appointment?"

I thought about it and had to admit the truth.

"Yea.", I sipped my water, looking up at her as I did, "Maybe that's why I'm being so…WOOOOO today. I keep thinking about it…off and on…what's he gonna make me say? I mean, what DO I say? Hi, my name's ANTHONY and I was raped recently?"

Selena was there with those beautiful, soulful eyes…the ones that could look right through and see me…the GOOD me.

She took my hands in hers and rested them on the table between us. "You don't have to make an announcement…just say whatever you feel. He may ask you some questions…the first appointment is usually about the doctor finding out about you. Your story. I don't know how you'll tell him all that in one hour, though."

"I know.", I swallowed, "And I don't want to tell him EVERYTHING real fast…in one sitting. It's impossible. Isn't it?"

"Let him lead, Justin.", she said to me, stroking my hands with her ivory thumbs, "If he was as good as you said…he will get you there. Don't worry."

"Thank you for coming with me.", I held her hands a little firmer, "And thank you for today. I know I was a lot nuts…."

"You were adorable!", she said, denying any aggravation I might have caused her, "I had so much fun. My Dad and I…never had that much fun before. I wish…never mind."

She was avoiding my eyes but I couldn't let her do that. It felt like she needed ME now…and even though she was Dr. Selena, I knew she had problems too…sorrows…I wanted to be there for her like she was always there for me.

"Your mom died when you were little…", I said carefully, not wanting to intrude. I remember Selena telling me that it was cancer that took her mother.

"Your dad was probably very sad without her…" I said and as I did so, I realized I had been that dad…Tanya was stolen from us…Katie was just three…if I had been around Katie after that…would I have become this very sullen, sad father? I was thankful that, if nothing else, Katie could look back and see some fun memories with me in them.

"Yea.", she said very quietly and it looked like she was close to tears.

"I wish I was better at this." I said honestly, "I'm sorry."

"You're great.", she managed a grin my way, "You're here. That's all I need."

"This is why I need to see the doctor myself.", I kept explaining, "I want to be someone you can lean on too. I don't want to just take…and not give…to YOU. I want to give you everything."

"You DO.", she said, kissing my hand, closing her eyes and resting her cheek there, "Today I got to play…I never had that before, not really. It was because of YOU. Although, sometimes I did hear my mother's voice coming out of me today. I'm sorry if I ruined your good time at any point."

"No way." I smiled at her, stroking her cheek, "You were great. Someone has to be the voice of reason. I'm a mess!"

"I don't always want to be the voice of reason.", she smirked, "I wanna play too."

"I know, baby, I'm sorry.", I kissed her hand this time, "I promise, next time I'll be the responsible Dad and you can be the kooky little girl."

She liked that and laughed. I was so glad to make her smile again.

"That sounds funny.", she agreed, "I would love to see you doing that. But I think I like you better as a goofball kid."

"We will learn from each other.", I revealed, "It's great that we're opposites, I think. You're the level headed, smart one…and I'm the wild little kid…playing all the time. In time…soon…we will mix together and I'll be a little more mature for it…and you'll be able to play and be silly too. I'll teach you to be a kid…and you can teach me to be an adult. We might actually be normal someday."

"That would be nice.", she nodded, liking my little analogy. I thought I was pretty smart there for a second.

"In fact, I think Dr. Selena has already rubbed off on me a little.", I announced, "When Katie was all upset after sleeping over Ben's place…I pretended to be YOU."

Her face seemed to light up everywhere.

"You did?"

"Yep.", I glanced towards the kitchen area where that man had gone, "I figured out the reason she was so upset. She felt she couldn't trust in me. I saw myself in her while she cried…and I saw no trust…fear of being left behind. I told her about how it's hard for me to trust, too…and how you taught me to trust you…and how wonderful my life has been since then. I don't know how, but she heard me. It worked."

She had tears in her eyes now and she said, her words breaking, "I love you, Justin Bieber."

"I love YOU Selena Gomez.", I whispered, my eyes doing the same as hers….we tried to stand up and hold each other right there in the booth…it was almost funny…if we didn't need each other so badly right then.

We must've looked all bent over, trying to hug, our asses sticking out…but I didn't care. It wasn't like anyone could SEE us here.

"Hey!", I heard glass thud against the table, "Sit down and put your dick back into your pants. This ain't no cathouse! Separate or I'll get the hose!"

We sat down in our own seats, Selena wiped her eyes fast, hiding her emotions from this guy. I was glad to see him. We needed a lighter moment. This would do it.

