Stuck in fire - Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Kapitel 17-40

En historie der blev slettet på et andet site, som min veninde og jeg følger med i. Bare ignorer den ;)


16. 32


"You should cuff me and take me out there in case she has your father or something.", I repeated but she spun to me, her eyes angry and wild.

"NO!", she shouted, "NO! I won't do that, Justin! I never want you in cuffs again, even as a trick against Victoria. I'll throw up if she gets her hands on you again."

Same old stubborn little Selena. God, how I love her.

"God damn it, I missed you Selena.", I smiled at her as she grinned back and then peeked out the crack of the dungeon door again, "I told Charlie to take you to Forks. I thought I wouldn't see you again. When I was kneeling next to Victoria's chair, I was nearly in a little coma…I thought my life was over. I had nothing left. Then I smelled you. For a minute, I thought it was my mind playing with me…and then I heard your name. Then I remembered how stubborn you are…and I thought, God, I'm stupid. Charlie would never get her to go to Forks. Not while I'm still here."

"Is this a therapy session?", she turned to me, wanting to hear more but reminding me we didn't have time for this right now. Lives of people we loved were out there, in jeopardy, or worse. We had to go out there and face it…now.

When did I become this chatterbox? I used to never talk about me…and now I couldn't shut myself up.

"No, this is me ranting because I haven't had anyone to talk to for three days.", I sighed, "Well…if you won't use me as your hostage, what's the plan, then?"

"I don't have a plan.", Selena took a breath, "Sometimes there is no elaborate plan when things go wrong. We just have to be brave and go out there and see what's happening. And do what we can to help."

Selena still held the brutal whip I had given her.

"Well, this is a good weapon I gave you.", I informed, "It literally can shred flesh with each blow, even a light one. I've got the chain whip, which is dangerous but not as bloody as yours will be."

"Well, we're okay if they don't have guns.", she scoffed, "And they probably do."

"I don't think she'll shoot.", I offered, "The club is open and full of customers. But then again, she is a psycho."

"Helpful, Justin.", she smirked at me.

"Sorry.", I frowned at the floor.

But she took my hand and squeezed it, making my eyes raise up to meet hers. They were two beautiful orbs filled with fear and excitement…and even love…for me. How does she combine all those together in one stare?

"Stop saying sorry.", she whispered, "Just be with me. Be with me now. Be with me when I'm 70…"

"I'll be with you forever, Selena.", I whispered back, meaning it with my whole heart.

"Okay.", she took a brave breath, "Time to face our first obstacle…the psycho bitch."

"We can do it.", I stated confidently, kissing her knuckles softly, a little kiss for luck. We would need it. We both knew that anything could happen once we left this room. Lives could end, blood could be shed, relationships could be forever changed. But for now, in this moment, we loved each other completely, and were willing to face Hell itself to be together. We were ready to go to battle for this love. So many times I'd see movies where the couple had to fight for their future together. I used to be so jealous of them. I never got a chance to fight to save Tanya. I was too late.

But I have the chance now to fight for Selena and me…and Katie. I would not let them down. I'd give everything I have for them. Even if I lose, I'll go down swinging.

"Ready?", she steeled herself as she looked at me.

"Ready.", I gave a single nod, feeling like a knight about to go meet a dragon.

Selena began to pull open the dungeon door and then I caught myself.

"Hey!", I pulled her back as I moved to the door, "I'm the man, I should be in front. You stand behind me."

"Don't make me yell at you now, Justin.", she gave me a nudge with her arm, "This isn't the fifties. We walk side by side. Partners."

I felt my smile grow across my face. "Yes, Selena."

She growled, hating my slave response. It wasn't really that. I could hear myself saying 'yes, Selena' to her for the next hundred years. This time, I'd be the most whipped husband on earth…and the most happy one.

We crept out, holding onto each other's arms as we began our silent, dark walk into the jet black hallway. Someone turned off the lights above us…and you could hear a pin drop.

I suddenly felt like I was in some horror movie, and that the zombies were about to come tearing out at us at any moment. Suddenly, my chain whip didn't seem like that much of a threat anymore.

"Rosalie has your gun, loaded." Selena whispered in the dark, "Wish I had it now."

"You don't want to shoot anyone, Selena.", I whispered back.

"I'm not so sure anymore.", she said as we neared the stairs going up.

"Killer Gomez.", I tried to lighten the fear a little, but she didn't laugh.

'I see a little light ahead.", she said, almost inaudibly. I hardly made it out.

We were in the next hallway, on the way to the door to the dining room we'd been in a little while before. It wasn't totally dark now, the light from the dining room was leaking into the hall we were in.

It was so eerily quiet. I hated it. Get a grip, Justin, get tough. If you want to live through this, find brave real fast. Now.

"No one's in there?", Selena whispered extremely softly as I looked through the cracked open door to the dining room. I saw the table, the dishes, the food, drinks…but not one single person. Hell, it didn't even look like any fight happened here. Everything was just as we left it.

"I don't think so.", I said, checking behind us, slightly paranoid.

Of course, Victoria could be waiting right against the wall beside the door, waiting for us with a gun in her hand. But I didn't tell Selena that. I'm sure she knows the danger, too.

I shoved the door open hard, slamming it into the wall behind us as Selena gave a little yelp of surprise. I had my whip up behind me, ready to strike if I needed to. I saw no one. I'm sure Jasper wasn't waiting around in the kitchen, mixing drinks after we were taken away. Victoria had forgotten about him in the struggle.

I could hear the music now, coming from the nearby club. There was no soundproofed walls here. I let a cleansing breath out of my lungs, relieved for now, but knowing, also, that they were around here somewhere, hiding…waiting.

Maybe they lost Victoria and her men in the crowds of the club. Maybe they're hiding out in a private room. There were dozens of them. It would be a great place to lay low for a while.

Then, just as I opened the door that left the dining room, into the hallway going towards the club, we heard it.

Louder than Hell, it was the fire alarm, blaring and piercing into the air.

Selena winced, holding her hands over her ears as I heard women screaming, thundering footsteps running for their lives.

Then, like an angry demon shouting from the sky, Victoria's voice on the microphone.


"Shit.", I groaned, peeking out the next door that looked out into the club.

