Stuck in fire - Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Kapitel 17-40

En historie der blev slettet på et andet site, som min veninde og jeg følger med i. Bare ignorer den ;)


12. 28

My legs are so fucking sore. I try again to flex them, bending each of them up behind me, using my hand and holding for a few seconds…then the other. That's a little better. But I walk a couple more steps, feeling the jerk of the chain stop me again.

I turn and take a step or two the other way, not wanting to keep walking but it's better than just standing in one spot. Keep the blood flowing. Walk.

I can feel the drool from the sides of my mouth and it's traveled all the way past my neck and onto my chest now. It must be hours since Victoria left me here alone. Or maybe it just seems like it.

My aching jaw throbs again, reminding me of the black rubber ball holding my lips open. It's tightly in place near the back of my mouth and the chain coming out of the ball is linked to something overhead that allows me to pace back and forth a few steps in the center of the room, but not letting me touch anything I could see. The evidence I needed was far out of reach right now, even though I had my hands and legs free.

Without thinking, my fingers touched the thin chains that dug into my cheeks too tightly, making imprints into the flesh, connecting behind my neck with a nice heavy padlock. I heard myself give a whimper as I again tried to get my fingers under the chains across my face, even if only to massage the skin and muscles underneath that were also not enjoying their tight restraints.

Still no use. I even tried to suck my cheeks in and do it but that didn't work, either. I shouldn't even be trying to get it off. If I do and can't get it back on when she comes back, I'm dead meat.

So I'm gagged and the gag is secured above me. I can't even look down if I wanted to. I can look straight ahead and up, but nothing lower than that. I can't lay down, I can't sit down, can't even kneel, not that I want to. I'm so tired. I didn't sleep all night and I think it's the next day now.

I tried to get to the wall, maybe I could lean on it. That didn't work either. Can't reach the walls. DAMN! All I can do is stand and walk. And my stomach can gurgle. That's about it.

Victoria…she could make me suffer even when she's not here. She's probably sleeping right now at home…or shopping. A lot of her punishments are like this. Nothing that will hurt me physically, nothing that will show on the outside…only inside. Starvation…difficult positions to endure for hours alone…humiliation. I hope no more male doms are in my future. I won't let it happen to me twice. I'll struggle…I'll fight to the death before that happens to me again.

Charlie's probably so pissed off at me right now. I wonder what he's doing. Don't come in here, Charlie. Don't. Don't tell Selena, either. She's probably worried enough right now.

The chain jerks again and I turn, taking my exhausted steps as the locked door smirks at me now, mighty and mocking at my nude slave body, completely free except for the gag and chains, yet as trapped as a rat in his cage.

I rub my eyes, wishing they didn't hurt so much from lack of sleep. I close them, my steps memorized by my chain as I almost sleep walk. Enjoy this time to yourself, my mind says, it's better than having Victoria here. Well, that's true. But I would give anything to lay down for a few minutes, even if it's on the hard floor.

I'm thirsty. And hungry. And I'll have to piss in awhile. I'll have to go on the cement floor if she doesn't come soon. And I'll get punished for that, too. Just like she wants. I had to drink that whole bottle of water right down. God, I'm stupid.

And I'm so god damn sick of walking back and forth here! This is enough to drive me insane! I bet I won't see her all day. I just have to endure it. Until the next fun position she puts me in.

I tried to exercise my arms a little, instead of letting them hang there like sausages, I stretched myself from side to side, arching my back a few times, massaging my thigh muscles and calves as best I could, what I could reach.

God, how much longer? I feel like I've been in here for DAYS, walking back and forth like a trapped animal!

I heard myself starting to growl and groan out loud, voicing my displeasure and discomfort. And again, I start to yank and pull hard on the chains digging into the sensitive corners of my mouth, almost cutting into my cheekbones as I shout out and give up again, not getting any relief at all, my fists curling at my sides as I begin to take bigger, more angry steps, shortening each pace before I must turn and continue it again.