"What's with you white people today?" he muttered to himself, and I saw our drinks on the table, "You've all lost your damn minds…"

"Thanks Jimmy.", I smiled at him, putting my menu on the seat beside me…I had to have it. I planned on stealing it if I could. I wanted to hang it on my bedroom wall. It was art.

"Did you remember not to put that much ice in my drink?", I looked at my glass and shook my head, "No, no…this is too much!"

"How many ice cubes do you like in your drink, Sir?" he asked very nicely, even smiling at me.

I was kind of disappointed.

"Oh…one is fine.", I shrugged, looking at Selena. She acted like she didn't know me, looking out the window into the night, trying to make out the cows again.

"One.", he repeated, "Very good Sir."

Then he stuck his fingers into my glass, routing around and removing the ice cubes, one by one, letting them hit the floor behind him, tossing each one over his shoulder, soda flying off each one. Selena's mouth fell open, watching in disgust.

I smiled at him more, loving this guy to death! Now I FELT like I was in New York.

Then, with the last ice cube, he took it out, and said, "Oh, wait…you wanted one ice cube, right?"

"Right.", I said like all was fine with me so far.

"Very good, Sir.", he said again, sucking all the soda off the ice cube, making a loud SSSSSSSSSS sound…and letting it go, the ice plopping into my drink…a little splash of soda staining the table.

I have to be friends with this guy. I would do it if it killed me. Which it probably might.

"Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir?" the man asked with a smile.

"No, thank you, James.", I changed Jimmy to James for a moment, "That's lovely."

"Is your drink okay, Miss?" he looked at Selena.

Oh no. Not cool, my friend. I felt like a dog suddenly, mentally leaping in front of my sexy little poodle girlfriend, ready to pounce if necessary.

"My WIFE is fine.", I flashed a bit of anger in my expression, letting him know his fight was with ME, not her. Let him try disrespecting her, I'll kick his ass, I don't care how big he is.

"Mine's good.", Selena said quietly, holding her drink to her chest almost, "I love ice."

He seemed to get my meaning because he gave a nod and walked away.

I lifted my coke to my lips and Selena grabbed my arm.

"You're NOT gonna DRINK that.", she almost asked.

"Why not?" I sipped it.

She made a gagging sound that I ignored and I asked, "Why do you think he has a place like this? He's not Asian. I wonder if he can really cook good Chinese food. It smells good."

"I love how interested you are in this guy.", Selena chuckled, putting her coke down, "He scares the Hell out of ME."

"He won't do anything to you, Selena.", I assured, "That's what that just was…I told him not to THINK about messing with YOU. He got it. He backed off."

"I loved the way you said that…she's my WIFE.", she smiled sexily at me, "Even though I'm not in any rush and neither are you…it was nice…what you said about that…earlier. About us."

"I'm not giving you some line, Selena.", I said, "I hope you know that. I meant it…with all that I am. I want you…forever. I just hope you don't change your mind about ME."

"Not possible.", she said right away and I puckered my lips and gave her an air kiss from my seat. I was afraid to try standing in the booth again after the last time.

"I don't want you to feel like the very first session will work some miracle.", Selena said, in reference to my upcoming appointment, "It make take weeks to feel comfortable…or to feel like the sessions are doing anything. I hope you'll stick with it."

"I will.", I felt a little insulted for a moment, finishing another sip of my cherry coke, "I promise, Selena…I want this. I want to change…I want to be your husband. That's why I'm doing this."

"No, you can't do it for ME.", she put a straw into her coke, "You have to do it for YOU…or else it won't work."

"Okay, then, I'll do it for me.", I agreed, guessing she was right. I didn't want to resent her if the sessions got real tough.

"Hey, just treat Jimmy like he was a patient of yours.", I suggested to Selena, hoping that would make him seem less scary to her, "What would you do if you were his doctor?"

"Shoot myself.", she laughed. And I laughed with her.

"See?", I smiled, "You're a LOT of fun. That last statement wasn't mature at all."

"Thanks.", she said with a little sarcasm, not angry with me.

The food came a few minutes later and I was glad. Even though I was having a great time with this guy, we DID have an appointment.

I had told Selena while we were waiting, joking, of course, "OH, it'll be TERRIBLE if we miss my appointment!"

"It's not happening.", she smirked back, "You'll just go hungry, that's all. Or we can bring this guy along with us."

But now he was coming, loaded down with a heavy tray full of food. Man, it DID smell good.

I quickly tried to think of some more good battle lines…

"Hey, Jimmy, you got it up!", I began as he put a couple of plates in front of Selena. She kept shooting me her glare.

"We had a bet about that.", I went on, "Selena won. She knew you could do it."