Women were running out the doors, panicked. I never saw the place clear out so fast. Even the dancers were leaving.

"Pretty smart, Vic.", I sneered to myself, under my breath, "She just cleared the place out. Now the only people in here are her…and all of us. No witnesses."

A few people were coming out of the private rooms now, half dressed, and I almost laughed out loud, picturing myself doing just that if I were working in there tonight.

Part of me wanted to run out with the crowd, taking Selena out of here. But she'd never leave, abandoning her father, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett…Jasper. She was too damn brave for her own good. I wished her father was a librarian instead of a cop. He raised her to be strong and aware. She couldn't run…even if she wanted to.

Victoria is out there, if she was speaking on the mike. I closed the door, locking it, sealing us in here.

"What are you doing?", Selena asked me, her brows creased.

"Thinking.", I admitted honestly, then an idea hit me.

"The kitchen!", I pulled her with me back into the dining room, going to the kitchen door, "There's knives in there…butcher knives! Cleavers!"

"Cool!", Selena followed quickly as we reached the kitchen door.

I held her back a second and pushed my hand against the swing open door that had no window in it, unfortunately. Someone could be hiding in here, too.

Slowly, the door crept open and as my eyes focused on the floor, I saw bodies and blood.

I yanked back and the door closed in front of us.

"What? What?", Selena hissed, starting to panic at my stiff expression.

"There are bodies in there.", I tensed, glancing at her frightful eyes and added, "It's okay. It's Victoria's guys. Two of them, the ones who went after Jasper."

"God.", Selena breathed, "I didn't know Jasper was that dangerous."

"Yea.", I agreed, just as surprised, now that I thought about it.

"I'm okay.", Selena took another breath, shoving my arm towards the door, "Go ahead."

She's okay. What makes her think I'm okay with it? I've seen enough dead, bloody bodies for one lifetime. I wasn't excited to see more. But we had to go in there.

"Okay.", I clenched my jaw, squinting as I pushed the door open firmly, swallowing as my eyes got a better look this time.

The first man laying there was on his back, wearing a black suit, white shirt that was now mostly red. His eyes were wide open and surprised, his skin tan. He looked Spanish, with long black hair and a goatee. Two sharp knives stood up in his chest, close to each other, near the heart area. The entire blade was embedded inside…only the shiny black handles could be seen.

I hope there are more knives somewhere else. I'm not pulling those out.

Selena was less affected than I was, obviously, because she said, "Gun!"

She pointed to the second man, a few feet away, an older man with a gray crew cut and large arms. His face was burned. Jasper probably threw something boiling and hot into his face in the fight. He had a ghastly slice across his neck and a knife in his chest.

"Damn! I wanna be partners with Jasper.", Selena breathed, I think she was kidding. But as my irate stare turned and touched her, she blushed a little.

"Sorry.", she clung tighter to my arm as we hovered in the doorway.

"Sorry you're stuck with me.", I huffed and she sighed.

"I didn't mean that.", she said, sounding regretful.

"Stop.", I said, not angry, "I want Jasper, too."

She shoved me a little, coaxing me to start going into the kitchen.

"Let's go.", she suggested, "Get the gun."

There was blood all over the floor and I had no shoes on. Shit! Come on, man, be like Jasper, I told myself. Make Selena glad she's your partner.

I forced my foot inside and on the floor, right into a warm, wetness beside the first man in front of us.


I kept my disgust inside as I took another step, moving around the corpse as much as I could, Selena following me, wearing her shoes…lucky.

We neared the man with the gun in his hand. I know nothing about guns, all I could see was that it was silver and very modern looking, not some old fashioned six shooting revolver. This thing looked wicked.

"Look out!", Selena warned as I began to reach for it, "That's a 9 millimeter. Automatic."

"You take it, partner.", I put my hand up, "This is your department."

I had no problem letting her take over in this. The only guns I had seen were the ones those loan sharks had beat me with…and that was in the dark alley. I didn't even know how to load these, let alone shoot them. I had been a pet, not a hired thug. I'm sure that was another reason I never saw her guards or got to hang around or talk to them. She didn't want me knowing weapons. Then I could rise up someday and use one against her. She sheltered me, making me almost useless in a fight like this.

She handed me her whip and bent down to take the gun out of the dead man's hand. This wasn't pleasant for her and she shivered as the fingers wouldn't let go of the gun. I leaned down and used the whip handle to force his fingers apart and the gun was free for her to take.

"Thanks.", she looked at me, slightly embarrassed.

"I have to be good for something, right?", I tried to grin, but I'm sure I didn't.

She handled the gun like an expert, moving the sliding part to the rear of the gun, and I saw a silver bullet sitting there.

"It's loaded.", she held the gun away from us, to the floor and pushed that part back into place with a metallic click. Then she did something that made a long silver piece drop out of the handle.

"What's that?", I glanced behind me, the door was still and no one was coming yet.

"The magazine.", she instructed, "This holds all the bullets. You know what a bullet is, right?"

She tried to snicker at me but I know I frowned back at her.

'Have I told you yet how much fun it is, being your partner, Selena?", I retorted.

"I'm kidding, Jeez!", she turned the silver thing to show me the bullets sitting inside it, stacked up one on top of the other, "See, there's like ten rounds in here. This one holds 15. He's fired five shots."

I was glad to be a student now and not the Barney Fife she had made me out to be a moment ago. I had to admit I was jealous of what she knew that I didn't. How her father shared things with her when mine didn't. I can't think of one damn thing Carlisle ever took a moment to teach me. But then, I thought of Joseph and felt better right away.

If playing piano or fixing a car would save us somehow, I'd be the star of this climax.

Selena looked around as she clicked the silver magazine back into the handle of the gun.

"One…two…", she pointed at black holes in wall and ceiling…bullet holes.

"Three!", I pointed near the stove, finding one, proud of myself for helping finally.

Did I mention I was still toe deep in blood at the moment?

"Four…", Selena pointed at the door leaving the kitchen going out to the bar inside the club area.

We looked around for bullet five but never saw it. I got the awful feeling in my stomach that someone had gotten hurt. Maybe bullet five was inside one of our friends…

Selena looked at me and had a shiny mist in her eyes that said the same thing I was thinking.