I even fantasized with the idea of grabbing the chain coming out of the ball in my mouth and yanking it down as hard as my weight would allow. But no, I can't let there be any evidence of my doing that when she comes back in. I can't even show her my anger and yell at her. I hate that most of all.

I picture the scene in my head, myself, freed of the gag as the taste of blood from my lip corners replaces the dry emptiness that was there before. She smirks at me, waiting for my soft, affectionate voice. But she doesn't get it. Instead, I shout, "Thanks for the fucking rest, BITCH!"

She glares and lunges her arm, a whip coming at me. I catch it in my hand, feeling the cut and the wet blood across my palm, but I'm used to pain. I curl it around her neck and spin her back to my chest.

She gasps and instantly tenses as I close the whip around her thin, snake neck and cut off her air. Her perfect fingernails claw behind her at me but I'm out of her reach.

"DIE you cunt!", I growl into her ear, the last words she'll ever hear, "DIE!"

My eyes open as I come to, the chain jerking again, making me turn slowly and begin again. I feel like I may fall down soon if I have to keep this up.

A couple knocks tap on the door and I turn my head, my brow creasing at the sound.

Who's knocking here? It's daytime. The club should be empty now.

I wait, to see if it happens again. Maybe I am losing my mind.

The knock sounds again, a bit louder.

"Justin?", a man's voice is out there, "It's Emmett!"

"RRRRRRR!", I call back, muffled in the gag, but even I can hear the desperate shout in my voice.

Fuck! I turn towards the door and walk until I can't anymore. I am so far from the door.

My hands go to the back of my head again, uselessly playing with the padlock imprisoning me. I whimper and give up again.

"Gagged, huh?", he asked, knowing only too well.

"MMMMMM!", I tried to sound less pained than before.

"Alright.", he said, "Hands free?"

I tried to say yes but with the ball in my mouth it came out as "MMMSSSSS"

I can't reach anything. Sometimes I'd tap on the cage if I was in it and gagged. Two taps for yes…one for no. This was not the first time Emmett checked on me in here while Victoria was away.

I clapped twice, loudly, relieved that at least we could communicate somehow.

I wanted to tell him not to risk getting caught but I'm sure he wasn't. He was smart and knew Victoria even better than I did.

"Good.", his voice said clearly, "Are you alright?"

I clapped twice, saying yes. I was going crazy and sore, but basically, I was okay.

I heard him jerking on the padlock and giving the door an angry kick and he was saying, "I wish I could get in there, man. I'm sorry. Did she give you anything to eat?"

I clapped once. Well, I had a stale roll but that was yesterday.

"Bitch!", he seethed outside, kicking the door again.

I clapped once. No, Emmett! Don't kick the door or damage it, she'll see! Just go back upstairs, I'll be alright.

He quieted out there and I heard him breathing a little heavier. He really sounded upset that I was being punished. He's really a great friend. I feel a little better, knowing there's someone this close who cares, even if he can't get in.

"Hang in there, Justin. I'll try to come back later.", he said, sounding as if he wished he could give more, but it was enough. It gave me strength. It kept me going.

And I walked again.

He didn't say anything about Selena. I guess she didn't call him. Good. I wonder what Charlie is doing out there now. I hope he doesn't try to come in here somehow.


Charlie's POV

Alright – the bug is dead. Deal with it. Watch the club. It looks like Victoria, the red headed woman Justin told me about had left early this morning, and there had been no one going in or coming out…until now.

A tall, dark haired guy. I took some notes. Cropped black hair, large build, muscular. A dancer maybe. Most likely. This could be the kid they described to me as…Emmett, my notes said. Justin considers this guy a friend. He's the only one in there now, besides Justin. Maybe I'd see some action here soon. Maybe he'd free Justin. He was in the dungeon, most likely.

I checked the garbage and dumpsters and they were all body free. Justin's chip still located him here in the club, so he must be in there. This guy going in is probably there to check on Justin, make sure he's alright. I hope he's not coming in to torture Justin, maybe get some information out of him.