I wanted to see if he'd dare try messing with Selena again. If my message was received.

"I'm sure she'll enjoy her winnings.", the man came back so fast at me, "What, does she get to wear YOUR silk panties now?"

I laughed. "Good one.", I grinned, not afraid to admit a beautiful shot when I saw it. At least he was insulting me now, not trying for my Selena anymore. He IS cool.

He just nodded, a small smile on his lips as he put my plate in front of me.

"Hey Jimmy!", I couldn't call him that enough. I knew it pissed him off royally, "We were just wondering…what is the name of this song? It's so beautiful."

"How the fuck would I know?", he made a face at me, "Mr. Wong gets a blow job from Lotus Blossom…who gives a shit?"

He's my new best friend. I don't care if he wants to be or not.

Even Selena laughed at him that time. He's an artist.

The food looked incredible, even if they had weird names. I didn't care.

"This looks great!", I said, being serious for a second, "We've been dying for good Chinese food since we got here….this is so awesome!"

Uh oh. I gave him a little opening there…he'd use it for sure.

"Awesome.", he rolled his eyes, "Gag me with a spoon."

"Oooh, you know Valley Girl talk, too?", I grinned, "You don't look old enough to…I'm not either, but I just LOVE the eighties. Remember Dweezil?"

"Shut the fuck up and EAT.", he ordered, "I don't wanna hear your life story, Clay Aiken!"

Selena let out a furious laugh at that one…and I was feeling scared he was winning my woman over to HIS side! He walked away, the winner of round two…I had to concede that. What a worthy opponent!

"Sorry.", she tried to stop laughing.

"Do I look like Clay Aiken?", I asked, looking into the mirror wall again.

"No baby.", Selena tried to eat her lo mein noodles, "You're very manly and red hot. You know that."

Is she messing with me now? I felt myself squint at her.

We ate…and ate…and ate…MAN! The food was fucking amazing! I couldn't stop eating it, even though I was feeling so full I could bust. The duck was so juicy and soft…it melted in my mouth! And the sauce…I never had sauce like it before!

"I am taking some of this sauce home and keeping it.", I told Selena, letting her lick some of it off my fingers…she was being very naughty during dinner by the way…I think Chinese food turns my little girl on. This is my new favorite restaurant.

"Such a bad girl.", I commented after she licked my fingertip clean, sucking it a bit.

"But I love you for it.", I added after she was done, "Valedictorian of my school."

"How's yours bunny?" I asked her.

"The best I ever had!", she was pleasantly surprised, trying to use her chopsticks because she was scared what would happen if she asked that guy for a fork.

"I know."

"And why are you calling me Bunny all the time now?", she asked, trying to get some noodles on her sticks.

"Cause you have that cute little bunny nose…" I informed, "And it wiggles sometimes, like a bunny's…"

"Okay, enough.", she laughed, "You're making me puke. I thought it was something to do with your Thumper thing…like I fuck like a bunny or something…multiplying too fast or something…"

I had to laugh at that one. "What a dirty mind you have…you put a lot of thought into that, didn't you?"

We were having a hell of a nice time. Today had been too perfect…I started worrying about my appointment again. Something had to happen…it always did when I was having too good a time.

We laughed a lot…and loudly. But Jimmy never came out to yell at us. Maybe he's not hating us after all.

She fed me some lo mein noodles…holding it up over my mouth while I kept my hands down, trying to get it with my tongue and teeth. Selena was enjoying that. I got it every time.

"This is fun.", I said, "We should play this at home…naked."

"Definitely.", she said.

After a while, the man came thundering up to our table, looking very tense.

And, as if he were forced to ask us nicely, he asked, "How is everything, fuckface?"

"It SUCKS!", I shot back, right through the heart. And I did it with the sweetest smile on my face.

"No it doesn't!", Selena smiled, "Everything is SOOO good! In fact, we're taking some of this home with us. Can we have a box or something, please?"

"Yes.", the man gave Selena a little grin, "Of course."

Selena, stop ruining my game.

"HEY JIM!", I cut in, "Can I ask you a question?"

He just stared at me, trying to keep himself in check.

I waited but then went on anyway.

"Did you really cook all this yourself?", I asked, in disbelief, "And why do you have a place like this ? You can tell me…you have a little Asian woman back there chained to the stove, don't you, Jimmy?"

"Oh, I see," he was angry again, "Cause I'm a black man I can't run a Chinese restaurant? What SHOULD I have? A place that serves fried chicken with a side of watermelon? I DID cook all this MYSELF and I'm damn good at it!"