I wished myself braver, tougher. I prayed for all of us as I put the chain whip down, keeping the shredder whip in my right hand as Selena grabbed for my left and we stepped over the body, moving towards the door ahead of us.

The club music was silent and there were no more sounds of running or voices screaming. The place was empty and I was about to suggest looking in the private rooms when Victoria's voice rose up on the microphone.

"Justin Bieber.", she seethed and we froze in our tracks.

"Come out right now or I swear to God, I'll have your daughter's head in two hours.", she was lethal in her tone.

Something in me almost moved me right through the door but Selena flung her arm around me, stopping me as I began to sweat and tremble. Victoria knew my number and I hated that.

"Justin….", she called like I was a child, "I'm not kidding and you know that. Call out if you can't come to me. Now."

"Justin.", Selena pushed me to the wall and covered my mouth with her hand. I wasn't going to call out, even though I wanted to spare my daughter, but I couldn't risk Selena, either. But Selena knows how I love Katie and she didn't want me to do something I'd regret. I couldn't be angry at her for that. Besides all that, Selena's hand over my mouth turned me on. God, I need therapy.

"He can't call our or come!", Selena shouted, "He's dead! Your fuck brother SHOT him in the head!"

I looked at her, and she pushed me aside, pointing to an empty cabinet. I stopped and shook my head at her, not wanting to hide in there while every one else was risking their lives for me.

"Partners, you said.", I whispered.

Was I not a good partner? Maybe I was a weak link. I felt so useless at that moment.

Selena gritted her teeth and looked at the door. Her back was to the wall behind it, waiting for Victoria to enter now that Selena had marked our location by shouting.

It wasn't a bad idea, making her think I was dead. Even if she got away, she'd never try to find me again, or my family. I could move them all somewhere else.

But I didn't want Selena alone, risking her life while I hid in a pantry. If she got hurt, I could never forgive myself…or have a real life afterwards. It had to have her in it, my ending to this whole saga. Without her, my freedom was meaningless.

"You LIE!", Victoria screeched, sounding very upset and I heard heavy breathing from her as processed that information.

"EDWARRRDDDD!", she roared as I cringed, the sharpness slicing into my eardrums, "COME OUT, NOW! THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! DEAD OR NOT, I'LL HAVE YOUR BRAT! I'LL KEEP HER AS MY PET IN YOUR PLACE UNTIL THE DAY SHE DIES! I'll teach her how to suck cock, just like I taught YOU!"

I grabbed a knife handle out of a wooden block beside me and it whooshed through the air as I gladly welcomed the sight of its long, razor sharp blade.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was nearly at the door, shoving it, when Selena pushed me down and flew out the door, her gun in hand as the door swung closed and open while I laid there, watching her statuesque stance as she pointed the gun towards the stage.

"I TOLDYOU, he's dead !", Selena sounded so real when she said that, like she was almost crying. Maybe she can act, after all.

I had to help her somehow. I took my giant knife and went the other way, my red feet dodging the bodies again, going into the empty dining room so I could come around and see Victoria from the other side. Maybe I could make her turn towards me so Selena could get her.

"I don't see any blood on you.", Victoria was saying to Selena as I entered the dining room.

I wish we weren't the good guys. I wish Selena would just shoot her in the leg or something.

But then I thought, maybe Victoria has a gun, too. Holding it on Selena, waiting for the first opportunity to strike. Victoria knows guns, too. I didn't like this. I had to get in this.

I couldn't hear what Selena was saying as I opened the door into that hallway that lead into the club.

But I had bigger problems now. Sir Kevin was behind the door, staring back at me, sternly.

"No.", I jerked back as he stood his ground. I didn't know what it was about this guy, but he was like my kryptonite. I felt weak the moment I saw his face. I felt nauseous.

I had almost forgotten my knife and then I held it up, warning him not to come near me.

"Sorry I was late.", he kept his firm stare on me, "I missed all the fun."

"Stay away from me.", I growled, ghastly memories ripping through my mind.

He took a step towards me, clearly unafraid as I took a step back, swallowing as my stomach began to boil acidly.

"Justin…", he was in his dominant mode now, it seemed, "Put that down and come with me. We both know you're as gentle as a lamb. This isn't you. Come on, you're just going to hurt yourself. Come now and there will be no punishment, I promise."

He extended a hand at me and I swiped the air with my blade, not making contact with him.

"I said leave me alone!", I shouted, getting more and more pissed off. He kept coming towards me.

"Angel…", he softened his voice a bit, "You're going to be mine now. Let's not begin this way. Be nice and come with me."

"Stay away from me!", I gritted through my teeth, again, near the table. I improvised and threw a couple of plates at him. This only pissed him off.

"So be it.", he frowned and lunged at me. In seconds, my back was on the floor and he was on me, grabbing the wrist of the hand that held the knife.

I struggled with all I had, and we were wrestling. He had both his hands around my wrist and I was trying to free my hand to stab him. I'd go for his face….it was right above mine. I could even smell his fucking peppermint breath.

"Come on, baby…", Sir Kevin gritted his perfect white teeth, almost having full control of my arm, "Drop it. I don't want to hurt you, but I will."

"FUCK YOU!", I screamed, trying to fight back harder. I spit up into his face and he clenched his eyes and his grip on my wrist weakened. I was about to lurch the knife at him.

Then something cool and hard pressed into my right eye as I froze. It was Victoria…standing over me and holding the barrel of her gun against my eye.

"Oh, look, Justin lives! You look pretty good for a dead man..", Victoria's voice was low and deep.


"STOP!", I heard Selena's voice now, coming out of the kitchen where I had just come from.

"Selena…", Victoria sounded triumphant, "My gun is in Justin's eye. I dare you to shoot."

"You won't hurt him.", Selena's voice was shaky as Sir Kevin yanked the knife out of my hand, standing up and running a hand back through his hair and wiping at his face as he looked down at me, disappointed and disgusted.

"I won't kill him, but I will hurt him.", Victoria stated, "I can shoot him through the cheeks."

She moved the barrel of her gun to my cheekbone as Sir Kevin held my chest down with his boot.

