Stuck in fire - Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Kapitel 17-40

En historie der blev slettet på et andet site, som min veninde og jeg følger med i. Bare ignorer den ;)


2. 18

The entire night was just hot as hell, as Justin always says. Now he's got me talking like him. I am still fascinated with how wonderful orgasm feels…unbelievable! His tongue found places inside me that I didn't know existed. Damn, he knows what he's doing. I think I know how he earned the name Thumper…and deservedly so.

We held each other tight as we fell asleep – who knows what time it was…and who cared?

When my eyes opened, the sun was shining but all the blinds were down. I felt Justin sitting up next to me in bed and when I turned to him to say something he spun towards me and instantly, his hand was clasped over my mouth, his nose almost touching mine.

"Good morning, my pet.", he smiled down at me, his lips softly kissing my nose as my body trembled a little, "No, love, don't be afraid. I'll be good to you…you'll see. But if you scream or try to get away, it will hurt me."

"I'm going to make you a nice breakfast first…", he said, "But until that's ready you have to be still. Today you'll be completely mine. Is that clear?"

I nodded, feeling dampness between my legs already.

"Good girl.", he grinned.

He let go of my mouth and I didn't dare make a peep. Next to him on the bed was a roll of duct tape. He tore a small piece off and looked sternly down at me.

"Close your mouth.", he said with the sweet, eerie voice and I obeyed, feeling the thick piece of tape smoothing over my lips. His fingers carefully moved over the tape, making sure every inch was stuck in place.

"Over.", he rolled me over and began tying a rope around my wrist, not enough to hurt me, it wasn't tight at all, and then he ran the rope behind my back and around the other wrist.

When he rolled me onto my back, my hands were trapped at my sides, not underneath me.

Then, without a word, he began tying a rope around my ankles, pinning them together, then to the left lower leg of my bed, holding me down securely, but not at all painfully or even uncomfortably.

"Stay.", he smiled, kissing the duct tape where my lips were, and he went off into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

I've always fantasized about being tied up and left like this…and the tape over my mouth excited me. I felt so helpless and kidnapped and at the same time sexy as I tried to yank my ankles, not able to move them much at all.

Closing my eyes, I made little mmmm sounds, half turning my body, then returning it to its original place. He could've tied me a lot tighter and in a lot more difficult position if he chose to, and maybe he would later. Part of me hoped so.

Justin must've heard my pitiful little sounds but he seemed to ignore them while he cooked. I let my hair fall over my eyes as I continued to play struggle, really enjoying myself, getting into our game.

"Mmmm, pretty little pet…", he said as he came in, placing a tray on the nightstand on his side of the bed, "I'm so happy that I have this all to myself today."

He dipped his fingers in a glass of water and when he touched my skin, I felt the cold as he eased the tape off my mouth, not hurting me a bit. He must know a lot about how to properly get duct tape off flesh.

"Such a good girl.", he praised me, "Now, you're not allowed to speak, even without a gag. You're my pet now…and pets don't speak, ever. Yes?"

I nodded and got his smile in return…and a little kiss on the lips.

He came to my side of the bed and sat me up, sitting down himself, holding the plate in front of me, showing me scrambled eggs.

"Eat, Bambi.", he had nicknamed me this last night, since I kept calling him Thumper. I never in my life figured I'd ever had the nickname of Bambi. Life is funny.

Eat? I couldn't use my hands…and he wasn't going to feed me…eat, he said.

He watched me, raising a brow.

"Come on, girl, it's getting cold.", he moved the plate in his hands, tilting his head, staring into my eyes.

I bent down, letting my hair fall around me as I began to eat off the plate, trying to be delicate about it, pushing under the eggs with my tongue, getting a bite into my mouth and chewing it.

"Good girl…", he stroked my hair down my bare back and kissed the back of my head as I silently ate, feeling the incredible loss of control, wondering how many times Justin had to eat from bowls or plates this way.

This was another way for me to know him, to play games like this…I realize he is playing with me…but these ideas come from things that he's experienced…and maybe enjoyed. He wasn't doing the cruel things to me that have been inflicted upon him, that he's silently detested. The praise he gives me of good girl…he likes getting that praise too, 'good boy'. Maybe that soothes him during scenes where he is not in control.

Why am I analyzing him…I should just enjoy his game and stop thinking so much…my brain gets in the way all the time. My body is liking this so far…my pussy is already so wet, I can't help it.

"Do you like it, Bambi?", he kissed my head again and I nodded, keeping my head near the plate as I managed to pick up more of the eggs.

"Good…" his fingers kept stroking down my arm and along my hair affectionately, "Eat it all up like a good little pet."

When I had eaten the last bite of eggs, I licked my lips and looked up at him, not speaking.

