Stuck in fire - Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Kapitel 17-40

En historie der blev slettet på et andet site, som min veninde og jeg følger med i. Bare ignorer den ;)


13. 29

At 10:07pm I reach Moe's Pizza. It's not far from school, a few blocks away, a college kid hangout, a little cozy Mom and Pop kind of place with great old fashioned Italian cooking.

But I'm not here for the food. I push the door open and scan the little place. I see him in the far corner, wearing the kind of clothes a student would. T-shirt, jeans, boots, brown leather jacket. His ice blue eyes light up a bit when he makes eye contact with me and I frown in response, swallowing and going to his table, not sitting yet.

"I have some things to say, Dr. Collier.", I began with an ice voice, "First, I am your student. Second, I don't like you showing up at my apartment uninvited. And third, I have a gun in my purse right now that's pointed at your tiny cock. If you asked me here for anything that's not proper, well, you'll get banged, but not the way you pictured it. Am I making myself clear?"

Wow. I am awesome. I could've never said that to anyone before.

He looked surprised and smiled.

"I'm not here for anything improper, Selena, I assure you.", he said, sounding so smooth and arrogant.

"Can you please sit down now?", he asked, "I ordered us plain."

Is that a crack about ME? That's it. I'm shooting the gun now.

"I don't want pizza!", I growled, "What do you want, James?"

"Alright.", he took a breath, "I'm going to go for broke and trust you. It's the only way I can say what I have to say. I want to help you, Selena."

"With what?", I asked, playing dumb to see what he knew…or what he thought he knew.

"I read some of your reports today.", James said cautiously, "About Justin. About Fire. I know…Victoria. Even though in your report, you call her Vanessa."

I didn't say anything. I couldn't. If he was a friend of hers…all that came out of me were hollow breaths of air.

"I don't know Victoria.", I lied, then realized, I don't really know her. I wish I never heard of her. And that Justin hadn't, either.

"Selena.", he leaned in slightly, whispering, "I'm taking a big chance coming to you like this. Please. I know you don't know me well, but haven't I been a good teacher? I've never done anything strange with you before you've had this subject, have I?"

That much was true. But I still don't trust him. I can't. Justin's life is on the line. I can't even trust my father who hasn't called me in two days!

I didn't answer but James read my response in my face.

"I know it's a lot to ask, but I wish you would trust me.", he said, almost in a whisper, his eyes always watching behind me or out the window as he spoke.

"Trust has to be earned, James.", I said, hoping he saw that I was calling him that, since he didn't want to act like a proper teacher, I didn't have to address him like one.

"I agree.", he said, looking straight into my eyes now, "How about if I can check on Justin for you? Would that earn me your trust?"


My mind was all over the place. I didn't trust him. I wanted news and someone to check on Justin. I needed a friend on the inside. I have no idea what's happened to Charlie. But I still don't trust James.

"Selena…", he leaned in more, whispering lower now, "Victoria…is…she's my…sister."

My stomach lurched and I felt all the air suck out of my chest. I didn't know what to say.

"She…understands that I am not the same as she is.", James continued, "My whole family understands. They were actually proud of me when I became a teacher. They created a new identity for me. They aren't all bad. They're glad I wanted something different, nobler than their way of life. They see Victoria as a loose cannon. But a necessary evil. She's always being watched. It's kind of my…duty…to watch her, to be close by and make sure she's…okay."

"Well, good job there, James!", I spat out, "Do you have any idea what she's doing? What she's DONE? You've been sleeping on the job, COLLIER!"

"There were times I wanted no part of being her babysitter, Selena.", he whispered to me, the music in the air helping to hide his words from others, "I just wanted a normal life. I didn't do my job, I know that. I found out…things she'd done…things I should have prevented but didn't. I'm on the job NOW. I know I have to be."

"Did you know about her and…Justin?", I was afraid to even ask.

"I did.", James looked down at his glass of water in shame, "After she…acquired him."

