Stuck in fire - Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Kapitel 17-40

En historie der blev slettet på et andet site, som min veninde og jeg følger med i. Bare ignorer den ;)


19. 35

"Alright, hold onto me…", I said as I led Justin into my apartment lobby, making him put his good arm around my shoulder, wishing he'd lean on me more as we ignored the mailbox and neared the stairs.

"Selena, my legs are fine.", he chuckled, "Not that I don't like this."

He leaned his head on me and smiled, nuzzling and kissing my cheek with this wonderful, deep kiss. God, I felt that in my toes!

I laughed, feeling so damn good that I was bringing him back home.

"You don't want your mail?", Justin pointed his finger at the mailbox wall with the hand that was over my shoulder.

I smiled at him and a devilish little smile rested on those shiny wet lips of his.

"Baby steps.", I reminded, "You just got out of the hospital, Thumper. If you tried to attack me now, I think you'd only hurt yourself."

He whined like a kid denied candy. We began our ascent up the stairs and, being the little punk he is, he was making sure both feet were on each step as we climbed up, doing real baby steps, his smile waiting for me to react.

"I heard the Thumper story, by the way.", I grinned, raising a brow.

"Oh God!", Justin winced, turning a light shade of pink. He blushes?

"It was very interesting.", I teased, "Even the non X rated parts."

"Note to self:", he slowly kept up his baby steps on the stairs, "Erase the Thumper story from Selena's brain."

"I can just see you…doing your thing with those little ears on your head.", I leaned in closer and kissed his neck, up under his ear and earned his soft moan at that.

"Emmett put them on me.", he informed, "I was chained up so I couldn't take them off."

"I heard the story.", I said, trying to forget the sexual parts. I loathed thinking of Emmett vs. Justin in a fucking contest on Halloween night. It'd been Victoria's warped idea of fun, pitting her two favorites against each other, lines of clients and women friends of hers waiting their turn. Ten bucks you can't guess who won that little challenge.

Yes, Frankencock rules! But, since Justin was wearing these cute little bunny ears the whole time, the women started calling him Thumper, a double meaning. His ears weren't the only reason he got his name, I'm sure.

I think that's when Victoria might've started to favor Justin over Emmett. It seems, according to Emmett, that there were a bunch of these little competitions she put them both through. Even Emmett told me in the waiting room, Justin was a machine. He always won. Yet he was never a bad winner. He was always kind, always a friend, Emmett added.

"My life was so gross before you.", he said, not with any sadness, but with a glad voice, "This Halloween we'll go trick or treating with Katie. I can't wait for that. Maybe you can be a little bunny this time."

I smiled, liking that picture. He kissed me on the lips as we were almost at the top of the stairs.

"A white little bunny…with a puffy cotton tail.", he kept visualizing. Men.

I sensed his lower parts were alive and well, and not feeling the effects of the gunshot wound at all. In fact, after a couple days of no play at all, I feared Frankencock would pounce the second we got inside my apartment.

Well…I didn't FEAR…just hoped.

"And what will you be?", I asked, picturing him in a wolf costume, taking me from behind in the forest. Or maybe a hunter?

"Hmmmm….", he was pondering, "I don't know…maybe I'll do something different this year and just be myself, whoever that is."

He kissed me again and my stomach felt so light and fluffy.

"I love that idea.", I approved, "I can't think of a sexier outfit than that."

"Selena Gomez…", he smiled and was kissing me again, my lips moving against his full force, "I think you're trying to seduce me."

"Not yet.", I opened my mouth and licked my tongue lightly onto his, "Wait til we get inside."

"Mmmm…", he kissed between words, "What….are you…going to do….to me?"

"Oh, it's going to be terrible…", I grabbed his t-shirt and twisted it in my fist, leading him to my door, my lips opening and closing over his sweet, sugary mouth.

"You'll fight like an animal, but…", I kissed him again, "You won't escape me…"

"I can't fight all that hard.", he let me back him into the door as I fully French kissed him now, "I'm so weak and helpless."