Time to take a walk around the back of the club and make sure no one's coming out that way.

I use the neighborhood streets to sneak me around that side of the club.

My cell phone vibrates again. I look at it as I walk and see Selena's name. Again? Damn it, Selena, I'm trying to work a case here. Alone, with no backup or relief. I know you care for this kid, but please, let me do my job. I hate lying to her and saying everything's fine. She can see right through that one. She has before. If something doesn't happen tomorrow to give me some clue as to what's going on in there, I'll have to tell her the truth. And find a way in.

If anything happens to this kid, she'll never forgive me. I have to pay attention and be patient. I can't talk now, Selena. I don't answer my phone again, leaving her in the dark.

I wish I had a beer right now. But, no, I'm on duty. Doesn't this place have a man's night or something? I could be a customer, although I don't know if I could make myself look glad about seeing a bunch of guys grinding their junk onstage.

Maybe I can put on a leather vest and ask the dark haired dancer about that. I could appear to be new in town, just curious.

But then, I notice something strange as I walk down Brewster Avenue, towards the back of the club. I squint, my cop senses picking up something…and I walk towards him…ready to proceed with caution…ready to ask a couple questions.



I'm in class and again, my father has chosen not to answer my call. I hate you, Charlie!

No, I don't.

But I'm pissed as Hell at you! Tell me SOMETHING, DAMN YOU !

I'm in Psych class, listening to Justin's voice on tape one – session one. We are all silently reviewing our subject's tapes, taking notes on what we hear now as they play.

I remember that first day…after he almost left my place, after finding out that I wanted to study him, and after we agreed to both having equal time with each other….his words were in my heart, still…always.

"I am ready, Dr. Selena." he said with a calm voice, "You may have your way with my brain…and later, my body. Although I think you may enjoy one more than the other."

He snickered, peeking at me like a little boy. I couldn't help smiling at him, even in my memories his laugh is wonderful…and I can see that face…he is so cute when he laughs.

"Alright." I began, hitting the record button and saying, "Justin Bieber – Session One."

"Just Justin." He said firmly, "Justin…okay?"

His eyes did not look insulted, just asking.

"Alright, Justin – Session One." I corrected, "It bothers you when I use your last name?"

"I don't have a last name when I'm working." He still used a nice voice, staring up at the ceiling.

Family issues.

"Do you have a family?" I asked.

He closed his eyes and I could tell he already was having a hard time.

"No, I landed here in a spaceship when I was three." He said, dripping with sarcasm.

"Justin…" I almost grinned.

"My parents knew my planet was going to explode so they put me in this little ship…" he continued, smirking a little, his eyes glancing at me.

I had to be patient and understanding with him. I was trying.


I waited, not saying anything until he decided to speak again. He still had my check in his back pocket. I wanted to bring that up but then I didn't. I had to let him come to me.

"Yes I had a family." He said quietly, his eyes closed again.

"Had…" I repeated, "What happened to them?"

"Nothing." He gave a little sigh, "I mean…I don't know. I don't see them anymore."

That didn't surprise me.

"Do they know about…you working at Fire?" I asked, wishing this sounded more like a real conversation and not me just firing questions at him. This is why I needed these assignments. I had to get better at this. Practice would be the only way to do it.

"No." he kept his eyes closed, "I don't think so. I started working there after I lost contact with them."

Hmm. Something else broke him away from his family. Interesting.

"Justin…" I liked using his name, I wanted him to feel comfortable talking to me, "What was it that caused you to stop talking to your family?"

"Can I ask you…some questions…after I answer one of yours?" he looked over at me, those eyes of his…could I really say no to anything he wanted?

Is that professional? Patients don't get to ask their doctors personal questions.

"Please?" he added.