"Acquired.", I huffed, "Nice word."

"Alright, Selena!", he frowned slightly then calmed himself, "He was good for her at first. She was happy. She forgot drugs and some of her more illegal activities for awhile. He was unattached. When I saw them together, he wasn't chained up. He was a dancer, free to come or go, that's what I saw. He appeared to be a willing partner. I thought he was a submissive."

"Wait.", I frowned, "Justin saw you in my doorway. He didn't recognize you."

"I've changed my look since I saw Justin last.", James replied, "Besides, I mostly saw Justin in dark clubs, while he was performing. He never got a very good look at me before. Victoria's very big on keeping everyone as far from that guy as possible. The thing is, I recognized him, that day I came to your place."

Or he was sent there by Victoria, to see if I had Justin after the Raven escape. Him coming there the very next morning was no accident. Victoria knows we saved Justin from her. Shit.

"He is not a willing partner.", I also pointed out, defensively, "And he's not unattached. He has a family."

"In Florida, right?", James raised a brow, "I know."

My heart sank and I became super scared now.

"How do you know that?", I almost shouted at him, but I kept my voice down.

"That's not important, Selena.", James' face was more serious now, "The thing is, I'm afraid for Justin now. Something is happening. I can't put my finger on it, but it's the way she talks about him that's not right."

"I can't tell you anything, James.", I felt tears brim my eyes as I glanced behind me, out the window.

"I know.", he sighed, "I understand. I talk to Victoria on the phone a lot. She trusts me, at least I think she does. She's invited me to dinner there in a couple nights. Selena…she asked me to bring you as my date."

My eyes went round with terror.

"WHAT?", I heard myself almost scream.

"I didn't even know that she'd met you, or knew anything much about you.", James said, "But if you were a client of hers…if you…paid…for Justin, then she had to have met you at some point, gotten information on you."

"I didn't pay for anything.", I seethed, not wanting to share private details of my time with Justin with him.

I still don't trust him.

"I don't care about that, Selena.", he sighed again, "I'm not trying to accuse you of anything. I'm just trying to help."

"What does she want me over to dinner for?", I growled, "What are you trying to pull?"

"Nothing!", he frowned back, "I'm just telling you the truth! She's trying to get you over there for some reason. If I don't bring you, someone else will! I didn't have to warn you, I could've just shown up at your place – or asked you to stay after class! If I weren't a friend, I could've taken you there by force!"

"You could TRY.", I did my best lethal stare back at him, and I cocked the gun in my purse. Justin's empty police gun, left in my possession accidentally after the whole Raven thing.

James heard the click and realized I wasn't playing.

"Selena, you DON'T want to shoot me.", James almost grinned, "The repercussions would be ugly, believe me. I'm my father's favorite son. And my family has guns. Lots and lots of guns."

"What do you want from me?", I gritted my teeth, "Want me to be your date? Dress up nice so I can walk right into Victoria's dungeon, too? If she wants me, let her come and get me. But I'm not walking in there on my own. Not after all Justin's going through to…"

Are you STUPID? Don't say another word to him!

I shut my mouth and was about to stand up, to tell James to go to Hell and take his whore sister with him.

But he said, "Don't you want to know how Justin is? Maybe get a message to him? Get a message back from him? I know she has him back. I know she's punishing him. She tells me about it. She's never been this rough with him before. I don't know what's going on but she acts like she's afraid somehow. Like she's afraid she's losing her grip on him. I know it sounds weird, but in her way, she does love him. She won't give him up easily."

"I can't hear any more of this.", I said but then I wanted to know what he knew. What rough punishments she was inflicting upon him.

"What is she doing to him?", I asked, tears completely filling my eyes now, "Is he hurt bad?"

James looked at me and something in his face changed.

"Oh my God.", he said quietly, looking very grave suddenly, "You're in love with him."

"You think I'm ashamed to admit that?", I said, letting a tear or two fall, "I'm not. Yes, I love him. Sorry you didn't get a turn with me, Doctor."