"He won't be perfect anymore but he'd still be mine.", Victoria thought aloud, "Maybe that is better. No girls would look at him twice ever again."

Selena just let out a helpless breath and I almost cried out, hating that I was putting her in this danger. She could shoot and get out of here if it weren't for me.

"Maybe I could shoot his hands.", Victoria shoved the gun over my right palm now, "No more piano…no silly little dreams of being a doctor someday…"

"Or maybe I'll just shoot him in the cock.", Victoria stuck the gun between my legs and I growled, "It would be a tragedy. Then he won't have any reason to keep going. And you won't have any reason to want him anymore."

"Victoria…", I began but then she shoved the barrel into my mouth, suddenly enraged.


She yanked the gun out of my mouth and took a step back, trying to compose herself as the gun rested against my forehead now.

I couldn't find it in me to be afraid of her anymore. Now, she just looked sick and broken…and pathetic.

"I just want to go home.", I said, staring right back up at her, as honest as I could be.

I heard Selena give a frightened little breath after I said that. Maybe she thought Victoria would kill me now. I even thought it for a moment, too.

"You are home, Justin.", she said, letting a tear fall down her cheek, looking at Sir Kevin, saying to him, "He's yours."

"The FUCK HE IS!", Selena sneered, "Who are YOU, anyway?"

She was talking to Sir Kevin. Oh no, don't tell her.

"I'm Justin's master, that's who I am, little girl.", he answered, grabbing my hair and yanking me to my feet, Victoria's gun pressed against my cheek, holding Selena off.

I was shoved into the wall, face first, my hands brought up tight behind me.

"Alright, fine," I didn't struggle, "Then let Selena go. You have no reason to hurt her now."

"Oh, wrong.", she scoffed, "James – or you – told this little bitch everything about me. We have business to take care of before you pack."

"No, don't!", I struggled a little as Sir Kevin's hands pushed me harder into the wall, one of his hands playing with the back of my hair.

"Relax, angel." Sir Kevin pulled me by the arm now, "Your part in this is mostly over."

I looked at Selena and Sir Kevin had the knife again that he took away from me. He wasn't threatening me with it, though, yet.

"Drop the gun.", Victoria ordered Selena, cocking her trigger as she held her gun to my temple.

I looked at the floor, hating myself. I lost the fight for her. I am useless. No, don't give up. There still might be a chance to save ourselves. And for the first time in my life, because of Selena…I had hope. Even when there was no reason to hope.

After a tense moment, Selena sighed and tossed her gun to the floor.

"Kick it over here.", Victoria demanded next…and Selena obeyed.

"See, she can be obedient.", Sir Kevin smiled, "You just need the right tool."

"Take him onto the stage." Victoria said to Kevin as he gently moved me by the arm out into the hallway and into the club, towards the empty stage.

I glanced behind me and Selena was following us, Victoria trailing behind her with the gun pointed at her back.

"Listen…", I tried to say to Victoria as I stood on the stage, "Selena doesn't really know anything about Jason White…she has no proof or anything…that's the whole reason for tonight. And I blew the plan. She can't prove anything, Victoria. Just let her go."

A couple of chairs were being brought onto the stage by Sir Kevin and he slammed me down by the shoulder into one of them.

"Have a seat, Selena.", Victoria didn't touch her but Selena sat down anyway.

Selena glanced at me, trying to formulate a new plan, just as I was trying to do the same. Victoria intended to kill Selena. She'd have to kill me first.

I thought to myself. Jasper is here. Emmett is here. Charlie is here. Alice and Rosalie, too, but I hoped they would say hidden. I don't think Victoria knows they're here. And she doesn't know about Charlie, either.

Victoria took the microphone off its stand and spoke into it.

"Any luck yet anyone?", she asked calmly.

"Not yet.", a man's voice shouted from the area of the private rooms. Doors were slamming and it sounded like a couple of her guys were hunting.

I looked around, wondering where else they could be hiding. Victoria turned to Sir Kevin and were talking quietly as I peeked up at the glass window of Victoria's office. It was dark inside but I could see a blue shine from where the computer was on her desk. Rosalie and Alice are probably in there, maybe under Victoria's desk or something.

I looked away, not wanting to alert her to this.

"Check the dungeon, too.", Victoria said into the mike, "Leave my brother and Raven where they are. I'll deal with them later."

Victoria went to the bar with Sir Kevin and she was pouring him a drink while they waited to have Emmett and Jasper brought out.

"I fucked up, Selena.", I breathed, "I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault.", she answered in a whisper, "I should've shot her when I had the chance. I just…couldn't. It's my fault."

Selena is a human being and she's apologizing for it. How did she get mixed up in this sick place?

"I think Alice and Rose are in Vic's office.", I shared, "I can see the computer is on from here."

"I don't know where my Dad could be.", Selena jumped a little as the private room doors kept slamming after being searched, "Maybe Jasper took Emmett out of here."

"They would've been caught if they left.", I thought out loud.

A few minutes later, the two men Victoria had previously ordered to beat Emmett up walked over to the bar and were talking to Kevin and Victoria.

"Who's this new guy?", Selena asked me, hardly turning her head towards me, "Why is he so anxious to own you now?"

I frowned and swallowed the bile that was rising in my chest. I didn't want to tell her. I didn't want to lie to her.

"He likes me.", I shrugged, "I guess."

"Who doesn't?", she eyed the men with Victoria.

"If we survive this, I'll tell Dr. Selena all about it, how's that?", I asked, putting the humiliation off for now.

Selena gave me a strange look and then looked down, muttering, "Alright."

Maybe she figured it out herself. She's a bright girl. And now I feel even more repulsive.

"I don't think they can find 'em.", I squinted at the men, watching the way they looked so nervous and the way Victoria looked so pissed. Sir Kevin couldn't care less. He was smiling and drinking his drink, celebrating. I shivered all over, imagining belonging to Sir Kevin from now on. Suicide was looking better and better to me if we didn't make it out of this.

Then Victoria stood up and came over to us, cocking her gun and taking the microphone from its stand.

Sir Kevin came and was standing behind my chair, a black marble cane in his hand that he held under my chin, securing my head to his chest as Victoria spoke into the mike.