I stopped the tape and was back in the present, without him, and tears were rolling down my face. This is where I had crossed the line, the line between just being an observer to being his friend, loving him…letting him inside me…as I tried to reach inside of him. It was professionally wrong. But even now, I can't regret it. He's different now. But is he better off for it? He's in a dungeon right now, having terrible things done to him! What have I done? I let him go!

And why won't my father call me back? What if something horrible's happened to him?

"My turn." Justin was saying on the tape now, and I remembered him as he smiled at me, looking me up and down.

"Okay." I answered, sounding nervous.

"Have you ever had an orgasm?" his voice blurted out. And as I heard it I laughed out loud, the tears still in my eyes as I heard my shocked reaction back then.

"God!" I gasped, sounding like a school marm.

What'dya know? Justin changed me, too. I didn't even recognize that woman's voice. That is so not me anymore. And I'm glad.

"What?" he asked innocently, "It's a yes or no question, I thought that was an easy one."

An easy one. Yes, seeing him going back to his world, now I can see that these once so difficult questions of his were very easy and light, compared to the truth of Carlisle and Esme, his daughter, his wife, Victoria.

James walked by me and laid a paper face down on my desk, going to the next student and placing one on his desk. I looked around, he was handing us back our quizzes from last week, before I took my couple days off.

I didn't feel like looking. I'd rather listen to Justin's fun, free banter, myself playing the part of tightly wound therapist to his sexy, irreverent toy. But I sighed and turned it over anyway, curious as to how I did.

A red "A" was at the top right corner of the page underlined and beneath the red line was a little note from him.

We need to talk. Meet me at Moe's Pizza tonight – 10pm.

I frowned but didn't look at him. I remembered his showing up at my apartment with coffee. If this was some kind of attempt at a date, I'd crush his nuts into the pepperoni. But maybe he wanted to talk about school. The classroom is the place for that, not Moe's Pizza. I folded the quiz and tucked it into my folder, hitting the play button, going back to Justin's voice.



I groaned as my leg cramped again, the weak tears spilling out of my eyes again as I kept walking, even though it had been hours upon hours of this. My lip was bleeding and I liked the taste of it. It was better than rubber.

Earlier, my legs gave out and I let myself fall to the floor. My lower legs leaned against the floor as I hung there, the chains digging into my skin, cutting the corners of my mouth as I screamed out, staring straight up, my entire weight being pulled on the single chain over me, jingling it's laughter at my pain.

I had to pull myself upon my feet again, my hands holding the chain coming out of my mouth to yank my tired legs up, wobbly but standing. I just stood for awhile, forgetting the fucking walking back and forth…back and forth. I stood, feeling my legs quivering and my body complaining, wanting rest…wanting sleep…wanting to lay down…just for one moment.

And still no one came.

I felt so weak I thought I'd pass out. I'm so hungry. I need water. I need this fucking ball out of my mouth! I keep drooling and I don't even try to wipe it away anymore. I don't give a fuck anymore. I want to scream for Emmett, pride be damned. But I can't. He'll try to get in here if he thinks I'm hurt and he'll end up in here with me for it.

Against my will, and disgusting myself, I hear my voice whimper, "Victoria."

It's muffled but I can understand me. And I feel like a traitor, saying her name, wanting her to come.

Right now, while I'm in here, she is God. She is water. She is food. She is rest. She is life. She rules. And I hate it. I hate her. And again…I want her dead.

What time is it? What day is it? Have I been here two days…or three? Is it just one?

Please, Victoria, please, give me a little water! I'll beg you, if you like that. My throat is so dry. It's sandpaper.

Another eternity passes.

I'm walking again, my eyes getting drowsier…my legs clumsier. My arms start to wrap themselves around my chest, and I'm not sure why. I need to be held, maybe. I miss Selena's arms. Katherine…Selena….Katie…Tanya…please, Tanya, you can come in here and save me. You can. Please forgive me and take me out of here.

I hear metal and locks clicking. I almost cried just from the sheer joy of the sound and that it meant someone was coming in here. I don't care who it is, the door is opening! God, yes! Thank you!