Can't I shut up, ever? I'm so fucking dumb!

"Selena, I don't care about that, either.", he said again, then said, "Well, alright, I do care about that…but, I'll live. I'm not ashamed to admit that I like you, Selena. But I'm not a nut like my sister. I wouldn't want you in a cage or in chains. And if you're in love with someone else, I'm glad for you. I wish you well. But, Selena, if you don't take my help, I don't think it'll BE well. You see…she's killed before."

"Really?", I acted like it was new information to me.

James wasn't fooled but he said, "Yes, really. In the beginning, she wanted to prove to our father that she was as badass as the boys who work for him. She impressed him alright. They use her place to make people disappear sometimes. Once in awhile, she kills…usually it's a person who's hurt her. Former lovers, men who've cheated…submissives who've bored her. If she suspects Justin doesn't love her anymore…"

"He never loved her!", I snarled like a beast, "She bought him like a used car and threatened his life! Then she used him like a piece of meat for years and she has the balls to call it love. It's not love at all. It's slavery. It's rape. Torture and murder."

So much for not saying anything else.

"I know, Selena.", he said, "Believe me, I know. No one who's ever hurt her is still breathing. I missed some chances to save people, Selena, because I didn't want to hear it. I don't want another person dieing on my watch. I can't sleep. I have nightmares all the time."

"Good.", I shot back.

"What do you want me to do here, Selena?", James asked, leaving it up to me now, "Tell me and I'll do it. Give me a test. I'll prove to you I'm on your side. Let me go check on him. I know it's hurting you, not knowing how he is. I saw you crying today in class."

"It's none of your business!", I sighed and wondered if I should give him a chance. I had to tell my father about all of this. Maybe I could have Charlie talk to James and see if he agreed to let James in on this. But then they'd all be in the loop and I'd still be out.

I hated being kept outside this. My father had told me everything was fine. But it wasn't. James said Victoria was going rough on him this week, rougher than ever.

Is he lying to me now? Or is he being honest? Had I said something to get Justin hurt?

James doesn't know about Charlie watching the club. He can't know. If I tell him that and he tells Victoria, my father and Justin are both dead. No, I can't trust him. I won't. I'll let my father handle this. I trust him, even though he's not doing a damn thing, much less telling me anything.

"Justin is strong.", I felt another tear fall from my eye, "I believe in him. He'll be alright. He left me, he said he couldn't be my boyfriend. He said he belongs to Victoria. He chose her."

I was lying to try and protect Justin now after my mouth had run too much. I hope it works.

I wish I didn't sound so weak while I said that.

"He is strong, but he's helpless in the dungeon.", James informed, "I've seen her work in there. Even a grown man, a strong man can't defend himself in there. She's a very knowledgeable dominatrix. She knows how to make men weak. She takes her time, Selena. She doesn't just inflict physical pain. She specializes in mental anguish."

"I can't trust you.", I stood up and flung my purse over my shoulder, turning my back to him to leave, "If you truly cared about good, you'd have shot the bitch in the head yourself already."

"I'm going to check on him tonight anyway.", James said, clutching my heart with his words, "I'll call you from a disposable cell phone. Be awake. I'm not sure what time I'll be able to call."

I half turned my head towards him then forced myself to run out of there, sprinting down the street, clicking my father's name on my cell phone, wondering if he'd really ignore my call again.

Then I heard the familiar recording. "This is Charlie GOmez. You know what to do."

"DAD!", I screamed into the phone as I quickly walked down the street, "I can't BELIEVE you haven't called me back! Is this some secret club I'm not allowed into or something? I want you to call me NOW! Something's happened! I need you, DAD! Don't ignore me anymore! Call me NOW!"

I pressed the end call button with a very angry thumb and saw my building, but I passed it. I was going towards the train, I was going to go to Fire. Then I stopped before I even got to the stairs going underground. Can't do that. I promised Justin I wouldn't. I could screw everything up if anyone recognized me anywhere near there.