"There you go, bringing color into things again!", I replied with a grin, "We're talking about FOOD."

Selena was kicking me under the table but I was having too much fun.

"You're done.", he said, telling US, and without taking out a check or anything, he just totaled our bill, saying, "Thirty two dollars and fifty cents."

"No dessert?" I asked.

"I'll give you a handful of whipped cream to go.", he answered.

"I'm sorry, I know you have a lot of other people to help but we would like a dessert.", I informed, "This is kind of a special night for us. You know how it is."

"What do you want?" he gritted his teeth, as if it itched him for us to still be here.

I picked up my menu from the seat and looked at it again. I was hoping he wouldn't try to take it back from me.

"HEY!", the man pointed at me, "Where'd you get that?"

"You gave it to me.", I said, then quickly ordered, "Let's have two unfortunate cookies…and two bowls of ice cream with garlic sauce."

"Yea.", Selena nodded in agreement, "Chocolate garlic sauce."

"Ooh, yummy.", I said, "For me too."

"Fine.", he said, "And then you'll get the Hell out of here."

"Maybe.", I folded my hands, tilting my head to the side.

He let out a huge sigh and stormed off. "Asshole…" he muttered under his breath.

"He loves us.", I decided aloud, "He doesn't really want us to go."

"Just like the Pizza Hut people, right?", Selena reminded.

"Oh, they were old sticks in the mud.", I cringed, "This guy is great. You'll see. He'll ask us to come back."

"Of course he will.", Selena snickered, "We're his whole customer base."

"Yea.", I felt a pang of sadness for the guy, "We should recommend this place to people…tell our friends about it."

"We don't have any friends.", she reminded.

"Oh yea.", I remembered suddenly. We are so sad.

"Well, we when make some friends…" I began.

"When we finally make some friends, we're gonna tell them to come HERE?", Selena pointed to the table, "So he can tell them to fuck off and sit their asses down? You don't know what the word friend means, do you?"

"Shh, here he comes again.", I smiled wider, hardly able to wait to hear what he'd say next.

He placed Selena's bowl and fortune cookie down but tossed my things at me. I knew he wouldn't let me down.

"Thank you.", Selena said with a soft tone.

It was vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on it. It looked very good too.

"Yea, thanks Mr. Chan." I added.

"You got three minutes to eat it and screw the fuck outta here.", he looked at his watch, "I'm timing this!"

"I appreciate it, I can see all the people waiting their turn to eat!", I hollered after him as he strode away.

Selena had to grab me to sit me down. "Hurry up, we have somewhere to be!"

"We have time.", I said, "He can't throw us out of here for not eating fast enough."

"No, but he can kill us…", Selena ate her ice cream with a big spoon, "We could be tomorrow's special of the day."

"We have to come back here soon.", I planned my next visit here already, "We could bring Katie with us."

Selena looked horrified at me. "NO WAY!" she put her foot down.

"Yea, you're right.", I sighed, "That won't work. Katie's too smart for him."

We ate our dessert and then I remembered the unfortunate cookies!

"Oh, Selena, our fortunes!", I said to her, "Remember how great it was the last time? When our fortunes were about each other…"

"How could I forget?", Selena asked, smiling, "My fortune saved my LIFE!"

"That's right." I said, picking my cookie up, "I wonder what an UN-fortunate cookie will say?"

"I'm terrified to look.", Selena smiled, shaking her head at me, putting her spoon down.

"This is gonna be epic, I can feel it!", I closed my eyes, cracking it open and looking, taking the slip of red paper, commenting, "Ooh, red paper!"


I was on the floor laughing, my eyes filled with tears while I howled! Selena thought I was having a fit until she took it away from me and read it.

"Very nice.", she commented, sitting back in her chair.

I couldn't get over it. It was his last play and it was fucking brilliant! Just when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore, I turned my fortune over and it had Chinese lettering there then it's translation: FUCK YOU !

"I have to keep this…", I said in between my fits of laughter…my sides were killing me and tears were coming out of my eyes but I didn't care…

"Open yours.", I said to Selena, prepared and composed enough to appreciate what hers was going to say. It better not insult her, that's all I have to say!

"Oh Jeez.", she took a breath and cracked hers open, "This is such a mistake."

She took out her little red slip of paper and dared to read it, giving a little chuckle.

"Read it!", I HAD to know what it said.

She looked at me and smiled, reading, "Beware of huge gifts with pretty wrapping, you could end up with a little box of small peen-uss."

We laughed and even Selena had to admit…this guy was the shit.

