Stuck in fire - Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Kapitel 17-40

En historie der blev slettet på et andet site, som min veninde og jeg følger med i. Bare ignorer den ;)


6. 22

We sat there, staring at the envelope as if it would jump up and start dancing by itself at any moment.

Be patient with him, Selena, I scolded myself. You have no idea what this could say. Let him take his time. But there is no fucking way he's burning it before we read it. Sorry, Bieber, not on my watch.

Finally, he remembered I was there and looked up at me sheepishly.

"I'm being a wimp again, aren't I?", he asked, ashamed.

"No, Justin, you're not.", I put my hand on his, hoping my eyes showed support, "I know your pain with them runs long and deep."

"You've gotta help me, Selena…", he said, struggling internally, clutching his hair with the hand I wasn't holding, "What should I do here?"

"Well, let's look at this rationally for a minute.", I took a breath and tried to take the emotion out of this.

I picked up the envelope and Justin almost jumped in his skin that I dared to lift it off the counter. I stopped for a second then smiled at him, showing him I wasn't opening it yet.

I felt the envelope between my thumb and fingers.

"It's thin, not bulky.", I observed, "It can't be all about your whole childhood, then. Unless it just says, 'We're vampires.'"

I tried to joke but Justin's eyes looked up at me, squinting, with a scowl.

"Sorry.", I offered, looking at Justin's name on the envelope.

"It's probably one page, knowing them.", he sounded bitter, glaring at it, "They can't even give me an hour of their time to write a long letter to me. Too much trouble…it's just me, after all."

"Maybe it's a check for a million dollars.", I held it up to the light overhead.

"Ukkk.", Justin frowned more, "I would hate that even more than a one page note. Throw money at him, and he'll go away…and their conscious is clear. No. If it is money, I am burning it."

"In Hell!", I let escape out of my mouth. Justin looked at me blankly.

"Sorry, " I winced a little, "I just can't see burning a check for any amount of money…my father had to work like a dog to make ends meet for us…I would just get sick to see you do that. Besides, it would be for Katie. It would help Ben and Angela…"

"It would kill me…", he finished my sentence and I looked at him in confusion, not understanding him.

"How do you think I would feel, doing all I've had to do to get money for Katie…and then, in five minutes, my parents just drop this big check in my lap and cover it all? Now, at this point in time! It would almost be like I did it all for nothing!"

"I understand.", I admitted, seeing his distress at this being money now.

He cringed, staring at his own name on the envelope.

"Your name is written very nicely, a calm hand wrote this.", I observed next, "The handwriting is big…that's good. Small handwriting is selfish. Big, open letters…that shows a generous nature in the writer."

"Selena…", Justin growled, suffering over this. He wanted an end to his misery.

"Okay, Justin.", I gave his hand a squeeze and decided, "I'm opening it."

He sat up, tensing as I took control of things and looked at him first.

"No matter what this says, I'm here.", I looked into his eyes, deeply, "Nothing will change the way I feel for you. We'll get through it. Yes?"

He swallowed and licked his lips nervously, then gave a little nod.

"Yes.", he let out a hard breath.

I really hoped it wasn't some one page explanation. Justin deserved more than that…more than a note. I wanted them to face him and tell him the truth. But then…what is the truth? Will it break him more to hear it? Or is it better left unknown?

I tore open the back of the envelope. It wasn't that glued together. I took another breath and opened the nice, heavy paper that was folded in three. Hotel paper from the Waldorf Astoria.

Justin stared at me, his eyes so fragile as I read to myself, silently.

Dear Justin,

We were here a couple of times today, hoping to speak to you. We know you have every right to refuse us, but we do hope you will change your mind and see us.

What we have to say cannot be put into a letter or spoken over the phone. We even wrestled with the decision of telling you anything at all. We don't want to hurt you anymore. You are the one innocent person in all this. But maybe Miss Gomez is right. If you are still hurting over the past, and I'm sure you are, then you need to know the truth. It may help you.

We are staying at the Waldorf Astoria, the number and address is on this letterhead. We will be here for a week or so, and if you don't contact us, we will completely understand and never bother you again, if that is your wish..

We do apologize, Justin, for everything. We failed you. We were terrible parents. We still are. We know we can't fix that, ever. But we love you. I can't even write that without feeling shame and guilt, but it's true. Believe it or not.

Whatever you decide, be happy.


Carlisle and Esme Bieber

God, they couldn't even write Love, Mom and Dad.

"Okay.", I breathed a bit of relief as he stared at me.

"What does it say?", he asked, "Wait. Do I want to know?"

"It's not bad. They don't tell anything in this letter. They are saying they will be in town for about a week, and if you want to see them, the choice is yours. They say they love you."

His eyes took on a glassy look as he looked at me deeper.

"They do?", he asked, almost in disbelief.

"Would you like me to read it out loud?", I let my hand dance down his beautiful, sad face, "It's alright."

He hesitated and then swallowed a few times, looking at the floor, then finally looked back at me.

"Yes, Selena.", he said, putting on a brave face, "Please read it."

I took my time and read the whole letter to him. I wished Carlisle's words weren't so…carefully chosen. I wished there was more emotion in his sentences…but this is probably who he is. Articulate, polished, exact. Also, cold.

My father would never promise to leave me alone from now on if I wasn't ready to talk to him in a week's time. He would forever keep trying to say he's sorry and make it up to me somehow.

I really hate the idea of walking into their hotel or them coming here now, and me not knowing what bombshells they're going to drop on Justin. What if I'm not good enough to help him through whatever they're going to say? Maybe I should talk to them first, before Justin. That's common in psychiatry. I would hate to bring James into this…but if his parents say something devastating…I will have to. I can't let Justin's suicidal thoughts, even from long ago, rise up again. I also don't want to betray him as he feared I would do.

When I was finished, I looked at his face and he looked a million miles away.