I have to go home and wait for James' call. My Dad's call.

At home, I paced my living room floor, thinking things through.

Should I have given James a message for Justin? Should I trust him? Should I trust him if he calls me tonight and lets me know how Justin is doing? He could be lying. Victoria's brother. He could get close to her and Justin, if she trusts him. Or he could be setting me up to walk right into her trap and tell what's going on, that there's a cop watching her place. Justin would pay for that. No, I can't trust anyone.

James said Victoria kills people who she loved, and was hurt by. Justin said she sometimes told him she loved him, on birthdays and Christmases. James said she was being rough with him.

I cried again and again, always hitting a brick wall, always afraid to do anything because it might get Justin hurt even more, or killed.

Why doesn't Charlie call me? What if he's caught, too? For all I know he could be in the dungeon WITH Justin. And I sit here doing nothing.

I have to call Emmett. That's not so dangerous, is it?

I can't think of anything else to do. I'm losing my mind and I'm so scared. I'm giving Charlie two hours to call me back and then I act on my own.



"Justin – session ten.", Selena's voice said.

I opened my eyes, confused, wondering how she got in here and instantly I felt ashamed, having her see me naked locked in a cage, cuddled up like a happy cat in the mattress.

But I wasn't there. I was sitting on the sofa, in the nightshirt Selena gave me, and cozy flannel pajama pants. My bare feet felt so warm on the carpet beneath them.

And there's Selena. Dr. Selena. Sitting in her chair, ready to begin, her eyes serious. Her mind, sharp as a razor.

"Dr. Selena!", I exclaimed, a wave of joy pouring over me at seeing her again, at being with her again. It felt like years since I'd been here.

I wanted to run up to her, throw my arms around her and cover her shiny lips with my kisses. But Dr. Selena was in now – not just my Selena. There would be no playing like that now – on her time.

Besides, I need the therapy.

"Hello Justin.", she smiled her warm, patient smile at me. I feel so warm and safe now.

"Hello Dr. Selena.", I return my greeting, as usual, unable to hide the dumb smile on my face.

"How are you doing, Justin?", her expression seemed to look right into my soul as she began.

I tried to keep a brave face on and was about to say something like 'Fine' or 'Not bad' but instead, my real feelings came out and leaned forward, my arms huddled around my chest as I let a small sob escape me.

"Something's wrong.", I heard my deeper, emotional voice say, "I used to be able to take so much more. Victoria would have to work on me for days before I'd break. In the beginning, she had to kill someone to bring me to my knees. I'm so weak, Selena. It's only been a couple days and I'm her BITCH already! I told her, more than once, that I love her!"

I hadn't seen her move but suddenly she was at my side, her arms around me. I clung onto her, letting a relieved breath out as if I'd just been thrown a lifesaver. I let my head rest against hers and closed my eyes as she spoke.

"I was afraid of this.", she said, almost to herself, "I showed you that it wasn't your fault, what happened to Tanya…and Katie. Before, you could take the punishment because you felt you deserved it and it eased your guilt, every lash, every slap. It almost felt good for you then. Now you don't have that anymore. I stripped you of your armor, in a way."

"I want to kill her, Selena.", I confessed, feeling tears in my eyes again, wondering if she'd be disgusted by me now, "I keep dreaming of it. A thousand different dreams of it keep stabbing at my brain. They won't go away. Make them go away."

"What'd you think I have, a magic wand or something?", Selena asked in her Selena way and I laughed…only she could make me laugh now.

A moment passed and I kissed her hand, getting more power from that as she just let me breathe for a minute or two.

"I was so strong a couple days ago.", I reminisced, "I felt like I had the world by the throat. Why do I feel like all of that is gone now? I feel even weaker than before we met."