"Alright.", she announced as I looked at Selena, "Emmett…Jasper…I know you're out there somewhere, hiding like rats. I'm going to count to five. If you don't show yourselves and surrender, I am going to shoot one of Selena's toes off."

One of Victoria's smelly men came up behind Selena's chair and held her back by her hair, making her look straight up as the other man grabbed her shoe and pulled it off, placing his gun to Selena's big toe, against the floor.

"NO!", I yelled as Selena tried to fight back in her chair.

Then I looked at Victoria and felt Sir Kevin's cane tighten against my Adam's apple, blocking a little air.

"One…", she began, "Two…Three…"

Suddenly, a huge crash rang out from overhead and shards of glass came raining down like angry teeth…Victoria's antique wooden desk flew through the tinted glass wall of her office and was hurling straight down upon us.

Sir Kevin was gone in a half second and so was his cane around my neck. The man holding Selena ran and so did Victoria. I turned towards Selena and held her, diving off the stage into the audience as the heavy desk crashed down upon the stage hard, breaking and splintering, wood flying up into the air as gunshots showered down right along with the crushed desk.

Shots were fired back up at Victoria's broken glass wall and it was only when I began to stand up again, a couple feet from the desk debris, that I had a good view above me.

I looked up and could see Jasper, Emmett and Charlie near the broken glass, all with guns in hand, shooting. I couldn't see the girls at all and I was glad. They'd better be somewhere safe out of the line of fire.

Sir Kevin stood up to reach out for me, his cane still in hand, when Charlie fired, shattering the marble cane with his bullet! What an awesome shot! The cane crumbled like a cookie and Sir Kevin shouted and turned away from us, racing to get behind the bar for cover, along with Victoria.

"Selena, get out of there!", Charlie screamed like a bear from above, "Take cover!"

Selena crawled and shoved at me until we were under a long table in the audience, a white tablecloth covered it so for a moment we were hidden.

Victoria and Sir Kevin were behind the bar and she was firing up at them from a sideways angle that they didn't expect. I heard Jasper shout, "Watch it!"

And then a few more shots from above came down, sprinkling the bar, hitting a couple of bottles on the counter, glass and booze exploding. Sir Kevin looked like he was just sitting on the floor behind the bar, letting Victoria handle it alone.

I heard a man scream out and then land with a heavy thud on the stage. One of Victoria's guys…down. One left.

"Yea!", I spat out.

A minute later, as the shots rang back and forth like thunder, Victoria's man stepped back, unaware he was only a couple feet away from Selena and I.

"Stay here.", I whispered, glancing at her before I leapt on the guy, hearing Selena scream out as I made quick work of him, grabbing his head and snapping it around with one liquid movement, shoving him face down and taking his gun as Selena ran over to me.

I jerked her behind me and grabbed the nearest table, shoving it over on its side and getting us to the floor behind it, blocking us from the bar now as the shots overhead paused during all this.

"Good MAN, Justin!", I heard Charlie shout and then heard Emmett's booming laugh. Suddenly, I was a man. A man worth something. I was one of the good guys, someone Selena could count on and be proud of, like she was proud of Charlie.

"Here!", I grabbed a Jack Daniels bottle from the floor and handed it to her.

"Good idea, time for a drink!", she trembled but grinned at me as I kept an eye on the bar. Victoria was still shooting, but not as wildly as before. She was being careful now and I suspected she was low on bullets. Soon we could all surround the bar and get them…and this would all be over.

"No, this way.", I turned the bottle around so she was holding the end of it, the bottle part up in the air, "Just in case."

"How did you DO that, Justin?", Selena asked, stunned.

"I told you Emmett taught me some things.", I said, watching as more shots were exchanged between Victoria and the three men above.

I went to take a shot at Sir Kevin but the gun clicked, empty. Crap! What are the odds of that guy using the very last bullet just as I jumped him? No fair!

"Sorry, Clint.", Selena smirked as I frowned, sighing, jipped out of the chance to fire my gun.

Then it happened.

A shot rang out, I couldn't tell from who, until I heard a deep voice yell out and a split second later, almost in slow motion, a body was falling from Victoria's office…and landed hard on a table, breaking it, laying in a heap on the floor.

"DADDY!", Selena tore from me, tossing the bottle aside and racing over to him. She wasn't even paying attention to the gunfire going on as I screamed her name.

Without even thinking about it, I went after her, knowing Victoria was probably drooling at the sight of Bambi right in front of her, unprotected.

"NO, Justin!", Jasper yelled as I reached Selena, who was sitting on the floor next to Charlie.

I laid right over her, forcing her down and tucking my head into her hair as shots banged out again. I didn't feel anything much, I was listening to Selena's blood chilling scream underneath me as I shielded her.

"Victoria!", I heard Sir Kevin bellow, "That's MINE!"

"It's not MY fault he jumped in the way!", she was arguing back.

"Justin!", Selena screamed, pushing me and rolling me over onto my back as she tore my shirt open, "Oh my God!"

"What?", I asked as she clamped her hand over my shoulder, and that's when I felt the blood on my skin, the burn in my flesh, the dizziness in my head.

"Justin!", Selena sobbed, putting pressure on the hole in between my shoulder and chest, "NO! NO!"

"Enough of this shit!", Victoria was standing over us now, gun pointing at Selena and Charlie, whose eyes were closed as he breathed heavily, "Get DOWN HERE, BOTH OF YOU! NOW!"

"Throw your guns down first!", she screamed, "Good! Now move it!"

I was feeling weaker and weaker as the seconds rolled by and I fought to stay alert. I had to be there for Selena. I couldn't imagine her distress, having both me and Charlie laying on both sides of her, both hurt.

Sir Kevin was behind Victoria, looking angry and grabbed me by the wrists as Selena growled and yanked me back towards her.

"Don't TOUCH him!", she screamed, defending me once more.

But another brutal yank and I was on the floor, being turned around, Sir Kevin was dragging me by my ankles and my arms felt numb for a minute, laying there above me as he slowly moved me away from Selena and Charlie, making a bloody red line behind me, warm wetness pouring out of me…oozing from my back.