"Are you okay?", I asked, taking his hand in both of mine, letting the letter lay on the counter between us.

He didn't speak for a little while, his eyes were eyeing the perfect penmanship of his father on the paper.

"At least it wasn't a check.", I smiled, hoping he'd join me.

His eyes raised up to mine again and he looked so lost…I hated seeing him like that.

"You don't have to decide anything right now, Justin.", I said, "We have…time."

I had almost said we had three days left and I had almost said that he would be leaving me on Sunday. I want to cry…but I can't. I have to be iron now. Justin needs me.

"Three days.", Justin said with a sober voice, daring to say it out loud.

"Justin…", I trembled inside.

"I will talk to them.", he suddenly decided, "Will you ask them to come here? I don't want to see them at the Waldorf. It's more fitting that it's here…where my therapy has been. Where Dr. Selena's office is."

Now he gave me a little smile and I had to smile back.

"I still can't believe how much you've changed in only ten days.", I marveled out loud, "You're not the loveable little scamp who once asked me right out in a restaurant if I ever sucked cock before."

He laughed and my heart swelled with joy.

"I know.", he agreed, "You're a very talented doctor, Selena. But more than that…you're my best friend. And the girl of my dreams."

I leaned forward and held him, snuggling my cheek next to his as his lips kissed it innocently.

"You're the girl of my dreams, too.", I joked and we both laughed again, and I added, more seriously, "And you're my best friend, too, Justin."

He sniffed but his smile was still playing on his lips.

"That night…at the Chinese place…", Justin said, "I lied to you about my fortune."

I smiled more at his devilish smirk. I'm glad I had something to say back in response.

"So did I.", I stated, seeing his eyes light up and find mine again.

"You DID? Do you want to know what mine said?", he asked, smiling like his old self…by that I meant the happy, go-lucky soul he was when I first met him ten short days ago…but they weren't really short. We had crammed a lifetime's worth of feeling into our brief time together. It seems like 100 years ago.

"Of course!", I squeaked, dieing to know now.

"It said, 'Love is the only medicine for a broken heart.'", he informed, looking into my face with a caring but sad gaze.

"I knew…even then..", he looked down at the counter, "And you being Dr. Selena…I knew you would find the right medicine for me. But I was afraid to tell you…I didn't want to fall in love, with anyone. I am supposed to be unattached…I'm supposed to love everyone…not just one."

"We are stupid.", I agreed, "But I don't think we had much choice in it. Some gods are up there, pulling our strings…watching how this will all play out."

And the gods can be very cruel when they play with mortals. Justin knows that better than anyone.

"What did yours say?", he suddenly remembered to ask me.

I smiled and looked down for a second, then kissed his mouth softly first. Then I whispered it.

"The one you love is closer than you think.", I breathed the words into his ear.

We smiled at each other, like a bird and a fish that somehow had a moment together…knowing it wouldn't last long…but enjoying it anyway.

"Either we were meant to fall for each other…", Justin said, "Or that Chinese lady set us up."

I laughed out loud, snuggling my face into his neck as he held me, kissing my face.

"That might be the answer to all this madness…the Chinese waitress! She must be destroyed!", I feigned a little anger, hearing his laugh.

I thought back to the beginning of my time with Justin. He was so happy and playful…and in control. I was the scared little mouse and he was the confidant lion. But now I can see that he was acting back then. I feel like I really have Justin with me now, even if it's not all fun and games…I have the real Justin Bieber now. And I love him. I don't want to let him go, ever.

And although I wished I never dug into his hurt soul this deeply, to bring all this sadness out of him, I still believed it had to happen. To get him to be truly happy, he must deal with the pain inside him…and conquer his demons.

I had to believe I was changing him for the better, even though at the surface, it looks like I had turned a carefree, smiling young man into a sad, trembling one.

"Will you be with me…when they come?", he asked, getting back to his parents, nodding towards their letter, needing me. And I loved having him need me, right or wrong.

At the same time, I didn't want him to need me this much. What will happen if he has to leave? He'll be alone. So painfully alone.

"I'll always be with you, Justin, you know that.", I said, as if it was obvious.

"It sounds like they have some bad things to say.", he said like a little boy, "What if it's something awful…something I can't live with?"

"Don't say that, Justin.", I almost frowned, "No matter what they say, you can handle it. You have to be strong. You're a father now. You don't have the option of being weak and breaking. Got that?"

He took another breath and looked at me, looking stronger in seconds, now that I reminded him of Katie.

"Got that.", he nodded, "Thank you, Selena. Thank you for being my friend."

"Always.", I smiled, kissing his lips, four small kisses.

"Sunday.", Justin said as he closed his eyes, coming in for another kiss, "We can have my parents over on Sunday. In the morning. I want the whole day and night with you, just to myself."

His mouth opened and took me in, soft…smooth…wet…hot…tongue slowly entering…finding mine.

I heard Justin moan and I half opened my eyes as he kept kissing me, harder now, roughly, as if he wanted all of me now.

"Selena…", he moaned my name again and I knew that voice. He wanted me…now.

The counter was between us and I whimpered back in response, wanting him too. How could we go from such a sad moment to this in three seconds? We are really meant for each other.

Before I knew it, Justin kept kissing me but he crawled over the counter like a hungry tiger coming after its prey. I gave a squeal at his agile leap. I tripped as I stepped backwards and we were blissfully on the living room floor now.

Justin threw the coffee table away from us with one hand as I shouted in surprise into his open mouth, his tongue struggling against mine.

"My recorder…", I muttered as he smothered my mouth with hot, wet kisses, almost taking away my air. But I wasn't complaining.

"Selena….session one…", Justin breathed, moaning a little as he tried to open his shirt buttons, then jerked it open, breaking some of them in the process as he kept kissing me, placing his shirt over my eyes like a bunched up blindfold.

"Dr. Justin…", I panted, grabbing his hair in the back of his head, "I need your help…bad."