"Alright, Justin, listen to me.", she said sternly, eyeing me as she replied, "We both know you're not going to kill anyone. If you do, you'll go to prison. You'll never be free to be with Katie. And worse, you'll be in prison mentally. You don't want to go there. You'll never forgive yourself. You've punished yourself all these years, thinking you were to blame for Tanya and Katie. What will happen to you if you're TRULY responsible for another death? Even hers? You could never look Katie in the eyes again. You don't want that."

I could already feel the insanity crawling away from me as she talked. I held her tighter to me, wanting more.

"I understand.", she said, "She's put you through so much. Your mind is not taking the pain and internalizing it on yourself now. You know you don't deserve it now. So your mind is looking at Victoria, blaming her. And it wants revenge. And that's normal. You finally want to strike back, instead of taking it and taking it. That's a good response. But you can't kill her. Promise me you won't."

"Selena…", I breathed, not knowing if I could promise that.

"Come on.", she gave my body a little nudge.

I tried to make myself say the words. But they wouldn't come.

"Think of it this way.", she said, "If you do it, you have to be committed. They'll put you in a hospital, Justin. They'll decide what you eat, when you sleep, what drugs to try out on you. And it'll be up to them if or when you leave. You won't be able to call or see Katie. Or me."

"No.", I groaned, not hiding how disturbing that was for me.

"Then promise me.", she pushed.

"I promise.", I said, meaning it wholeheartedly.

I remembered saying those words in the vampire cage, and Victoria's words – 'A vampire's promise. If you trust that, come on up.'

"I love you.", her angel voice came back to me, "I am so proud of you. And your strength isn't gone. It's still there."

"I love you, Selena.", I kissed her temple, snuggling my head into hers, "You're the one person who thinks I'm strong."

"No I'm not.", she said, "You know it, too."

"Selena…", I whispered, loving her and the peace she could always bring me. I was kissing her lips deeply and hungrily, never getting enough of her, ever.

Between kisses, I kept saying her name, a magical word that kept healing my soul with every utterance.

Bright white light poured into the room suddenly, and Selena disappeared, along with the sofa, the chair, the whole room. Everything was blank, a white page that stung my eyes. And a horrible clanging sound was there instead of Selena's soft rhythmic breathing in my ear.

"Time to wake up, sleepyhead.", a sinister female voice shouted above me and when I opened my eyes, a wooden cane was running back and forth along the cage bars beside my face.

Victoria. Fuck.

I was naked and in my little cage again, but I didn't feel quite so frail and tiny anymore.

"That sounded like some dream you were having.", her knowing voice didn't sound very happy and I rubbed my eyes, trying to see and adjust to the light, feeling the rough stubble on my face.

Oh shit. Don't tell me I'm talking in my sleep now.

"What was the name of your wife, again?", Victoria was walking around next to my cage, "The one you let fry in the fire? Do you even remember?"

I heard myself growl and my fists flew to the bars over my head, my defiant eyes staring Victoria down.

She smiled down at me and tilted her head a bit.

"You think Selena, or any woman, would want you, knowing how well you took care of your first family?", she asked.

A violent, broken breath came out of me and my fists shook around the bars now, my eyes on fire as she giggled at me.

"I better not hear her name again, Justin.", Victoria seethed, walking away from me, "Unless you want to see me work her over while you lay here and watch. Apologize."

After a very hard minute, I heard my voice say, "I am sorry." But the feeling in my words told another story. I knew she'd heard the anger and resistance in me.

"I have some guests coming to dinner tomorrow night.", Victoria crossed her arms, looking down at me, "I would like to trust you to be there, too. Is that going to be a problem?"

I wondered if this would be a dinner like some we've had before. With me on my knees at her chair side, a metal bar stockade holding my hands up beside each side of my head, also locking around my neck as I'd silently wait for a morsel of food now and then from her dish. She'd feed it to me and I would respectfully thank her, only getting up at times when one of her guests would need a new drink.

With a bend, my hands could pick up and deliver a glass to someone.