He moved his injured shoulder and I grabbed his neck hard, moving his face to the right as I had my way with his muscular neck, licking and biting…kissing and sucking.

"Fuck!", Justin panted, letting his duffle bag hit the floor as his hands took off on their own now.

His fingers clutched at my denim ass cheeks, and we kissed like savages, not coming up for air even. Then he was rubbing roughly over my jeans between my legs and I let out a loud yelp, I had been without those fingers for too long.

I opened my legs more and rubbed myself against his jeans, feeling a thick, hard rod there.

Justin winced and hissed as I broke our kiss only for a moment so I could place my nose on the other side of his, kissing with new vigor.

We weren't even in the door yet. My keys were in my purse and I had no intention of getting them now.

His fingers were desperate and began to undo my jeans button, and I think he broke the zipper as he yanked my jeans apart there, shoving them down off my butt. My panties were still on but not for long. He made another sound of displeasure and yanked them down, too, muttering something about "not one piece of underwear will be left when I'm done".

"Selena…", he kissed me again as I showed no shame or tried to hide my naked parts in the hall, in front of my door. No one would come up here, as my apartment was the only one on this floor. And if someone did come up, I didn't really care. I needed Justin now. And I'm not ashamed.

"Gimme.", I tugged at his jeans now, undoing them as fast as I could.

Justin whimpered, watching me and enjoying the feeling of me yanking his pants off. I was ready to make a comment about his underwear in return but there was no underwear. I secretly thanked whatever angel it was for not letting me snag Justin's skin in the zipper when I tugged it down so viciously. I'd have to make a mental note of his fetish for not wearing undies. I'd have to be more careful in the future.

Now that the air touched his cock he moaned out loud, relieved and aroused to the fullest.

He sank down the door and sat on his ass, bringing my hips to him as I straddled the tall pillar of flesh and muscle that was calling to me.

I looked at the bare flesh there and felt my whole body flush with heat. I'm sure I was blushing and I didn't care.

"Selena…", he kissed me, ready to do me right there in front of my locked door.

Maybe he thought I was hesitating because we were in the hallway. That wasn't it. I felt excited about us doing it right here, so close to people in the middle of the afternoon.

"Fuck me, Selena….fuck me, please…", he whispered, begging for me. I couldn't believe it. He was pleading for me? What lottery in heaven or hell did I win?

Maybe he forgot.

"Justin…", I kissed him harder, "You forgot…your condom."

In a haze of lust, he kept kissing me and moaned, "Do you want me to use one? I will if you do…"

I was confused.

"Don't you always use them?", I kissed him, "You said…what do you want, Justin?"

I always had to pull it out of him, his wants. He was always asking me if it's alright, what I wanted. I had to make him voice his own wants and desires. That's when we'd start to know who Justin Bieber really is.

"I don't wanna use one.", he said like a little boy as he reached his tongue into my mouth, closing his lips over it, "I want to feel you. I don't want anything between us…once…just once…but I understand if you don't feel safe."

"I am on birth control.", I shared, happy he came right out and told me what he wanted. He is making progress. And he thinks I wouldn't feel safe making love to him with no condom. He has been with lots of sick women. But, stupid as it may sound, I felt perfectly safe. And only with Justin would I just throw caution to the wind to be with him the way he wanted. I want it, too.

He waited for me to decide and tell him. I loved him even more for that.

"I want you inside me…", I grunted as our kiss intensified, his hands clutching my hair, "I want to feel you, too. Your hot cock…."

I didn't get to finish my sentence.

Justin groaned and devoured my mouth then, hurting my hair with his urgency but that just made me even more hot and wet as he tickled the back of my teeth with that tongue of his.

Then I felt the tip of his head against my clit, and I grinded myself harder into it, moving up and down before he entered me. Justin moaned and opened his eyes as he kissed me, asking again if it was alright.

I decided to take charge here and do what he begged me to do. Fuck him.

"Yes, I'm gonna fuck you hard.", I clutched his shirt again and forced him to me, grabbing his neck again as he breathed harder, his rock hard dick throbbing and jerking as his eyes looked into mine, so full of desire and want.