I winced and panted, not wanting to go…I could hear Selena crying as I laid there, a few feet away. I fought to keep my eyes open…the darkness around us was so soothing and all I wanted to do now is sleep.

But I resisted it. If I fell asleep now, I'd wake up in Sir Kevin's cage, days later…and I'd be told that Selena and Charlie were dead. I growled, hardly able to move, letting the anger keep me awake as Sir Kevin yanked a cloth napkin from a table on the right, pouring a bottle from the bar onto it, and kneeling at my side, moving my shirt out of the way as he applied the wet cloth into the bloody hole, cleaning it.

I screamed out loud, against my will, the alcohol like evil flames inside the wound. I felt my back arch up as Selena screamed, hurting as much as I was.

"STOP IT!", she shrieked at Sir Kevin, "Don't HURT HIM!"

Sir Kevin held me down securely and ignored Selena. But I heard Victoria.

"Stop defending HIM!", Victoria sneered, "Worry about YOU! He'll live to see tomorrow, you won't!"

"RRRRRRRR!", I struggled furiously, hating it that I couldn't be with Selena to protect her.

Sir Kevin wet the cloth again with the booze and moved it around to my back, cleaning and burning the hole where the bullet had entered me. I howled out again, savage gasps coming out of me as he gripped my hand.

"It's alright, Angel.", he assured, "Hold onto me. You'll be alright. I won't let anything happen to you, I swear."

"Selena!", I groaned out, yanking my hand out of his, "Selena!"

"Forget her.", Sir Kevin said callously, holding another clean napkin over the hole in my chest.



I could hardly form words as I watched this Sir Kevin creep touching my Justin. I held my father's hand, glad to see he was still breathing. I quickly looked him over. He had a bloody leg and I could see a hole above his knee that was gushing.

I slipped his belt off him and used it as a tourniquet, looping it around his leg, above the hole, pulling on it tight as Charlie gave a loud scream but hardly moved at all.

He was laying on the broken pieces of wood that was once a table and I pushed some of the debris away from Charlie, wondering if his back was broken…if his neck was broken…he could be dieing right now. And so could Justin.

Who knows what veins or major arteries that bullet could've hit? He could bleed to death right before our eyes! And I can't even reach him now! I heard him calling my name and wanted to split myself in two. I wanted Justin but I couldn't leave my father.

Emmett and Jasper were coming towards us now, unarmed, and I shivered more. Would she shoot them now? Would they suffer? Would they die?

"I still can't believe it, Emmett!", Victoria scolded her once favorite dancer, looking at him in disgust, "What the hell were you thinking?"

"Forget him!", Jasper sneered with venom now, "You murdered my brother, you bitch! And I wanna know WHY!"

"Your brother?", she smirked, "Who?"

"Jason White!", he shook with uncontrollable rage, "Charlie told me the whole story! You chopped him into little pieces! You ATE parts of him! I knew it. I just didn't have proof…until now."

"Your brother, it figures.", she squinted, keeping her gun pointed at me, "A stupid little boy thinking he could be a sub! He couldn't even get hard! He was useless! But he served a purpose when I used him to put Justin in place. I guess everyone is good for something!"

Jasper clenched his fists and wanted to attack but he held himself back, seeing that I was being threatened now.

"And what proof do you have?", Victoria huffed, "You have nothing!"

"Wrong.", Jasper grinned, "I have a cloth full of blood that at this moment is in the hands of the NYPD. I told them the whole story, gave them my journals of everything I've seen and heard since I started working here. They're no doubt on their way here right now, especially after all the gunfire."

"Bullshit.", Victoria frowned, "Cloth of blood…there is no blood….Justin cleaned it all—"

She flew over to where he was laying, with Sir Kevin still tending his wound and shouted, "Stand him up!"

"No, Victoria…he's bleed—", Sir Kevin began to say and then she pointed her gun at HIS face.

"STAND HIM UP!", she screamed…and Sir Kevin carefully brought him to his bare feet, letting him lay back against his chest and the bar at the same time.

"He's drifting in and out of consciousness, Vic!", Sir Kevin argued, angry with her for causing his new pet any discomfort.

Justin's head was falling back limply as Victoria picked up a drink that was half full, from a customer before the fire drill, and she threw the contents of the glass into Justin's face.

He coughed and his eyes opened. His hands tried to grab the bar counter for support at his sides as Victoria grabbed his chin in her hand, making him look her in the eye.

"You fucked me!", she accused, "YOU! Not James! Say it! Say it, you fucking WHORE!"

"I fucked you, Victoria.", he said, his eyes exhausted but glaring at her anyway, "For once, I fucked you! And I'm glad! I don't love you. I never have. You stole my life! You kept me away from my daughter! How could I ever love you?"

"Enough, Justin.", Sir Kevin tried to stop him before Victoria hurt his slave anymore, "Come on, I'm taking you home."

At that, Sir Kevin began to pick Justin up but Victoria wasn't through with him yet.

My father's finger poked my hand twice and I darted my eyes to him. He looked back at me, smirking and very slowly and quietly, he cocked his pistol.

I gave him a slight nod, moving back an inch to get out of his way. Emmett and Jasper saw this, too, and didn't make a move.

At this, Victoria yanked up a heavy looking bottle and smashed it over Sir Kevin's face, sending him down, knocked out as Justin almost fell over, too.

But Victoria grabbed at his shirt and held him up against the bar.

"You can't think I'd ever let anyone else take you away from me, Justin.", she spoke softly now, sniffing, almost crying as she laid him back against the bar counter and began kissing his face, touching his lips with her gun.

Justin let out a ragged breath, trying to turn his face away from her as she kept forcing her attentions on him.

"I loved you! I still do…", she said, sounding bitter, rubbing the barrel of her gun into his chest wound as he groaned out loudly, trying to force her off him with his one good arm.

Off in the distance, police sirens were approaching. Lots of them. They kept getting louder…closer.

"I'm not going to prison again.", she looked into Justin's eyes, wildly, cocking her gun, tracing the hot, bloody barrel along his bottom lip as he cringed slightly.

"I'll die first.", she kissed Justin's mouth as he muffled back a yelp of protest.