Sometimes, Victoria's guests were male doms that had female submissives. I would watch from the floor as they were ordered to crawl under the table and service their masters while they ate. Their tight, bare asses would stare me in the face while they licked and sucked the cocks from inside the opened trousers above them.

A couple times, the male doms would get bored and order their girl subs to come pleasure me. Every one would eat and talk while the girls subs had their way with me. Sometimes it was a couple of women on me at once. We were entertainment.

That was then. Back when I felt sure Victoria wouldn't let male doms touch me. Now I was so unsure and afraid of what she was up to.

Or maybe I was all wrong and this would be a normal dinner, with me dressed and sitting at the table.

"As a slave?", I asked, taking my hands off the bars, trying to hide my aggression.

"Yes.", she answered, squinting her eyes a little.

I took a breath and waited, then asked, "Is…Sir Kevin coming over?"

My eyes pierced into hers and she knew what I was asking. I wanted to know right now. Would I be raped again?

"That's up to you.", she said, a wicked tone in her voice, "Do I need to call him back over here?"

"No, Mistress.", I tried to sound behaved.

"If you behave, I'll never have another man touch you again.", she informed, "But if I sense you can't handle girls, if you keep falling in love with your clients, I'll have to make some changes with you. You'd have to service men only."

"No!", I heard myself yell, and then I quickly brought my voice down, "I mean, I'm not in love with any clients! I swear! It's only you, Victoria. I love YOU."

God, I hate saying that to her. I feel so filthy. I feel like a whore when I betray Selena and say those words to anyone else.

She uncrossed her arms and silently went to the door of my cage and unlocked it, raising the door up, giving me an opening.

"Come out of there.", she demanded, moving away from me.

I raised up on all fours, feeling well rested as I did so. I backed up, not having the room to turn around and go out head first.

"Over here.", she pointed in front of her and I crawled over, kneeling there.

She was touching my hair, without speaking, stroking it…she touched my face and brought my chin up so I was looking at her.

I tried to have a pleasant look on my face then, but maybe it wasn't that convincing because she said, "Smile."

I did, unsure of how sincere it might have appeared to her. But I tried.

She smiled a little back down at me and moved her finger along my bottom lip.

"You are so beautiful.", she said with a little sadness, "So beautiful…always."

"So are you, Victoria.", I replied, making my lips kiss her fingers. She was smelling my love for Selena in the air and she wasn't liking it. I had to throw her off the scent.

I closed my eyes, trying to forget Victoria's face and picture Selena's. Victoria couldn't rule my thoughts and for that I was truly grateful.

"I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you," she said, allowing me to lay my face on her little stomach.

"You own me.", I said, internally gritting my teeth, "You won't lose me."

"Go work out.", she breathed, letting me go, snapping and pointing to something new in the middle of the room…a treadmill and a stairmaster beside it.

"Which one, Victoria?", I asked.

"You choose.", she said, and I thought she must be sad. She never lets me choose anything. She even picks out my clothes when we're entertaining or going out together.

"Treadmill?", I chose, asking if that was alright. And again, I needed Selena.

"Fine.", she said and I crawled over to it, standing and stepping onto the rubber pad where my feet would be running soon.

I waited as she came over and pressed a few buttons while I held the bars at my sides. The pad I was standing on reclined slowly, and in seconds, I was on a very steep incline.

"Stay.", she ordered as I steadied myself, waiting.

She walked over to the wall and came back with a couple pairs of handcuffs.

She smiled at me and I grinned back, knowing her fondness for these.

"You're under arrest.", she cheered a little, slapping one cuff over my wrist, the other around the bar beside me.

She moved around to my free hand, doing the same there.

"What's the charge, officer?", I played along.

"Being naughty in your dreams.", she slapped my ass hard and chuckled as she made her way to the front of the machine, hitting START.

The pad under my feet began to move and I held onto the bars, running at a medium pace to keep up with the speed of it.

I wondered if I should lie and say I wasn't dreaming of anyone else. But that would piss her off more, me lying to her. And I'm not sure what she heard me say.