I smiled, liking this as he grabbed my hair, turning my face aside so he could assault my neck with his tongue and biting teeth. I gave a little shriek as one particular bite pinched with a hint of pain.

"How does that make you feel, Selena?", he said in between some heavy, wet kisses, his lips smiling a little above me as I let myself fall into a daze, needing him to hurt me…to be savage with me.

I moaned in response to his question and added, "Yes…yes…tear my clothes off me…please!"

Without a word, his fast hands were at the cleavage of my thin spring blouse. He grunted like a caveman, and yanked a couple of times, and I heard the fabric ripping…and the air touched my bare midriff and the tops of my breasts…and I grunted back, a dumb animal feeling pleasure, not thinking at all.

A second later, I heard Justin mutter, "Fucking bra again!" And he tore it apart with no effort at all, exposing my breasts to his hungry mouth. I cried out, loving it and his arms moved under my back and yanked me up to meet his wet mouth better…his perfect lips closing over my nipples…his teeth biting…his tongue lapping me.

My fingers wove themselves into his hair, jerking and grasping, holding his face closer to my body. The shirt he laid over my eyes fell off but he didn't care.

Next, I felt him quickly unbuckling my jeans, yanking them open, hurting the zipper a little as I panted harder, feeling him pulling them off me with no hint of delicate slowness. He had to take my sneakers off me first and that annoyed him too. I nearly laughed.

He growled to himself, ordering, "Stay.", before he got up and quickly went into the bedroom, coming back with a condom in its wrapper in his teeth.

His pants were already half down when he entered back here and I smiled at his naked penis, fully erect and monstrously large, ready to attack. That is, until Justin placed it's nice black cover over it.

"Dr. Justin…" I said as he was already back on top of me again, parting my legs and tasting me, his slick, hot tongue quivering itself into the thin, eager flesh waiting for it. He lapped at me as if there was no tomorrow and his fingers dug into my ass, serving my hips upwards to his mouth.

"Selena…", he breathed as he licked me harder, "I think I can help you…I think I know what you need."

I had to smile and close my eyes as he gave me what I longed for. He swirled his tongue in and out of my pussy, fucking me with his tongue.

"OH SHIT!", I screamed out, almost ready to cum just from this alone. How does he spin his tongue like that ?

I started swearing like a sailor at him until I was screaming with no words…and I didn't even care what I looked or sounded like…I was screeching out, cumming so hard, clinging onto my own hair, my fists needing to clutch at something.

Without a word, Justin pierced himself into me, letting out a gut wrenching holler that aroused me even more. I scratched at his scarred back, and felt the faint oval shaped bite mark on his ass that was nearly gone. I wanted to make my mark on him, somewhere…but felt like Raven's horrible marks had ruined that for me.

But then I got a great little thought. I perhaps have made my mark in him…and it will not heal and fade in time with new flesh. I hope my mark is inside him…one no fingers or whips could ever touch or erase.

He was ramming himself over and over inside me and I just moved up and down under his body, gasping and heaving, my eyes rolling back into my head as my back arched up more.

His sounds were driving me mad with desire and my hips kept thrusting up to meet his pelvis as it drove up and down over me. Justin started to shout even louder at this, making inhuman sounds…groans and grunts of raw lust and pleasure.

After a sweet forever had seemed to pass, he laid on top of me, trying not to lean all his weight on me as I clung to his wet body, still incapable of speech as his arms shivered, too, holding me to him as if it hurt for our bodies not to be pressed together.

It was so hot…and it was dark outside now.

I loved it that I got this idea and grabbed the back of Justin's wet hair, making his face look at mine. He looked a little surprised at me as I said, "I want to fuck you on the fire escape now. Move it…and bring condoms."

I saw his mouth turn up at the corners as I wriggled free and ran to the window, opening it and peeking outside first. Justin stood up, watching me…wanting to see if I really had the guts to go out there.

I stepped out there and giggled, letting my shame go, standing out there, grabbing the iron ledge bars at my waist, flinging my long hair to one side as the breeze played with it, making it fall sexily over half my face.

"Oh fuck.", Justin said clearly and loudly, and his naked body raced into the bedroom, hurrying back and climbing out the window to join me.

"Selena, you little exhibitionist slut!", he sounded proud of me as he said the words, standing outside with me, unembarrassed at his own nudity outside.

He looked up over my head and smiled, a wicked little grin coming to his lips.

"Reach up and hold these bars.", he reached up and showed me the ones he meant.

I reached way up, straining to curl my hands around the thin black bars above me. I was on my tip toes now, breathing a little heavier as I saw Justin smile wider, showing teeth at what he was seeing now.

He cupped a hand under my right knee and raised it up, placing it over the ledge bar. He let my other leg stay straight, my toes pressing the floor below.

"Very nice.", he approved and I let out a little breath, peeking around me, seeing I was safe. Even if I fell, I was in the center of the fire escape. I wouldn't fall off. And I trusted Justin. He wouldn't let me fall.

I let my head fall back a bit, closing my eyes as his hands began to explore my body. He began at my one foot on the floor and tickled under it, where it was arched and I let out a little scream.

With a smile, he kissed my ankle and nipped at it while I tried to keep my balance, my hands holding on for dear life on the bar overhead now. His mouth slowly kissed up my leg, playing for awhile around my kneecap and then aroused me as he licked and kissed with tongue up my inner thigh.

Getting down on his knees, he said in a low voice, "I'm kneeling before you Selena. Finally."

"No.", I breathed, not wanting him to serve me that way.

"Relax, Selena.", he began to lightly stroke between my legs with his sure fingers, "I WANT…to kneel before you. You're the one person…I can honestly fall to my knees with…I love belonging to you…I DO…belong to you."

I remember him saying that to me in the beginning – I love belonging to you. Back then, I knew it was a line…and it had made me feel sad. Now I wanted to fly and scream it to the heavens…celebrating it.