I grabbed the shaft of his cock and he bit back a shout as I moved it slowly up and down, teasing him.

He had gone awhile without this and I knew it was killing him. He whimpered like a little puppy and that drove me wild.

"Please, please, please, please….", he whispered, closing his eyes, digging his fingers into my ass, coaxing me towards him.

I hated sounding like Victoria but I was caught up in the moment and hoped I wasn't making a mistake here.

"Mine.", I said as I played with his warm, thick cock.

"Yes…yes….yes…", he whimpered, opening his eyes and showing me he was not put off by my word. He wanted to be mine. He knew I wouldn't abuse that, as so many others had in the past. I didn't need chains and whips to make him mine. I used love to hold him to me. The most powerful chains of all.

"Yes.", he gave a little nod, obviously liking this so far.

"Yes.", I repeated, a good word.

I placed my ready, wet lips onto his head and he clenched his jaw, growling from the sensation of it. I waited a second…taking in that perfect face…all the emotions there that I was causing in him. Me, Selena Gomez…the nose-in-her-book virgin nobody ever noticed. I was driving Justin Bieber wild. He was begging for me, dieing for me.

I drove myself down, impaling him into me without mercy.

"UUUUHHHHHHH!", Justin screamed out at this, his eyes huge and staring up at me in shock, the whole length of him vanished inside me as I sat there, loving the feeling of his flesh inside mine…no condom…this was exhilarating and so much more intense. I felt like I could feel a couple of the veins in him as I tightened my muscles around him a couple of times.

After all, Justin hadn't been with a woman without a condom for years, with the exception of Victoria. But I didn't count her. Surely, this would be special and new for him, too.

"UUUGGGHHH….GOD DAMN IT!", he slammed his sneaker to the floor a couple of times as his fingers clutched harder into my butt cheeks. It felt like he wanted to move me up and down on him but he restrained himself. He was letting me do this.

"Patience, Thumper.", I toyed a little bit, squeezing together one more time as he tried to hold in a scream, biting down on his bottom lip with force.

"Selena…", he breathed, closing his eyes.

"Hold on.", I couldn't do it to him anymore, he was so utterly beautiful, suffering this way. I had to put him out of his misery.

And I began moving up and down, coming down hard, our flesh slapping each time they found each other. I was moaning and panting for breath, loving the feeling of this high I was experiencing…and watching Justin while I did him…was…unbelievable. His face could do some pretty awesome things while he's being fucked. Not to mention his noises.

It sounded like he was almost in pain, but then his groans added into those sounds and it was a very erotic song to my ears as I bounced harder, hearing him cry out as he thrust his hips up now as I was coming down. Now I was yelling, too.

"Every body okay up there?", some man called out from downstairs.

I almost laughed at Justin's face.

"Yes, fine!", I called down and smiled at my angel, putting my hand over his open mouth, clasping it shut, "So fine."

I added that last part, looking into his eyes, complimenting what I saw there. He is the finest thing I had ever seen…or felt…or heard.

"MMMMMM", he closed his eyes and hummed under my fingers as I kept going. In seconds, Justin wasn't sitting up against my door anymore, he was laying down on his back, I guess tired of the back of his head hitting the door every time I came down on him.

Yes, baby, that's it. Close your eyes and let me fuck you good. Move those hips…God, yes! Oh, you are an alien, Justin, do you know that? No human man could be like this.

It looked like Justin really enjoyed having my hand over his mouth and I felt his tongue lapping my fingers from beneath them. I didn't mind. I, too, had enjoyed being captured and gagged by rapist Justin that day in my apartment. I was not going to analyze him now. Just enjoy him.

I love the sound of his ass hitting the wooden floor below each time he withdraws his thrust. And it was fucking thrilling – doing it right in the hallway on the floor, even hotter when someone had called out to us, hearing our noises.

I was getting close to coming now and I knew I could keep fucking him even if I did, but then I heard him growling under my hand and his hips bucked with more ferocious need. It will be soon for Justin. I recognized those growls. Justin became a rabid dog when in the throws of orgasm.