When Victoria's face enters the room I'm groaning and shivering as my arms cling to me, I'm not sure how my eyes looked to her but I couldn't even bother to disguise what I was feeling at the moment.

Exhaustion, relief, happiness…hunger, rage?

She had a bottle of water and a little brown bag in her hand and I lunged forward, wanting that bottle with all my heart. I yelled out, feeling the chain remind me of my limitations and I winced, panting without shame as I clutched the chains digging into my cheekbones, growling in pain.

"That wasn't a good idea, was it?", she smiled affectionately at my anguish, as if she'd just left me five minutes ago.

I roared out louder, sounding very hostile and angry and not giving a shit as violently struggled my head…and then I gave that up and I glared at her.

She stopped in her tracks and glared right back at me.

"This is how you thank me for bringing you dinner and some icewater?", she frowned and shouted at me.

"Twelve hours isn't enough for you, this way?", she asked, giving me my answer.

Twelve hours she left me like this. It seemed like twelve years.

I once thought she cared for me, in some small way. But she clearly doesn't. I wouldn't do this to her or anyone for even two hours and she leaves me here for twelve?

I muffled some obscenities at her through my gag and kept clawing at the chains holding this thing in my mouth. My jaw was numb and I doubted if I even could talk once this thing came off.

"Stop it!", she yelled at me like I was a trained tiger not doing his tricks, "Stop it right now or I'll go for another twelve hours! Calm down, Justin. Breathe."

I was panting and gasping at the same time, leaving dignity behind me again. I saw the water bottle and the moisture and wet drops of melted ice all over it as she held it and the brown bag smelled very good and was a nice medium size.

I stared at it, and let my breathing calm itself. I felt another tear drain out of my eye and cut a path down my cheek as I stopped making noise. Slowly, I took my hands off the chains on my face and placed them at my sides, loosening my fingers, not making fists anymore.

"Good boy.", she waited, watching me for a while longer before she decided to trust me.

Without moving towards me, she put the bag down on the floor with the water bottle and crossed her arms, her raised brow showing that she was still in command here, despite my outburst.

"Didn't like this, did you, boy?", she looked pleased her punishment made an impact.

Without much strength to lie, I shivered and slowly shook my head, praying to God that I could eat and drink soon.

"That's why it's called a punishment.", she instructed.

"Mmmmmm.", I responded, closing my eyes briefly as I smelled the food even stronger in my nostrils. It's hot, I think.

"Alright, Justin.", she fluffed her hair, sighing and walking up to me, standing in front of me, holding a little key in her hand.

She moved behind me, placing a kiss on my back between the shoulder blades and I heard a little click and the chain around my face loosened. Her hands held the chains that were being lifted off my face now and my poor jaw almost didn't open to let the ball out at first.

"My poor little baby.", she cooed as she got the ball out of my mouth by squeezing my cheeks together.

I breathed out in moans of relief and hurt, gulping the air without any restrictions, falling to the ground on all fours, almost heaving the clean, cool air. My legs shook violently and were cramping again and I fell again, laying on the cool, hard floor, letting my sore cheek lay against it as I wordlessly suffered at her feet.

To my amazement, she didn't scold me or grab me up to my knees. She let me lay there and I wanted to kiss her feet for the pleasure of it. I would have if I had the energy to lift my head. My eyes closed and for a second, sleep was almost more appealing to me than food and water.

"Poor little thing.", she said and I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or sympathetic.

"Roll over, baby," she said, tapping my ass with her hand as I let out a hard breath, pushing a hand to the floor and feeling myself roll onto my back, not even caring about my nudity at this point.

She was sitting on the floor, shoes off, next to me, holding the water bottle.

"Come here. Open," she said without any hint of dominance that time, sliding her hand under my head, lifting it a bit as I opened my mouth a bit, waiting for a trick.

"Thattta boy.", she smiled as she put the bottle to my lips and I felt icy wet heaven pouring in.