He was teasing me now, taking small little licks into my already sensitive pussy as I hissed out, clutching those bars with my hands as if I were hanging over a deadly drop below.

His expert fingers spread me open and his mouth rose up, sucking and opening, closing, moving…tongueing every little crevice and hidden little space within.

I kept saying his name…"Edwarrrdddd….Eddddward….Justin…."

Soon it became not a name but a wonderful sound I was making…a magical word that meant this powerful feeling inside me, a spell that was cast over me.

I didn't say anything else except that the whole time…and I felt his sweet fingers playing where he'd just painted with his tongue and hot saliva. I could feel three fingers now…moving in different directions…in…and slowly…out…and in again.

"UGGGHHHH!", I tossed my head way back, seeing the city upside down as my dark hair hung out behind me. I screamed louder, seeing people on the sidewalks in the distance…shops still open for business. I didn't give a fuck. Let them hear me. Let them be jealous of me having this sensuous god all to myself.

He was holding my knee that was over the ledge securely with his free hand, making sure I was secure and safe.

"Fuck, Selena, I want you now.", his voice sounded urgent after I came and my eyes were hardly open as he moved around behind me, holding an arm around me, right under my breasts and arching me backwards against his chest, giving my head a nice flesh and muscle pillow, my lips finding his neck and kissing anywhere I could reach with wild abandon.

Then I felt his cock, covered by a new condom, pressing against my melting pussy lips and then penetrate upwards into me, and I screamed out again, hearing his voice give a very low groan as well.

"Hold those bars, Selena.", he took a step back and was holding my propped up leg over his strong arm now, and he raised and lowered me to his savage cock, his hips pumping up and down along with my falling and rising body.

Damn, Justin IS strong, I realized as he worked me. Part of me thought this is a good workout for his arms, as he didn't get to work out at the gym much while he was with me.

I was screaming and so was Justin. I hoped no cops were getting calls about us right now…imagine if Justin's parents tried to come to the door now!

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum, Selena…please…", he panted, wanting me to come before he finished, "I'll hang on…wait."

Then he was furiously pounding himself into me and that was it. I came right there and then, and was yelling it at him.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming, Justin!", I screeched, "God! YES!"

Thank God no little kids live around my place. I'd feel so dirty now.

He let out a roar of relief and growled out and I felt his body tense and then relax…his vigorous pumping stopped…and there was a warmth inside me….and I knew he'd come too.

I don't think I could've held onto the bars for another second, and Justin scooped me up into his arms after he withdrew out of me. He was kissing my forehead as he crawled us back into the apartment and took me into the bathroom.

I was half out of it but I remember him placing me in the empty tub. In seconds, the red hot sensation of flowing water was upon my ankles and legs…and Justin closed the drain, letting a nice hot bath run as my eyes tried to focus on his perfect face above me.

He quickly took care of his condom and slipped into the tub with me, seated behind me, letting his legs open and allowing me to lay back on his body as the water began to rise up around our weak, sweating bodies.

"My poor baby.", he said in a low voice as he rubbed the palms of my sore hands with his fingers, under the hot water's touch at my sides, "I'm sorry, Selena."

It didn't hurt much at all now…and I didn't notice my hands with all that was happening to my body on the fire escape. I just smiled and enjoyed his caring touch…feeling his kisses on my palms next.

"Don't apologize.", I said, still feeling high and wonderful, "I love it on the fire escape."

He laughed but kept caring for my hands, working them with his thumbs now, very firmly in the centers.

"I've created a monster, haven't I?", he asked, placing a soft and long kiss on my cheek.

"Definitely.", I smiled, proudly.

"The Bride of Frankencock.", he said, "She's alive! Alive!"

We burst out laughing and Justin explained to me who Frankencock was.

"You named it?", I kept laughing, "And after a monster? That says a lot about you."

"No, don't analyze it.", Justin whined, "Just leave it alone. I don't wish to be committed by Dr. Selena."

"That would keep you from getting away from me.", I had to admit, "I'll just lock you in my own little rubber room, in a nice, tight straightjacket…and no pants."

"Mmmm, it's the opposite of your no shirt rule, huh?", he commented, moving his fingers over my breasts under the bathwater, his foot pushing the knob to the wall, shutting off the water pouring into the tub, "I like the sound of that. What would you do to me in that little padded cell?"

"I would come in, wearing the shortest little skirts and tightest little blouses…", I began, "And I would pull you up by the hair and make you answer my questions. We would have lots of good therapy. And after we finish our talks, I would shove you down on your back and administer some…oral examinations on you."

"Ohhhh yessss.", Justin smiled big and let his head fall back a bit, "I'm loving this idea more and more…and then what, Dr. Selena?"

"I would be cruel and tease you…not letting you cum right away.", I played, "Everytime you get close, I'll stop and watch you poor little body squirm in its jacket, and watch your beautiful green eyes plead with me."

"God, you evil bitch.", he smiled and laughed a little, "Tell me more."

"Then I'd slip off my panties and stuff them into your begging little mouth.", I fantasized onward, hoping he knows I'm just making all this up. In reality, I could never harm this man. It would be worse than cutting or hurting myself.

"Those will taste good.", Justin imagined it as he listened to my fable.

"And then I'd get you nice and hard again with my mouth…", I said, "And I'd straddle you…and have my way with…Frankencock." I almost couldn't say it out loud without laughing.

"No condom?", he was amazed.

"Nope.", I said, "You'd be all mine in that room. You'd never have to wear a condom with me – in our little fantasy world."

"Cool.", he sounded pleased, as if I were reading him a fairy tale.

"And then if you were very good, I'd come back later and feed you.", I smiled, imagining myself feeding Justin a nice, wet cherry.

"Paradise.", he hummed, closing his eyes, "And the Frankencocks lived happily ever after."