I decided to talk dirty again, he liked that, especially from shy, innocent little me.

"You think you're gonna cum soon?", I asked coyly, "Is that what you think?"

Whimpering and growling…good.

"Why should I let you cum?", I asked, keeping my hand tight over those lips while I kept slamming up and down on him.

Then he playfully pointed to his bandages that laid bulky under his t-shirt. And a little chuckle mixed in with is moans and growls.

I smirked, liking how nothing was ever off limits with him. He was always the first to joke about himself, even if it wasn't that funny to others.

"Oh, I see.", I played along, "You got hurt for me and you think you're entitled to cum, huh?"

He nodded and was losing control over the dog rising up in his throat. I wondered how long he could hold it back if he had to. But I didn't want to play Victoria games with him, I just wanted to be sexy and in control…without going too far into her wicked territory. It was a fine line…I had to be careful never to cross, even in play.

"You have a good point.", I felt myself sweating as I kept my pace quick, "Alright, cum. Cum inside me."

I liked the image of his little semen guys being able to flow inside me for the first time, instead of being trapped in a plastic cocoon.

Yes, I saw Look Who's Talking and loved that part in the beginning. Sue me.

Justin roared out, despite my hand holding his open mouth, and exploded the second I told him to. He was holding it for a little while. Why that turns me on, I'm not sure, but it did.

I felt hot melty liquid inside me and that's when I shut my own mouth and cried out with my own orgasm, too. I didn't realize it, but I'd been holding mine back also. It feels so much better when you restrain it then let it go. Wow.

"I think someone is hurt up there.", the man's voice was saying from below again, to someone else down there, "I'm going up for a sec."


Justin's eyes opened and stared up at me in shock as footsteps started to come up the stairs.

I turned, still on top of Justin, and zipped open my purse, getting the keys. Thank God they were right on top. They're usually buried at the bottom and I have to go digging for them. I reached up and fumbled with the key, opening the door, and somehow standing and dragging Justin in, sliding his ass on the floor, using his good arm to reel him in, slamming the door seconds before anyone reached the top of the steps.

I held a hand to my chest for a second, locking the door twice from inside as Justin laid on his back on the linoleum floor, howling with laughter as he stared at the back of my ass, my jeans and panties around my knees as I stood over him.

"What's so funny now?", I asked, then burst out laughing, too. He is so fucking cute when he laughs like that. I remembered that day I almost went out with my robe on. He was doing the exact same thing then as he is now. Only now he was half naked, his cock wet and glistening as he held his stomach, enjoying his fit of giggles.

I laid on my back at his side, my own sides splitting as I belly laughed right along with him. It was as if we'd never left this place…even if only for a moment. We had no worries, nothing in our way, only each other…no cares in the world. It was glorious and I knew it wouldn't last long…but I enjoyed the moment anyway.

"Are you hurt?", I asked him, concerned as I got on my knees and pulled my shirt up and off my head, tossing it across the room as I unhooked my bra in front, letting my breasts loose as his eyes looked up at me, appearing a bit drowsy as he took me in.

"Yes.", he said, out of breath, "Very. The pain is…excruciating."

I'm sure he would've tried to take off his shirt if it weren't for his wound. But instead, he moved it up so it was just pooled under his chin. He laid there as I stood up, kicking off my sneakers and sliding my jeans and panties off.

I took the panties and folded them so the crotch was sticking out in a rectangle.

"Where does it hurt, sweet cock?" I made him up a new nickname.

He smiled at that and moved his finger over his right nipple.

"Here.", he informed quietly.

"Awww….", I stuck the panties in his mouth, not too far in, but enough.

He moaned and took them in without hesitation, and closed his lips over the cotton, slightly sucking inside, tasting me…tasting what he'd done to me as we went up the stairs together.

"There's a lollipop for you while I take care of your boo boos.", I said lovingly as he stifled a little laugh.

I let my tongue dart out a couple times around his nipple as he sighed in contentment.