I let out an orgasm sound as it ran down my throat and I swallowed. I wanted more and I felt hard as a rock now between my legs as she gave more, hearing my cumming moans as she let some run over my lips, then into my mouth as I nearly put my hands on the bottle, then put them back at my sides, wanting to do nothing to fuck this up for myself. I was getting water and I'd eat shit if she let me keep having it.

"Ughhhhh", I closed my eyes, moaning as I drank , finding my vocabulary after a few good deep sips, "Uhhhh, thank you! Thank you, Mistress!"

My words sounded slurred and lazy and my jaw ached as I spoke.

Her smile grew at this and she played with her fingernails in the back of my hair, giving a delighted little laugh as I gulped some more.

"Only you would get an erection because I'm giving you water.", she smiled, taking the water away and placing it down beside her as I whimpered under my breath, not taking my eyes off it.

"I'm sorry.", I panted, "I'm sorry."

"No, it's alright, Justin.", she was very nice today, "I like seeing you hard when I reward you. It tells me you're not faking it."

"No…no….", I was kissing her hand as she touched my swollen lips, "No…"

I kissed each finger, licking and sucking one into my mouth, thinking of nothing but getting more water and eating.

I can be strong inside later. I need food, water, and sleep first. I wonder what's in the bag. It smells good but I can't tell.

"Stay.", she pointed at my nose and took the water bottle with her as she bent over my arisen cock.

"Look at that wonderful dick.", she grabbed it at the base, around the shaft, "I've missed this talented cock."

I breathed a little harder, but didn't care what she wanted to do to me or it, I was laying down and it was fucking paradise, along with the taste of the water still in my tongue and teeth.

She poured some water over my penis and I let out a moan as the coolness stung a bit, and then as I peeked down, her mouth opened and my cock disappeared inside it.

I was groaning and grunting like a thing, not a person. It didn't matter who she was or what she'd done to me today, she was giving me pleasure now and water, the promise of food in the near future. I didn't struggle or really want to. I took the pleasure she was bringing me and I greedily thrashed and enjoyed every second of it, hating myself more every second of it.

Don't break, Justin. Something was saying inside me. You've been through worse than this, stay strong. Remember what Selena taught you. Do what you must to survive, yes, but don't break. Don't let her play you. She's the one who locked you into that gag for the last twelve hours, don't forget that. Don't fall for her soft voice and wet, hot mouth. Realize she's trying to break you. Wake up.

The slurping, wet sounds below just added to my weakness. I could hear my mind talking but my body was very weak at the moment. I tried to hold out but my orgasm was already fast approaching. My eyes kept looking at the bag of food, like a homeless dog.

"Mistress…", I growled, "May I please cum?"

"Already?", she asked as she pumped me in her hand and I felt so ashamed.

"Yes, I'm sorry Mistress.", I closed my eyes, clenching my already tight jaw.

"No.", she said with a hard tone, "I'm not done sucking you yet. Hold it back."

I whimpered and bit down, trying to hold it off, Sir Kevin flashed to mind again and I felt Victoria's mouth around me, tight and wet around my length. The memory of him sucking me helped me to last a little longer. I almost cried out now, as I did then, but I'm glad I didn't.

"Such a good boy.", she said a little later, jerking me hard in her hand now, "Cum – NOW."

I groaned and breathed, "Thank you…thank you Mistress."

And I exploded a second later, screaming and howling as I filled her mouth.

A few seconds later, she was licking me and sucking me a little more, my moans and sounds making her smile as she rubbed me there, looking down at my face.

"Ready for dinner?" she asked, opening the bag.

Tears came to my eyes and I almost asked myself 'what the fuck?' but instead I just asked her, "Really?"

"I know, I'm too soft on you.", she replied, "I said no food for two days and here I am, ready to feed you."

"Thank you Mistress.", I said with all the real sincerity in the world.