"I'm sorry, Victoria.", I suddenly felt very afraid for Selena, "I don't know what I was dreaming…I don't even remember it now…"

"It's fine.", she watched me run, "I don't mind you fucking in your sleep, it won't be long before you're out there again, doing what you do best. Just make sure your dream clients are paying you well."

"Yes, Victoria.", I smirked, feeling the burn start to rise in my lower legs, relieved.

It sounded like she just heard me making aroused noises, maybe kissing Selena in my dream, instead of me calling Selena's name and saying that I loved her.

Selena is safe. Selena is safe. I hated thinking Selena was out there, exposed, such an easy target. I wished she had listened to me and stayed with Alice or Rosalie.

Victoria walked around behind me, hopping her butt up on the leather table I'd been on the other night, watching me from behind, probably fixed on my bare ass as I sped up, wishing I could be running away from her…forever.





My cell phone rang and I flipped it open right away. I had been staring at the little black phone for the last two hours, unable to do anything else but worry until I heard from both of the men I was waiting on.

The name on the screen said Dad on it when I hit the answer button.

I tried to keep my voice patient and nice but I didn't do a very good job of it.

"DAD!", I shouted.

"Selena, please.", he sighed, "Why are you leaving me these crazed messages?"

"Maybe because I AM CRAZED, Dad!", I felt myself frowning, "Why haven't you called me? Why won't you tell me anything? Don't you know how worried I am here?"

"Selena, I am working.", he said, as he always did in the past when I'd be having a crisis and I'd reach out to him, hearing that phrase instead of what I wanted to hear.

"Is he alright?", I asked, shivering, "What's happening to him?"

"Selena, I can't tell you that.", he sighed again, "Just let me handle it, please?"

"Why can't you tell me how he is?", I felt angry tears in my eyes, "I have a right to know!"

"I don't know!", he growled, scaring the shit out of me, "Alright? That what you wanna hear? We lost the bug somehow. I can't hear him at all. Never heard a thing."

"Oh my God.", I felt the tears fall down my cheeks, "What does that mean? Do you think—"

"He's alive, as far as I know.", Charlie said, "I've been watching the club like a hawk. No bodies have been taken out. And the chip still says he's inside. This Victoria woman comes and goes, and that Emmett checked on him once in the middle of the day."

"But Dad!", I cried, "He could be trapped – and hurt. Bleeding to death in there! We have to find some way to put a new bug in there. Maybe Emmett could help us."

"I don't want to risk Justin by involving more people employed by Victoria in this.", Charlie said, always the voice of reason, "How do we really know we can trust this Emmett?"

"He cares about Justin.", I informed, not really wanting to tell my father all about him being my partner in the whole Raven rescue. He'd fry my ass.

"I know we can trust him, Dad.", I said, wishing for once he'd just take my word for it.

My father wasn't saying anything.

"He's on the inside.", I pushed harder, "He knows Victoria. I need to know what's going on in there. I'm not waiting around for him to walk out or be carried out! He's all alone in there!"

"Selena, don't get emotional, it's gonna screw up the whole plan here.", Charlie said, his voice still monotone and void of any feeling.

"You BET I'm emotional!", I yelled, "That's the man I love in there! I want him out now!"

"Selena, he's not an imbecile!", Charlie growled, "Let him have his few days, like he wanted. Let him get the chance to get what he needs out of there. Once he does, we'll have Victoria in custody and he can go back to his life – and you can go back to yours."

"What does that mean?", I frowned.

"It means we're still having a talk about all this.", Charlie informed, "Don't call me and yell at me, Selena. I'm trying to help you and your friend. You started all this. You're the one who bought a hooker!"

I gasped, enraged.

"I'm GLAD I bought a hooker!", I screamed, "Maybe I got more love and affection from HIM than I ever did from YOU!"