"I always knew if it came to this…I'd kill myself before they could get me.", she breathed over his face, "I want you to come with me, my love…my sweet little pet. I know you didn't mean what you just said. You were just confused. They turned you against me. But I know…you still love me, Justin. I'll bring you with me. You're still mine. This way, we can be together forever…where no one can get us."

Justin's eyes went wide as she smiled down upon him, "It won't hurt, sweet heart. I promise. First you…then I'll follow."

She moved the gun, almost stroking his face with it, and she brought it to his forehead, right between his eyebrows.

"Wait.", Justin looked at us slyly, his hand moving the gun away from his face, "Kiss me first, one last time, before we go..."

He kissed her with an open mouth and that's when Charlie took his shot, being the honorable cop he was, he shot her in the leg, below the knee, sending her onto her ass as she screamed.

Justin jerked away from her, holding the bar for support as I ran up to her, my father's handcuffs in hand, ready to go.

I yanked her gun out of her hand and slapped her across the face with it. Then I cuffed her wrist to the bottom golden bar where people would rest their feet while they drank here. I wanted to hurt her some more. She shot Justin, she shot my father!

Before I knew it, I was kicking her in the stomach over and over again. Justin was laying his face on the bar, his one good hand holding the wound in his shaking, bloody palm.

"HEY, Selena!", Emmett grabbed me from behind, "Stop! Stop! Come on, let's take care of Justin and Charlie. Come on."

Now the sirens were close and Jasper was standing next to the bar, scowling at the woman he'd been after for the last couple years. The woman who murdered his brother, with excruciating pain and terror.

"If I go down, Justin, you'll go with me!", Victoria threatened, "I swear you will! And your daughter, GONE! Every day, you'll have to wonder if she's ever coming back! I can still have her raped and killed, even from jail! You'll see! And then, when you're alone and have NOTHING…I'll be back for you. You'll always be mine, Justin Bieber! ALWAYS!"

I was holding Justin up, walking him away from the bar as his one good arm held around my shoulder. Justin looked very pained at Victoria's words, knowing they were true. He looked at me with a tortured expression, not saying a word, tears in his eyes as I held him tighter. I wanted to tell him we'd find a way. We could all move and hide, with Katie and Tanya's parents. Justin wasn't walking towards the door anymore. He hesitated, looking at her, and I could see terrible thoughts swirling behind those eyes.

Emmett was trying to help my father up when Jasper unscrewed a bottle of vodka…and began pouring it over Victoria's head, covering her chest and legs with it next…jiggling the empty bottle until the very last drop was upon her.

Victoria growled and stared up at Jasper with hateful eyes, waiting.

Emmett was the one to ask.

"Jazz…", he stood, Charlie over his burly shoulder, "What are you doin'?"

"You heard what she said.", Jasper took another bottle and circled the bar, pouring liquor on the counter as he went, "She'll get some hot shot lawyer and get off! They all do! And then she'll come after Justin's kid and us, too! She deserves to die! You all know it!"

Not one of us said anything. We couldn't move. I hated the way I felt. I wanted her to die. I wanted her to burn.

"Don't do it, Jazz.", Justin breathed, as if it hurt him to say the words, "Your brother…was a good kid. So are you. Don't do something that's going to make you a slave. Once it's done…it's done. It won't bring Jason back."

"Alice! Rose!", Emmett called above him and the girls came running down the stairs from Victoria's office, wearing their disguises, little mini dresses with heels, their wigs off now.

"Take him outside.", Emmett said to them as Jasper eyed the candle that was sitting on the table on his right, "The cops are out there. Just take him to the first car out there."

The girls silently put their arms around Jasper and they slowly walked out of the front door of the club.

Charlie made a horrible gurgling sound and I gasped, holding onto Justin as my eyes darted to Emmett.

"I'm going!", he hurried out, glancing at us with a strange look as he went to take Charlie to the ambulance outside.

We stood there and Victoria was soaking wet, stinking of booze and smiling wickedly up at us.

"Justin's not going to leave, Selena.", she informed me, "I can see it in his eyes now. He's sick to death of the thought of taking a step out of here without getting my permission first."

"You're wrong.", I sneered back down at her, holding him tighter, "He's a lot stronger than you know. He's finally free and he'll never have to be anyone's slave ever again. He's going to live now…finally. He's going to have a good life. Far away from you."

We began to walk away when she called to him one last time.

"Justin Bieber!", she screeched as he froze in place, his back to her now, "You're not allowed to leave! I'm going to drink your daughter's blood, Justin, if you go. I'll cut her into pieces while you watch me, I swear it. If it takes me twenty years, I'll do it. My every thought, my every dream…will be that…and I won't rest until I make it come true. Now…stay, boy. Sit!"

Justin sighed and looked at me, tears heavy in his eyes. He isn't free yet. And I can see that in his eyes…so beautiful, magical, yet filled with this immense sadness that I can never fully erase. At least, not yet.

"Wait here a second.", I leaned Justin against the vampire cage and he grabbed the outer bars for support, "I want to talk to Vicky for a minute."

"You've threatened him and his daughter for the last time, Victoria.", I said calmly, "I know it'll do Justin great harm, in his mind, if he kills you. It would even be horrible for Jasper. I like to help people whose minds are troubled, whose hearts are hurting. I like to solve problems. But, never before have I come across someone who has no heart…whose mind is just too sick to cure…who IS a problem…one that has to be dealt with…once and for all. Until you."

I picked up the candle from the table, using the holder to set it down upon the bar. It glowed in the dark room like an angelic light…I looked over at Justin and his eyes were staring…shining…with his silence his eyes answered mine.

Yes, they said.

I agreed.

"I'll lose no sleep over this, Victoria.", I said, thinking of my father, thinking of Justin and his daughter, smiling and hugging each other, a future moment that had to happen, one that had waited for too long to come true.

Justin would never be able to be free and happy as long as she lived…neither would his daughter. For them…for their love and happiness, I do this now. Whatever the punishment, I'll gladly pay it…either in this life…or the next.

I hesitated once before when I could've shot Victoria. And then she went on to shoot my father and Justin. I will not hesitate this time.

I walked away from Victoria and she stared at me, not uttering a word, almost daring me, as if she wanted it.