I giggled, still amused by his name for his monster penis. I kept picturing it green with little bolts sticking out of each side.

"Tomorrow's Friday.", he said all of a sudden and my eyes opened, and my heart cracked in about one hundred places.

"I know.", I whispered, hearing only the little movements of water around our bodies.

His arms tightened around me and I clung to them, too, not wanting to think about Sunday being our final day together.

"I love you, Selena.", he said simply.

I let a heartbroken breath escape my lips and I responded, "I love you too, Justin. I'll always love you."

He turned my chin to him and closing his eyes, he was kissing my lips with a very gentle and innocent mouth.

"Always.", he breathed after his lips finally released mine.


Today is Friday, Day 12


Justin seemed much happier today as he helped me make lunch for my father. He was singing and joking around with me all day and I was glad. I hoped my father handled the news well today. He'd have to be a saint not to get angry.

The first thing Justin said to me today was, and in the happiest voice I ever heard him use, "Hey! I'm gonna get punched in the face today."

I assured him he wasn't…but then I thought about it. Maybe he would. At least I know Charlie wouldn't be wearing his uniform and gun over here today. That's a plus.

"You know how to block a punch, right?", I asked Justin during breakfast and he nodded, not looking all that scared. Again, he didn't fear physical pain or punishment. He was more worried about what Charlie would do to me in response to what we had to tell him today.

I asked that he not be here at first when Charlie came in so I could talk to my Dad alone before he met Justin. But Justin refused to do that. He said I had been there always for him, and would be there when his parents came back, so he would not abandon me now, either.

"I deserve to be punched, Selena.", he finally admitted, "Let him do it to me. It'll make him feel better and maybe he'll respect me afterwards. It's a guy thing. I won't hit him, if that's what you're worried about. I wouldn't hurt your father, Selena. I'll just hold still and let him hit me. I promise."

"I believe you…and that's why I'm mad.", I argued, "I don't want my Dad hitting you…and I don't want you holding still so he can, either. Besides, he might mess up the pretty face."

I squeezed his cheeks together and kissed them and giggled at how cute he looked this way, his full little ducky lips all squished together.

"Please stop that.", he raised a brow and I released him.

"Victoria will go ape shit if you come back there with a black eye or something, won't she? I mean, won't you get in more trouble?", I asked, then got mad at myself for even mentioning the bitch's name…or the thoughts of him going back there.

"No.", he stirred the soup, "I can just tell her you were hitting me in play and it happened. I heal pretty quickly. Besides, I'll be out of …"

He stopped and I looked up at him. Turning quickly, he was chopping the salad, not saying anything now, his brow creased.

"You'll be out of what?", I frowned, not liking this.

"I'll be out of…band aids…if I…", he hesitated, a bad liar.

"Liar.", I accused, "Say what you were going to say, Justin."

He clenched his jaw and stopped chopping lettuce, looking at me.

"I'll be out of circulation for a few days, once I go back.", he said, "I have a few days of punishment waiting for me when I get there."

I slammed the plates down on the counter, making Justin jerk in his skin.

Because of me attacking Victoria.

"Charlie is coming.", I said in a low growl, almost to myself, "He will help us. There has to be a law against this."

"Do you know how long pimps and whores have walked the earth, Selena?", he sighed, "Legal or not? Victoria is dangerous. I wish your father would just stay out of all this. I don't want him getting hurt."

"I don't want you getting hurt, either.", I felt tears in my eyes, looking at him.

"I signed up for this.", he began to chop the lettuce again, "I've accepted the money, I signed the contract. I'm no victim in this shit."

"How can you SAY that?", I shouted, picturing him in that fucking cage at Fire again, with Victoria ordering him to kneel.

"Because it's TRUE, Selena!", he raised his voice, then looked sorry as soon as he did it, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't yell at you."

"Listen…I've been thinking…", Selena suggested, her voice shaky, "Maybe we can make this work, even if you have to go back to Victoria…for a little while."

"Selena.", he put his knife down and began to move forward, to come and comfort me.

"No wait.", I felt tears in my eyes, panicking, "Maybe Emmett can somehow stay in touch with me…for awhile…just to let me know how you are…Victoria won't know about it."

"Please don't do this, Selena.", he pleaded, his hands moving up and down my arms, "Why don't we just have a nice visit with your father? Tell him I'm some boy you've been seeing from school. I am going back to Victoria, there's nothing anyone can do for me in the next couple of days. And you can't have any contact with me after I leave…I'm not allowed to have girlfriends. She'll hurt you if you come around. You can't do that. It's alright. You tried your best, and it's more than anyone else has ever done for me. Even if you did find a way to free me by some miracle, I'd never know how to fit into a normal life…a normal job now. Just promise me you won't come after me when I go."

"No!", I yanked away from him, hating him, hating that he wasn't willing to try or fight harder.

"Selena!", he called, about to say something when the door knocked, a playful rap on the other side.

Justin looked at the door and then me as I rushed to it and unlocked it, seeing the familiar white, blue, and gray flannel shirt, opened, with a white t-shirt beneath it, dark blue jeans, sneakers, the spiky, mussed black hair, with a hint of gray at the temples…the dark eyebrows almost hiding the soft sparkle in his dark brown eyes…and his smile.

"Dad.", I felt myself cry as I flung my arms around him, unable to hold in a few tears and sniffles as he hugged me back, his hands patting and rubbing my back. He was never very good with the crying girl moments.

"Hi Bells.", he sounded like he knew already something was wrong. I didn't think of it right away…but then I remembered he could see Justin standing behind me, in my kitchen, helping make lunch. He probably suspected Justin was the one making me cry now.

"Don't cry, honey.", he tried to comfort me and make me stop, "It's okay. I'm here."

"Come in, Dad.", I offered, and finally let him come inside, looking down and trying to stop my chin from quivering as my father eyed Justin, entering.