I heard only dead silence on the other end. Right away I regretted saying that. Charlie wasn't a big hugger or kisser, but he was a good father. He was always there for me when my mother wasn't. I remembered what Carlisle and Esme were like to Justin and I felt guilty for bashing my father when I obviously had it so good. I knew I was loved. And now I was hurting him because I was so afraid.

"Dad…", I said, with tears in my voice.

"Don't call me again.", he said, like a machine, "I'm working to make sure your…friend…is alright. Let me do my job. I'll call you when I'm on my way back with him."

He hung up and I winced, knowing that's how Charlie reacted when hurt.

"I'm sorry, Dad.", I said now, even though he couldn't hear me.

I let my face fall on the pillow under me and heard myself crying as I remembered the wonderful way the bed sunk a bit when Justin joined me here, the smell of him that still lingered in the quilt, the gentle masculine tone of his voice when he asked me, 'Can I hold you until you fall asleep?', and finally, the miraculous feeling of his hot, muscular arms curling around me, as if afraid to break me by holding too tight.

I tried to recreate the sensation of his body spooning behind mine as I laid here now, but the memory wasn't enough. I wanted to FEEL it again…for real. It seemed like a million years since he'd laid here with me. I want to see his little ducky lips in the morning…his arms curled up around him, my sweet little Thumper.

I don't know how long I laid there crying before my cell rang again. When I went to open it, I noted the time was 3am. The name Dr. Collier on my screen.

I answered it and frowned, saying, "What?"

"I told you I'd call.", James said, sounding insulted at my tone.

"So, talk.", I readied myself, "How is he?"

"I think he's okay.", James said and I hated how vague he sounded.

"You THINK?", I asked.

"Well I went there, acting like I was just there to hang out.", James said, "We hung in her office for awhile and eventually I asked about Justin. She said he was sleeping."

I huffed, "Sleeping?"

If Justin was free, and she thought he was asleep, he'd have a chance to get that evidence, maybe.

"That's what she said.", James let out a breath, "I couldn't ask too much more or she'd get all weird and suspicious."

Maybe he passed out…or she knocked him out. That seemed more realistic. I couldn't picture her tucking him in for the night, kissing his forehead.

And again, I was terribly worried about Justin. James was supposed to try and ease my mind, not that he would even if he told me Justin was fine.

"Gee, James, thanks for putting yourself on the line and checking on him.", I said, my voice thick with sarcasm, "I guess now we can be partners. You have my complete trust now."

"I know, I got nothing tonight.", he said, "But I'll check again tomorrow afternoon."

"Whatever.", I sighed, feeling a huge pain in my forehead.

"So…what about going with me…to Victoria's?", James asked, "What should I tell her? I mean, I wouldn't really take you in there, but I have to tell her something. It'll buy us a little time if I tell her yes."

Part of me thought it wouldn't be a bad plan to go in there with him, acting like I was falling into her trap, and then turning things around on her. If I could trust James, I would do it in a minute. It would be faster than my father's plan of waiting and peeking in garbage bags in the back alley of the club. I could wear a bug on me or sneak it in if she took me to Justin. But then I would need Charlie.

God, Justin would freak if Victoria and James came dragging me in there. And I would freak if I saw something horrible happening to him on the other side of the coin. Maybe if I bought bullets for Justin's cop gun, that would be more wise than just clicking the trigger. I knew how to shoot, being Charlie's daughter, and I knew how to buy bullets.

But could I really shoot at a human being? Even her? And what if she got my gun somehow? Justin could get hurt. I could get hurt. Charlie, too.

How do cops do this everyday and not go crazy? Every thing I think up is so risky, for all of us. But the only thing worse than any of my plans was no plan at all. I have to do something. I can't sit here anymore and wish upon a star for my happy ending. Our happy ending.

I have to get out there and make it happen.

I picked up the phone, glad to see Alice was the first name on my phone list, since it was alphabetical. Would she get mad at me for calling at this hour? Probably. But she's Alice, so I know she'll forgive me. I know she'll want to help us. I know this is a good place to start.

So I hit CALL and waited.

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