"I am going to tip this guy like I never tipped anyone in my LIFE!", I wiped a happy tear out of my eye, taking the money out to pay our bill.

"We have to come back here." Selena agreed, "Maybe on a weekend when Katie's not with us."

"I hope the place will still be here.", I worried out loud, "What if he has to close down, because no one comes here?"

"That would suck." Selena said, looking around, "This place is perfect. The food, my GOD!"

"I know.", I felt so sad inside now.

"Well, let's get going.", Selena looked at her watch, "We don't want to be late."

"Okay.", I felt very nervous about leaving…this was my last stop before the doctor's.

"Hop Sing!", I called, "Come on, we're leaving. Come tell us the outrageous price again!"

He came rushing out, a look of tension still painted all over him.

"Thirty nine fifty.", he said, adding, "Plus tip."

"Plus tip?", I pretended to scoff, "For what? The superior customer service? Or maybe for getting a peek of you in those tight pants!"

"You better tip for all the crap I had to take from you tonight or I'll bend you over and take it!", the man threatened.

Oh shit. Why'd he have to say THAT?

Just when I had nothing to say…and my breathing began to speed a bit…a big surprise…my Selena came with her sword to fight by my side.

"I've got a tip for you, MONTEL!", she came out swinging, her eyes squinting a bit, "BITE ME!"

Hey, she stole Katie's line. Oh well, she tried. It was a valiant effort.

But the man laughed at HER!

"Crazy ass white people.." he looked away, giggling.

I handed him a bill and his eyes widened a bit.

"This is a hundred.", he said, "I'll get your change."

"Keep it.", I said, "This was the best dinner we've had in a very long time. You have no idea…"

"I had fun, too.", he said, and he shook my hand. I felt like we were two skilled warriors, shaking hands after a matched battle…a draw. No winner, no loser.

"You had some very good ones, man.", he admitted.

"You too.", I smiled, "That fortune cookie – Jesus! You're too good!"

"I have to have some fun around here, right?" he asked.

I wanted to stay and talk to him longer. We were finally becoming buds.

"We have to go baby.", Selena whispered to me, hating to ruin my new friendship already.

"I have to go to my psychologist's appointment now.", I said it like I was kidding and he laughed, "They hate it when I'm late for my electrical shocks."

"So that's why your hair looks like that.", he quipped in return, still on fire.

"Wait…what about my hair?" I asked, really worried now, "What's wrong with it?"

Selena came and grabbed my arm into hers.

"Thank you for everything…" she said to the man, "Goodnight."

"Goodnite girl.", he said to Selena, "Good luck with THIS guy."

"I'll need it."

I don't like where this is going now…

"Wait a sec.", I came back in the door, putting my hand back out to him, "I'm Anthony Masen and this is my girlfriend, Marie Brown. It was really great to meet you."

I wanted his name. I felt like I HAD to know it now.

He looked at my hand and it looked like there was something filthy about to come out of his mouth…but then he shook it again and said, "I'm Marcus. Marcus Evans. NOT Jimmy."

I smiled. "That's a good name, Marcus.", I said, honestly, "We'll be back."

"You don't have to say that.", he let go of my hand, "No one ever comes in here twice. But you guys are cool. You took my crap, you ate my food…fuck, you even drank that coke…and you stayed for dessert. That never happens. I appreciate it, man."

"Are you kidding?", I asked, "We love it here. We'll be back. And soon, too. I mean it."

"Yea, okay.", he didn't look completely convinced, "Well, thanks anyway. Have a good night."

"You too.", I smiled, walking towards the door now.

"Fuck you.", he grinned, having one last clash of swords with me.

"Fuck you MORE." I called back, totally in love with this guy. Not THAT way…you know what I mean.

"Must you always have the last word?" Selena asked me as we went out into the parking lot.

"Yes." I said, unlocking the car door.

"Well there's another place we can never go back to again.", she commented as she sat down in her seat.

"Fuck that.", I said, affected by all the fucks I'd uttered tonight, "We're going back."

Selena sighed and then smiled, saying, "Okay, Justin…no more fucks tonight, okay?"

"No more fucks tonight?", I started the car…"You sure about that?"

Then she realized what she'd said and looked very sorry about it.

"No, I didn't mean—"

"You said it! No more fucks tonight!", I pulled out of our spot, "I'm so sorry, Miss Gomez…once it's said, it's SAID!"

"NO!", she was playing now, laughing and trying to cover my mouth while I was driving down the street.

"NO MORE FUCKS TONIGHT!", I yelled out the window, seeing no one on the street, "Marie SAID IT! She sleeps with the pillows tonight!"

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