A few minutes later, I was laying face down on the floor again, my arms laying there around my plastic take out bowl of pasta with cream sauce. It was messy and wet as I sucked it up into my mouth, but hot and delicious as I made pleased, throaty sounds.

She was busy slapping both her bare hands down again over my right ass cheek, warming me up for a good spanking. Her slaps were pretty powerful on their own, and it might've brought a newer sub to tears eventually, but my ass was used to being whipped and spanked. This was a pleasant stroking for me as I ate and every now and then I'd make a little sound of surprise when her touch was particularly harder than the others.

I was chewing a big mouthful of noodles, closing my eyes as my cock grew under me against the cement floor, the sounds of her palms against my ass prodding me further as I tried to finish my meal before she brought out the whip or cane. Now she was spanking the left side of my ass and I felt sauce on the tip of my nose as I went in for another bite.

"You are such a little pig.", she chuckled behind me, grunting with effort as she kept trying to hurt me, only getting my aroused moans in response of her attentions.

I felt much better now…stronger. I don't know what she's got planned for me tomorrow but I feel ready for it. I was focused again, clutching the image of Selena in the grass to my heart, ashamed at how weak I had been earlier. Victoria is good, she knows my weaknesses, she knows how to punish me. She knows how to break me down fast.

But there is one thing she does not know.

I am going to kill her.

My mind has decided it. My body agrees. Once I get what I need, she is going to suffer MY wrath. And she will get no mercy. Only in death will she escape me. It will be slow…like my day with Sir Kevin. Agonizingly, a crawl to her grave.

I smile as I lick the bottom of my bowl, getting the last of the sauce with my thick tongue.

Right after my spanking, I was allowed to finish my water and then Victoria was kissing me, my mouth and tongue working hers hard, conveying my thanks.

"Yes, I love you, too.", she gently pushed me away, breaking the kiss as my lips closed over her chin, my tongue curling around it's edge, my adoring eyes looking up into hers.

"I have to open up the club.", she smiled as I began to kiss the flesh under her chin, taking a soft bite, moaning out under my breath.

"Stop, Justin.", she straightened her happy face and stood up, "On all fours, boy."

I obeyed her, getting on all fours, staring at the floor below me.

"You haven't slept for awhile.", she reminded, "You've earned a rest."

I smiled, feeling a wave of delight burning through me.

"Thank you, Mistress.", I breathed.

"Into the sleeping cage with you then.", she stroked my hair.

I crawled forward, toward the corner of the room. The sleeping cage was like something you'd see a animal get into if he needed to be transported to another zoo or something. I was able to crawl into it and I could be on all fours inside it. It accepted my whole body inside, I could lay down flat on my back of face inside it, and it had a body pillow on the floor for comfort, if I was permitted it. It's there now and I almost weep at the beauty of the soft white cushion as I touch it with hands and knees, and I wait on all fours, not moving until told to do so.

The cage door closes behind my bare feet and I hear the padlock click into place, sealing me inside.

"Lay down, baby.", she says right away and I smile like a child, curling my arms around the body pillow, laying my face into it, my voice purring in sheer joy.

"Good boy," she smiled back at me as I peeked my eyes open and thanked her with them again, "Sleep, angel of mine. Tomorrow is a new day."

"Thank you, Victoria.", I heard my voice say to her, "I love you."

And I'll love it when you're mine, in this room, soon.

"I love you, too, chubby.", she teased, but I kept smiling, too comfortable to care, "Tomorrow…workout time."

"Yes, Victoria.", I cuddled my pillow, feeling my erection beneath me again.

"Goodnite.", she said finally, at the doorway, flicking the lights completely off and I felt another moan of bliss come rising up out of my throat before I could stifle it.

"Goodnite.", I whispered as the door closed from the other side, and the locks all clicked and snapped into their places.

And I crashed to sleep. Wonderful, warm, soft, sleep…and I was in the park with Selena now…choosing a daisy from the lush, cool grass that stroked our naked bodies as the sun kissed our flesh from above.

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