Then I lapped at it, my thick, wet tongue shoving it up and down, around in circles while his muffled moans embraced me.

I was kissing it, then, later, closing and opening my lips over it as it stood up stiffly, wet and warm.

"How's that feel now?", I asked, using my deep sexy voice.

He nodded quickly, his eyes opening and finding me a couple inches downward.

"Anything else hurt?"

He nodded, smiling as half my panties hung out of his clenched teeth.

What a little devil. My little devil. There's a good idea for a Halloween costume.

"What else hurts, baby?", I asked, deciding to spoil him rotten today and all night if he wanted.

Then he pointed to his other nipple and I couldn't help give another giggle.

"Oh, now this one hurts, huh?", I smirked as he nodded with more energy.

So I went over and gave extra loving care to that nipple as well. I even bit this one a little after I had it nice and licked.

Now Justin was growling a little. This wasn't the rabid dog yet. This was the sweet dog that was begging to go outside into the yard.

Okay, noted. Justin likes to be bitten.

And then, looking down, I saw Frankencock again. God, that was fast! He is an alien! And who's complaining?

No wonder Justin won that contest against Emmett.

"Something else hurt, hon?", I hovered right over his eyes this time.

He smiled and gave a slow nod now.

"I wonder what could be hurting you now.", I smiled and acted dumb, "Let me see if I can find it."

He gave a throaty laugh as I kissed every spot I adored on him from his chin, down under it,,,to his neck, the adam's apple…YUM….the hollow at the base of his neck…down his chest between his pecks…had to kiss all his ribs and the six pack..LOVE that place! And I made my way down to kiss both cuts of his pelvis. His ankles were still trapped in his jeans and sneakers and I liked that. No getting away for you, Thumper. Rabbits can jump so fast, you know.

"Uh oh…", I gasped, "I think I might have found something."

He laughed again, liking this game. I know I was loving it.

"What is this big thing?", I moved my fingers up and down it…making it slick and wet all over as he moaned and gave a little whimper.

"I don't have one of these.", I wondered aloud as he chuckled again, peeking down at me.

I remembered my lesson that Justin gave me on our first night together, when he didn't want to take me yet. When he wanted me to be comfortable and get to know his body, inside and out.

"Oh, wait, I think I remember.", I smiled more as he watched me.

"These are the balls.", I stroked and lightly squeezed the dark pink sack below Justin's penis as he groaned out loud, through my panties, his fists clenching near his face as he watched me explore.

I licked them and sucked them into my mouth, making them nice and wet as Justin nearly screamed, clenching his eyes tight, his back arching up as I made slobbery noises, not letting them leave my mouth as I sucked harder. I licked every inch of them, swirling my tongue on top and underneath.

"FUCK! FUCK!", he said through the panties, and slammed a fist to the floor at his side, almost gasping.

Note: Justin likes his balls sucked, too. Maybe too much. He sounds in pain. But I think he likes it. Frankencock just grew twice as big as it was before.

Taking my mouth off those, he panted and stared up at the ceiling as if his brain had shut off

"And….this is the head….", I recalled aloud, taking only the head into my mouth now, licking it wetly and curling my tongue around it hard while he kept hissing and growling, almost in protest, but not.

Sometimes it can hurt too good. Or feel so good that it hurts. Yea, that's it.

"Please…please….", he whispered, muffled by my panties.

Oh, am I teasing him ? Poor little thing. Well…not little.

"What?", I asked, ignorantly, "I'm just trying to find out what hurts so much…shhhh…let me find it."

"RRRRR…", Justin turned his head away, clenching his eyes again. Both his fists were back up over his head now…and one grabbed hold of his own hair.

"This big long thing…", I licked up once from bottom to top as he groaned.

"What's the name of this thing again?", I played, "I think I remember you telling me once…let me think…"

Justin was suffering so lovely again. I know it's horrible but his face is so damn sexy when it's like that.

"Um…the…schlong…?", I wondered, "No, that's not it."

"The…schmigeggy?", I guessed, "Nope…nope…"

He growled again, warning me. I almost laughed.