"Dad, this is Justin Bieber.", I introduced them, controlling my emotions, or trying to, "Justin, this is my Dad, Charlie Gomez."

"Nice to meet you, Chief Gomez.", Justin stepped forward and respectfully gave my father a nice, firm handshake and I had to admire the scene while it was still friendly.

When I first met Justin I felt sad thinking this meeting would never happen. But it was. Too bad they'd be fighting soon. Well, at least my Dad would be.

"Oh, you know I'm a Chief, huh?", Charlie grinned, not very outgoing with new people, "I guess Selena's been telling you all about me, then."

Justin smiled at me and then my Dad.

"She only has great things to say about you.", Justin informed, letting go of my father's hand now, "She's told me everything about your fishing adventures together."

"Oh, do you fish, Justin?", Charlie asked, crossing his arms, in judging stance. Uh oh.

"No, I never have.", he admitted, "But I've always wanted to. I'm a city kid, mostly, but I would love to give it a try sometime."

Charlie gave Justin a little grin, admiring honesty. I know he's looking at how handsome Justin is and he's not liking that. Maybe I should let them get to know each other better before I tell Charlie the whole story. Maybe we should eat first.

"Dad.", I sat him on one of the stools at the counter outside the kitchen and felt a little grossed out that Justin had tied me to one of these, naked, and now my father was possibly sitting on the same stool.

"Justin and I have made you a great lunch.", I informed, "We made your favorite, steak and potatoes…and salad."

"And soup.", Justin stirred his soup and turned off the fire below it.

"And soup.", I repeated, feeling very nervous now. Get it together, Selena.

"Is something wrong, Selena?", Charlie asked, never being a fool and never missing it when something was bothering me. It's one of the disadvantages of having a cop for a father. I can't fool him.

"Well, yea, but we want to talk to you after lunch, okay?", I asked and now my father's eyes were on Justin…God only knows what he's thinking.

"And before you start," I said, "I'm not pregnant, I'm not getting married, and my grades are fine."

Justin turned to Charlie, smiling a little, but Charlie did not look amused. Without a word, Justin turned back around to spoon his soup into bowls.

We ate, making lots of small talk. Justin was very good at drawing Charlie out and making interesting conversation with him. I didn't know Justin was such a baseball fan, but they talked about it for over 30 minutes while I watched them interact. At one point, Justin even made my Dad laugh…and that was fantastic to see.

Once we were finished, Justin began to clear the dishes away and Charlie found that a little odd, going by his expression.

"Forget the dishes for now, Justin.", I said under my breath to him, "We need to do this now before I lose my nerve."

"Selena, please, think about this first.", he whispered to me, still not sure what I was doing was going to be good for me.

"I told you, I don't care about being yelled at, I want to help you, and whether you like it or not, I am going to, now come!", I jerked his arm and he stumbled after me as I led him to the living room.

"Let's sit in here, Dad, okay?", I cleared my throat, plopping Justin down on the green sofa in his favorite spot during therapy.

Charlie got up from the counter and took a little sip of his beer, putting the can down on the counter top and moving over towards us. I sat beside Justin on the sofa and Charlie took the chair across from us, where Dr. Selena usually sits.

"Selena tells me you have a big problem.", Charlie looked at both of us now, wondering what it could be, "So, let me hear it."

"Alright, but Dad, here are the rules.", I leaned forward, "You have to listen to us until we're finished. You have to swear not to yell too much when we're done. And you have to swear not to become violent."

"I told you, Selena, it's a guy thing. It's alright if he does.", Justin tried to argue with me now but I told him to shush.

Then he looked at Charlie and said, "Any reaction you have is alright. It's okay if you yell or…become violent. I would if I were you."

"I've heard every story there is, Justin.", Charlie scratched his cheek, "I doubt you two are going to tell me something that drives me insane enough to yell or become violent. Go ahead."

"Alright, Dad.", I said, taking a breath, "This is what happened. You know I'm majoring in psychiatry. Well, I needed to choose a person…an interesting person to study and do a paper on. I did have someone picked out…and at the last minute, they bailed on me. I had two days to choose someone. So I went to this club in town called Fire…and I met Justin there."

Justin gave a weak smile as Charlie's eyes darted to him, almost burning him a bit with their stare.

"I work there.", he tossed in.

"Justin is a dancer there.", I stated, watching my father's face. Nothing yet. Just a stern look as he waited for the rest of the story.

"I asked Justin if—" I began but Justin cut me off.

"Let me say it, please Selena.", Justin looked at me and I gave a little nod.

"Chief Gomez, Selena had asked me to be her subject for her paper.", he said, "But I told her I don't work for free. I charge women…for my time. Selena didn't want to agree to something so sordid, but…she was desperate for a person to do her report on. So…she hired me so she could….study me."

"Stop making yourself sound so sleazy, Justin.", I frowned, "It's wasn't like that. I went after you."

Charlie was clearly frowning now, not liking any of this talk one little bit.

"The thing is, Dad, that since Justin has been talking with me…as I've been getting to know about his life.", I said, "It's like this. Justin is working for this Victoria woman who runs the club he works at. But he doesn't just work for her…she owns him, Dad. It's a long story and it will take a long time to tell, but Justin is being held by her against his will. She makes him do the most…he's a slave, Dad. And women pay to hurt him and attack him. That's what I need your help with, Dad. I need you to help me set him free. He doesn't want to go back. And we only have three more days together before he has to go back to her."

Justin was looking down at the floor as I was telling my father all this and now his eyes met Charlie's.

"You…hired him?", Charlie was keeping his face stone, his voice still calm. He was in interrogation mode now.

Justin looked at me and swallowed.

"With what?", he asked, "You have no—"

Then he stopped and frowned at me harder. His eyes widened and he said, so dangerously low in his voice that it even scared me.

"Your inheritance?", he growled, "My mother's money?"

"Dad, I know that—" I tried but was cut off.