Without looking back at her, I looked at Justin, and we kissed each other with soft, quiet lips. In that moment, my mind was made up.

And then I said , "Goodbye, Victoria."

And I turned, looking into her dark eyes one last time, and shoved the candle over, the little flame kissing the alcohol stained counter…hissing out in hungriness.

My father once told me…don't think about what you've had to kill…think of what you've allowed to live.

Justin…Katie…Jasper…Emmett…Alice…Rosalie…Charlie…me…and the dozens of lives attached to all of those…I chose them.

We ran out of there as fast as we could, the sound of the rushing fire moving along the bar was the last thing I heard, along with Victoria's final screams, cursing obscenities at us.

"You can't RUN, Justin!", she was still raging as we left, "Even from Hell, I can reach YOU, Justin Bieber! I WILL FIND YOU AGAIN! EDWARRRDDD!"

Even after we were outside in the darkness of the streets, surrounded by police cars and ambulances, Justin kept running, in his bloody bare feet.

"Justin!", I chased him as he ran, my hand in his. He was still losing blood and him running wasn't helping matters any.

"Justin STOP!", I finally yanked him by the hand, stopping at the end of the street, the club in the background now.

He looked at me, his eyes so frightened, his breathing hard as his body trembled.

"You're bleeding bad.", I informed, the shirt sticking to his body, "You need to come back so the medics can take care of you."

Justin blinked and tears were moving down his face as he stared into my eyes, almost as if he were just waking up from a nightmare.

"Shhh…", I held him to me, tight, my hands in the back of his hair, "It's over. She's gone. She's gone, Justin. You're free. You are free, sweetheart."

He clutched onto me tighter and sobs poured out of him, into my neck and hair as I covered his face with small, tender kisses, reassuring him over and over again that it was over, that she wasn't coming back.

"You can be Katie's Daddy now, Justin.", I said, clearly and firmly.

"We killed her.", he breathed.

Alright. Let's deal with this right now. Dr. Selena is in.

"Yes.", I pulled back, looking into his deep green eyes, holding his face as I gave it to him straight, "We killed her. It had to be done. For us…for Katie. And I don't feel bad about it. I won't feel guilty, either. And neither will YOU. Do you hear me? We exterminated a dangerous insect today. One that would've wiped out your whole world simply because you walked away from her. She's owned you for too long, Justin. DON'T…let her own you anymore. It was the right thing to do. It was the right thing to do. Believe me. Please…believe me."

While I spoke, Justin's eyes strengthened…and I could see it with my naked eyes. The fear was going…and at last, it was gone. All of it.

"I love you, Selena.", he laid his forehead on mine, closing his eyes, "You heal me. You are my medicine."

"I love you, too, Justin.", I kissed his forehead, pulling his good arm, "Now come on, time to heal the rest of you. Rule one, when you're shot you have to go to the hospital."

He followed me as I led him to the first ambulance we found.

"Without a shirt on, right?", he gave me his crooked smile.

Justin would be alright. I knew it right then.

The psychiatric world might disagree but this I knew: Killing Victoria was good. It would not make me restless in the night. I would shed no tears over her or what I've done. I will not be afraid to fall asleep. She will not be in my dreams…or nightmares. She would not steal a drop of joy from my life from here on out. I wouldn't let her.

Some groups might call her a human being, a person, someone who had a right to live.

Not me.

All the pain she'd inflicted…not only upon Justin Bieber but countless others. Jason…Emmett…who knows how many others there had been? All those spirits would be at rest now…at peace…able to move onto a warm, sunny place now.

All the pain she could have inflicted…had yet to inflict…was unreal to consider. I believed her final words to Justin. I know she would've murdered Katie right before her father's eyes. She would've forever destroyed Justin Bieber at that moment. Even if he lived through such a thing, he'd be dead inside. He no doubt would find no reason to go on living then. He would kill himself.

Those images, avoided futures that I couldn't bear to linger on…they would keep me from feeling a drop of pity for Victoria…they would keep me from ruining my life with useless guilt. Everyday courts convict people just like her and give the death penalty, being merciful and giving a lethal injection, a quiet, painless death.

Today I was judge, jury, and executioner. And Victoria did not deserve a painless death.

Maybe if I or someone else had met Victoria long ago, maybe she could've been saved. But I can never think of it that way. I won't. What ifs and maybes didn't count now.

I'm sure Charlie would understand what I chose today. How many times did he see murderers and rapists walk away from court, free, ready to do it all over again to another innocent life?

My conscious is clear.

Justin will never have to look over his shoulder again, afraid. If this is the only gift I can give him, I'm ecstatic about it.

The one I love is closer than I think. I pray to God that Justin is closer to my heart…not further away now.

"HELP!", I waved at the paramedics as I helped Justin to the ambulance, and three men in white came running over to us, helping Justin up into the back as I followed him right inside.

We were flying in seconds as the men tended Justin's wound, tearing the shirt off his body as they laid him down flat on the gurney.

"Selena!", he reached for me, grabbing my hand and squeezing it, relieved I was still there, and he breathed easier, "Selena…please…don't leave me."

I don't think he was talking about me leaving him in the ambulance. It's more than that.

"I'm here, Justin.", I gazed at him and he never looked more beautiful to me…the look in those eyes…he is free. At last. Freed Eagle.

"I'm not going anywhere.", I assured, "Nothing could take me from you."

He smiled at me and I kissed his hand, both of my hands wrapped around his.

I kept worrying about Charlie and wished we'd get there already.

When we did arrive there, Justin was temporarily patched up to stop the bleeding and I hopped out of the back of the ambulance, waiting as they pulled Justin out by the gurney, wheeling him into the ER.

I ran inside after them and Justin was trying to reach for me again as they took him down the hall.

The paramedic told me I couldn't come into the ER and to wait out in the waiting room.

"Selena!", Justin tried to call out from under his oxygen mask.

I wanted to die right then, hating it but understanding that they had to hurry and couldn't give me time for a nice romantic talk first.

Tears ran down my face as I numbly walked towards the waiting room…and there I was almost jumped on by Emmett and Jasper, Alice and Rosalie.

"Selena," Emmett said over everyone else's voices as they all spoke at once, "Your father…"

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