Payback would be a bitch when he got his turn against me. Oooh, see me quiver? Honestly, I did hope he'd get a little rough with me later. I had really enjoyed that.

"Oh wait wait!", I acted like it just came to me…"The…shaft?"

I took it all into my mouth then, all the way in until it was resting at the back of my throat. I relaxed my throat, not wanting to gag. But then, men love it when they hear you gag on their cocks. At least, Justin does.

"UGGGHHHHHHHHHH!", Justin yelled out as I stopped teasing him and let my mouth salivate all over him as he lay inside me. Before long, it was soaking wet inside my mouth and I spun my tongue around every inch of him, squeezing and releasing…lapping, nibbling very delicately.

Justin was nearly screaming by the time I was letting him fuck my mouth. I was moving up and down him fast and hot as he grabbed my hair and thrust his hips up and down with the stamina of ten men.

This was rough and I was secretly loving it. I love when he becomes a brute and makes me do things to please him.

He was snarling like a beast, grunting as he moved my head faster, his head striking the back of my throat occasionally, forcing the choking and gagging sound from me, the noises only making him more desperate to have me.

He growled out again, holding my head tight, my lips at the very base of his cock and his head even poking down my throat a bit as he came, the hot juice going right down without even gracing my tongue before it was gone.

A few seconds later, as Justin panted, trying to catch his breath, he began to stroke my hair instead of clutching it. His fingers moved along my face, over my eyebrows, smoothing over my closed eyelids as I kissed his inner thigh, opening my mouth and sucking the flesh there inside…biting down…sucking harder.

He did a sharp intake of breath and watched, but didn't stop me.

I know it's a teenage thing…but I'd never given a hickey before. It didn't seem right. But it did now. I wanted my mark on him, my name written right beside his beautiful penis, like an eternal star being trapped in the orbit of the moon. I wouldn't mind being that star, gazing at him for eons of time as worlds came and went below us…forever caught in his web…loving every minute of it.

I hoped he wouldn't get mad at me for doing this, I thought as I stopped, seeing an angry dark purple circle below me.

"I'm sorry.", I rubbed it with my fingers and Justin hissed.

"Are you kidding?", he asked, daring to take the panties out of his mouth, "That's the hottest thing. I want your marks, Selena. Do it again. On the other thigh."

He smiled and put the panties back into his teeth, almost like a cigar.

And he laid his head back and closed his eyes, wanting me to write my name all over him. That is the hottest thing.

He was looking down at me, admiringly, waiting for me to do it again.

I couldn't disappoint him. I licked up his other thigh, right beside his penis, and chose a spot while he moaned his sweet sounds to me. I opened my mouth and sucked the skin inside…wetting and licking….sucking…biting, harder this time.

He yelled out and arched his back again, panting, whispering, "Don't stop…don't fucking stop…oh, Selena…God!"

Finally, after a few more minutes, I had to stop. I think this mark is going to be almost black. It was a nice dark violet.

"Wow…", he was panting as I crawled up to lay my face on his chest, on the unhurt side of it. I kissed his nipple softly and he breathed it again, "Wow."

I snuggled in as his arm came around me, his fingers circling around my nipple.

"Tell me what you think of me.", I whispered, playing a little bit again, "It's okay…you can say it."

He smiled, taking the panties out of his mouth and laying them on his forehead, as if he needed to use them to wipe away the perspiration.

"You…are one hot bitch.", he breathed, "MY…hot bitch. Only mine. You make me crazy. My body burns for you. Just you. No one makes me feel like you do. I know it's not right…to say…after having sex…but…I love you, Selena. You bring me back to life. You make me real."

"I like you, too.", I giggled as he pinched my nipple in response while I struggled a little, squealing.

"You're …learning.", I hugged him closer to me, "When we met , you were such a virgin. But just look at you now."

He smiled and sucked his cheeks in a bit, his lips curling up into a wicked little bow.