"That was her whole life SAVINGS, Selena Gomez!", Charlie's eyes were very angry now and his voice was loud, "She gave it all to you! So you'd have some security someday, to start a family, buy a home or a business of your own! She believed you would be smart and take care of that money! And you bought a whore with it?"

I didn't even take the second to see Justin's reaction – I sprung to my feet and towered over my father as he kept sitting in my chair.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL HIM THAT!", I had tears in my eyes, "Don't ever say that word again! He's not a whore! He's trapped, CHARLIE! I called you here so you could help him!"

"Selena, stop.", Justin was trying to calm me down, standing up behind me, gently placing his hands on my arms.

Charlie leapt up and shouted at Justin.

"Take your hands off my daughter!", he snapped.

Justin didn't say a word but I felt his hands release me.

"Can't we all sit down and go back to calm talking?", Justin offered, hopefully, "Selena is a very good therapist and I know more things get resolved when there's no yelling."

At this, I decided to be the first one to calm myself down, knowing he was right. But if Charlie insulted Justin again I was going for his throat.

I sat down where I had been, next to Justin…and eventually, Charlie sat down too.

He was scowling at Justin now and I didn't like that either. Justin was making full eye contact with Charlie now, no longer looking at the floor in shame and that made me very proud of him.

"Selena doesn't like that word – whore.", Justin said calmly, "I call myself that all the time and she takes my head off for it, too. I know what I am, Chief Gomez, I'm not denying it."

"But you want my help to get out of it.", Charlie said coldly, staring Justin down.

"I don't think there is a way out for me.", Justin said, honestly, "Selena loves to solve problems and she's been a very good psychiatrist and friend. She doesn't want me to go back to my life, as it is. She wants to help me. And I admire her for that…but…I just don't think it's possible…in the next three days, or maybe, ever. And it's very dangerous. Victoria…is part of a criminal family, if you know what I mean. People helping me could get hurt…I don't want that. Selena wanted to call you for help and you know how hard it is arguing with her."

"How much did she pay you?", Charlie didn't seem like he was listening to a word Justin was saying and that pissed me off.

"Dad, does it matter?", I clenched my fists, keeping my seat.

"I want to know!", he shouted, keeping himself in the chair.

"Twenty thousand.", I clenched my eyes for a second, then glared at him.

Justin looked down and then at my father again.

"I swear, Chief Gomez, if I could, I'd give it all back to her right now.", Justin said with a tone of sadness in his voice, "She has given me so much…"

"The entire inheritance.", Charlie's eyes almost hurt me when they looked at me. He looked utterly disgusted with me. I never saw that look touch me before from him.

Justin looked like he wanted to help fix this but I wished he would stop talking for a second. He was pissing Charlie off even more by trying to explain.

"That's my fault, Sir.", Justin took the blame, "I didn't give her a choice."

"Did you sleep with her?", Charlie was glaring at Justin now, ignoring me, as if I wasn't even here.

Justin hesitated and was about to answer when Charlie lunged at him. The hesitation in Justin gave him his answer and before I could react much, Charlie had Justin by the shirt, against the wall as a couple of knick knacks fell and crashed to the floor.

"You little SLEAZE!", Charlie gritted through his teeth as he slammed Justin's back against the wall again, "You fucked my daughter! For MONEY!"

"DAD!", I screamed, pulling on Charlie's flannel shirt to make him stop, "You're hurting his back! STOP IT!"

Justin's whip marks would open if he kept slamming his back that hard and I didn't want my father causing him more pain, not to mention the pain of being called a sleaze and a whore.

"I'm gonna hurt a lot more than his back!", Charlie growled, slamming his back again to the wall as Justin let out a small pant of breath.

"DAD, STOP IT NOW!", I tried to grab Charlie's arms that were like rock, pinning Justin to the wall. I also noticed Justin wasn't even struggling or begging to be released. He was just taking it.

"I know how you feel, but I'm not sorry.", Justin said in his own defense, looking right at Charlie's twisted face, "Selena is my best friend. And I know you love her, too, so I don't blame you for wanting to hurt me. So go ahead. I won't fight you."

"Dad, don't!", I nearly cried, unable to pull my father off.

"Selena, please, get out of the way.", Justin looked at me, "You're gonna get hurt."

Charlie drew a fist back and watched Justin's face as he did it. Justin let his head rest against the wall behind him and closed his eyes, waiting for it.

"Dad, don't you hurt HIM!", I leapt on my father's back, my arms around his neck, "I love him!"

"Calm down, Selena.", Charlie's voice was calm again and he dropped his fist, still looking at Justin, "I'm not going to hurt him."

I breathed a sigh of relief and let my father's neck go, landing to my feet as Charlie slowly let Justin go, taking a step or two back from him.

"Why?", Justin stayed against the wall, stunned.

"I can't hit a man who's not going to fight back.", Charlie informed, "It's not right."

"Thank you Dad.", I heard myself saying, sounding eternally grateful.

"It's not that I don't want to kick your ass. I do. But I can see you care about her.", Charlie said, still looking at Justin, "Telling her to get out of the way…I was just about to tell her the same thing when you said it. I don't like it…but it is what it is."

I smiled a little. "That's what Justin always says."

Charlie sat down in the chair I gave him earlier and let his head fall into his hands…another Justin move. They are more alike than they know.

"Are you alright?", I went to Justin as he straightened and took a step or two from the wall…and there was a little blood on the wall.

"I think so.", he said before I shouted.

"Your back!", I yelled, feeling instant fury, "I knew IT!"

"Shit.", Justin said as I brought him to the kitchen, ordering, "Take off your shirt."

"Selena, I'll take care of it in the bathroom.", he began to argue but I wasn't in the mood now.

"How're you going to reach your back alone?", I asked, "OFF!"