"And you were such a little slut.", he came back brilliantly, "Taking off your shirt to make me eggs in the first ten minutes we knew each other! I was so disgusted I nearly kicked you right out! I thought, how am I gonna make this one into a proper young lady I can take home to Katherine?"

I was laughing so hard and he was, too.

"Omelete de Selena indeed!", he finished, giggling with me.

"And you're still a slut now.", he laughed and I bit his nipple as he held me against his warm, moist body, "You haven't learned a thing!"

We calmed down and quieted, relaxing in the dim light of the kitchen. It looked like maybe it was getting rainy outside, no sun was pouring in.

"Let's not try to change each other.", I kissed his chest, above the nipple this time.

I said that so he'd understand. I wouldn't be trying to change him to be some normal, respectable citizen over night. I want him to be the same sweet, fun, playful Justin I love…I just wanted to take the sadness out of his eyes, the downcast eyes had to go…but everything else…I wanted to keep it exactly the same.

"How about…I change for the better…", he said, "And you stay perfect, like you are right now."

"No, Justin.", I danced my fingers along his ribs, doing his mice skating thing on his skin, "I love you just as you are. The only thing I want you to change is the way you see yourself. Don't change. Just see all the beautiful things that I see."

"I'll have to talk to my therapist about that.", he smiled, both his arms, even his weaker one, wrapped around me.

We laid there for a long time, just being with each other, not talking. Just moving our hands over each other, studying every inch and curve, as if we'd been apart for 3 years, not days.

I refused to think of Charlie now. I refused to think of what I was going to do. Who I'd be going with. But as I thought of that, a tear escaped out of my right eye.

I wiped it fast and Justin didn't notice or see it. If he did, he never said anything about it. Which isn't like him. So I'm sure he didn't see.

"Selena?", Justin finally spoke, ending the silence.


"Can we have a session tonight?", he asked, hopefully, "After I made you a nice dinner?"

I hope he's not still thinking he has to do all the cooking and cleaning.

"Can I help you make it?", I asked, just as hopefully, "You're not my servant, you know. I can make dinner sometimes."

"You can cook?"

No. Not really.

"Can I help you make it?", I repeated, hearing his laugh as I giggled, too.

"I thought so.", he said with a low voice, "Yes…you can help. I can teach you. It's fun, really."

"I bet a root canal would be fun with YOU.", I replied, voicing my exact thoughts instead of holding them in. It felt so great.

"Oooh, dentist fantasy.", he said darkly.

"No, no…", I halted him right there, putting my hand over his lips lightly.

"VVVRRRRR! VVRRRR!", he imitated a dentist's drill perfectly.

"NO!", I repeated as he rolled over on top of me, his eyes deadly as his brow arched, looking very sinister, "Justin, no!"

He held my face and said, "Open." , asking to see my teeth.

"No, you open!", I managed to slip out of Justin's grasp. I think he let me get away.

He sat up and kicked off his sneakers, and kicked out of his jeans.

"Justin.", I backed a step or two as he stood up, in his total naked glory, his eyes playful but dangerous now as he took one slow step towards me.

"You're forever drinking those icees, Miss Gomez.", Justin said, "I'll bet there's at least…three cavities just lurking in that little mouth."

I laughed and began to back some more, realizing the bathroom was my only sanctuary.

"Justin Bieber…", I warned but since I was smiling I guess he didn't take me too seriously.

I spun and fled into the bathroom and he was right on my tail. I didn't even get to close the bathroom door, he was so fast. He slammed it tight behind him as he cornered me in the shower. We always end up here. Maybe he's right. This shower is magical.

"Time for your cold shower, Miss Gomez.", he smiled wickedly, taking the showerhead off its perch and turning the faucet towards C.

"You are a very dirty, hot girl.", he added.

"My session tonight is going to be covering this thing you have with cold water, Justin!" I warned, pointing at him, the demonic smile still in place on his lips.


Then he pulled the lever, forcing the water out of the showerhead as I screamed, completely helpless against my captor who was determined to hose me down with ice water.

Today and tonight was just ours. Tomorrow we could deal with reality. Maybe. Maybe the day after tomorrow.

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