He sighed and unbuttoned the shirt, removing it and letting his head drop a bit as I wet a clean washcloth with warm water, gently dabbing the little lines that had fresh blood on them, feeling tears in my eyes as it blurred my vision.

"Jesus Christ.", I heard Charlie from the living room and Justin let out a ragged breath. He was seeing Justin's chest from his viewpoint and the marks Raven had inflicted there.

"What the hell?", Charlie was slowly coming forward, towards Justin.

"What'd you think we were kidding, Dad?", I almost hollered at my father as he silently came into the kitchen where we were, and he got a good look at Justin's back now.

"Damn," Charlie said as he watched me cleaning the blood off Justin's skin.

"They were just beginning to heal, thank you Dad.", I couldn't hide my anger at him right now.

"It's alright.", Justin's voice was brave, "It doesn't hurt."

"I wouldn't have called you, here, Dad, if it wasn't an emergency.", I said to my father at my side as I worked, "I didn't have to tell you anything! I know you're angry and hurt…and disappointed in me…but we don't have time to deal with all that now. I'm in love with Justin…and he loves me. We didn't plan it and we know it's impossible, but we can't help it. I need to save him, Dad. Look what they do to him. And this is only part of the physical pain they inflict on him…you have no idea what they've done to him on the inside."

"I knew there was something more to it when you closed your eyes and waited for my fist.", Charlie was addressing Justin now, "I saw that once before…a kid. His father used to beat him regular. I saw the man raise his hand to his son and the kid froze and waited for it…just like you did when I had you."

Justin's face half turned towards us but then he looked straight ahead, letting out a little breath.

"They call him a pain slave.", I said gently to my father as I began to apply the ointment, the blood all cleaned away now, "They do the most terrible things to him. This is nothing, Justin told me, compared to what they usually do to him."

"Tell me more about these people.", Charlie said and I felt as if I might cry out loud. This meant my Dad wanted to help…and know more.

I reminded my father that this is the Justin Bieber I had him to the background check on, that I lied about Rosalie dating him. I reminded him of Justin's past…his daughter…the fire. The more my Dad learned the less he wanted to beat Justin up. He didn't exactly love Justin and want me to marry him one day, but he understood, I think.

We didn't go into great detail about our arrangement at the beginning – of how Justin was teaching me sexually just as I was teaching him to deal with his pain and past. We didn't need to tell him everything. We did assure him we always used protection when we were together and my father almost lost his lunch at that point.

But the basics were shared. I even confessed to attacking Victoria at the club…and told how Justin defended me and got me out of there.

Justin told him more about Victoria, the club, the other dancers there, how he came to belong to her, and even about the threats they make to him about his blood being used to frame him and then talked about her promises of harming his daughter if he ever tried to leave.

I noticed Charlie stole one of my new notebooks and began to take notes on what Justin was saying. Justin almost laughed at that, remembering me with my notebook, seeing the family similarities there. I just shot him a look and he hid his smile.

Finally, Justin said to my father, after the fifth page of notes, "Please, Chief Gomez, this is getting to be too much. My daughter could be hurt…or killed if this isn't handled right. And so could Selena. I can't risk this."

"Justin," Charlie looked straight into Justin's eyes, "Nothing is going to get better if you don't try. Someday, they will hurt your daughter…and everyone you care about. People who keep slaves and hostages are huge cowards. They only have power because of your fear."

"You're damn right I'm afraid!", Justin shouted back, "That's my daughter!"

"And that's my daughter.", Charlie nodded towards me, "She's in danger now, too, and I won't tolerate that, Justin. I have to do whatever it takes to make her safe again. If you care as much as you say, you'll do the same, for both Selena and your little girl. So…are you in…or are you out?"

Justin smiled at me, remembering me saying the exact same thing to him as I drove him away from Raven's that night. Yes, I stole that from my father and he knew it now.

"I'm in.", he said, looking very nervous. I knew he was worrying about his daughter and I admired that. I gently rubbed the back of his clean, new t-shirt, assuring him it would be alright.

"I know what I'm doing, Justin.", Charlie further assured, "I wouldn't do anything to get a child hurt. I can't guarantee I can wrap things up in three days, but I'll do what I can while I'm here."

"Thank you, Chief Gomez.", Justin said with real feeling, "I can see where Selena gets her courage and brains…"

Charlie hated getting compliments but he scoffed and said, "She gets her looks from her mother, lucky for her."

"Dad.", I frowned and my father actually smiled a little.

He looked at Justin again and said, "And…you can call me Charlie, kid."

"Oh.", Justin looked more relaxed as he grinned and said, "Thank you, Charlie."

"Don't get too comfortable, Justin.", Charlie frowned a bit, "I might still hit you, later."

"Alright.", Justin agreed, "You know where to find me."

My father was headed towards the door and I guessed this meant he was leaving for now. He turned to me and didn't lower his voice as he said, really, to both of us, "I still hate this whole thing, Selena. Don't think I'm not mad as Hell at both of you right now."

"I know, Dad.", I did feel bad for my father, I knew this would be a lot for him to take. I hated that I had to involve him in this.

"But at least Justin was doing his job, as sick as it is.", Charlie gave Justin a look, then said to me, "But Selena, you know better. We're not done talking about this."

"I know.", I felt tears come to my eyes. I had really hurt him and I could see that in his eyes.

"I'll be around.", Charlie didn't hug me right now and I understood that, "I need a little time to think…and I'll start checking things out." At that, he raised his notebook and eyed Justin for a moment.

"Please be careful, Dad.", I said, knowing he was smart enough to handle this without my help.

"I always am.", he said, no emotion in his voice, "See ya."

He didn't kiss me goodbye, either, but I knew I'd have to give him time.

My Dad was walking down the stairs, taking him out as I closed the apartment door, turning to Justin. He looked deep in thought about something else and I went to him, carefully putting my arms around him so I wouldn't hurt his back anymore, "I think that went pretty well."

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