"Lick the plate.", he grinned, holding it up in front of me.

With a smile, I stuck my tongue out and lapped all the remaining juice and bits of egg off the plate. He smiled at me, watching me as I did this. Men.

"Good girl…nice and clean…", he took it away, putting it in the sink and coming back with a bowl.

"Very good, Bambi…" he grinned, "You deserve a treat."

He took a piece of bacon from the bowl and broke it in half, holding it up above my head a bit.

"Come on…get it, Bambi…", he coaxed, moving it in a circle above my nose.

I smiled a little, opening my mouth and reaching up, my tongue moving up and out to give it a little lick as he chuckled.

"Jump.", he grinned and I bounced up a bit, on my ass, grabbing it in my teeth.

He laughed and praised me again, kissing my lips as I chewed my treat.

"Let's see if you know any tricks or if I have to train you.", he took the other bacon half in his fingers and smiled at me, saying, "Lay down."

I laid myself down into the pillows and smiled down at him.

"So well behaved…", he cooed, placing the bacon right into my mouth then.

I carefully swallowed that and then he said, "Roll over."

With a little giggle, I rolled my body over, like I did before and then rolled back.

"Wow…you are just so smart…", he grinned, sitting me up and feeding me another half bacon piece.

"Hold this piece in your mouth but don't eat it.", he put an entire piece of bacon between my teeth and I held it, not eating.

Then he went to the nightstand and came back with the little egg, showing it to me, asking, "Remember this?"

I gave a little whimper and he smiled, opening my thighs enough to feel in between my legs.

"Very wet Bambi…you bad little girl.", he scolded, easily inserting the egg just inside me. He closed my legs and hit his little remote, leaving it on the nightstand as he walked out of the room.

The low buzzing began inside and my fists clenched a little, my voice moaning a little bit as I held the bacon in my teeth.

He was washing the dishes and sipping juice in the kitchen as I sat there in bed, letting the little bug inside me work and begin to arouse me even more than being tied naked in bed with Justin in control of me.

He was singing something while he cleaned out there and I caught sight of him once in awhile when he took something off the stove.

My arms tensed a bit and I struggled them a little as the buzzing began to really win me over now, making me hornier and wetter by the second. My ankles began to jerk uselessly, my toes tensed and curled…then uncurled…and curled again.

After about ten minutes or so, I was growling and panting like an animal, wishing I could lay back in the bed and roll around a little…maybe it would help, but I didn't want to be punished for disobeying my owner. I wanted to be a good pet.

I tried not to bite down too hard on the bacon but it was becoming increasingly hard to hold it with loose teeth together, not putting too much pressure on it.

I jerked my head down as I kept writhing and grunting, whimpering and suffering as the egg wasn't enough to make me come, but enough to stimulate me into a fucking frenzy.

I put my palms on the bed and lifted my ass up off the bed slightly, wondering it that would ease things…it didn't.

"Be a good girl.", he smiled in at me, "I'll be there in a few minutes."

And he went into the bathroom as I squealed out, crying like a real puppy would.

I heard him brushing his teeth and spitting and water running. I began bouncing a little on my ass, trying to kill the thing inside me using pressure. It was ridiculous…and would never work…but my brain was mush at the moment.

Finally, he was coming back in and I sounded like a damn puppy as he sat on the bed at my side, smiling gently.

"What's my pet been up to, hmm?", he asked, taking the end of the bacon into his fingers, saying, "Release it."

I opened my mouth and he held the entire piece up, smiling at me.

"Wow, you're good.", he praised again, "Such restraint, Bambi…very good."

I kept moaning and panting as he spoke, a mindless creature needing release.

He broke the bacon and dangled it over my nose and I leapt up, taking it, biting into it with eager teeth, still clearly affected by the egg inside me.

He ate the other half of the bacon and said, "Mmmm…tastes like Selena…"

I lunged at him and attacked his mouth with mine, drowning him with my lips and tongue as my voice growled louder, whimpering in need.

Finally, he moved my arms back a bit, breaking my kiss from him.

"Bambi, behave…", he smiled, kissing my nose as I struggled a little more, wanting him, "Affectionate little thing….so cute."

"Time to get you ready for the day.", he acted like he couldn't see my body about to implode.

He had my toothbrush and toothpaste and put some on red paste onto the brush.

He dipped the toothbrush into a little cup of water and looked at me, saying, "Open, girl."

I opened my mouth a little.

"Wider.", he tipped my chin back and I obeyed as he began to brush my lower back teeth, doing both sides, creating a lather of toothpaste. He proceeded to the sides of my teeth and I almost screamed out now from the egg worming away slowly inside me.

"Together.", he said, referring to my teeth as he brushed up and down in the front of my teeth.

He held up an empty plastic cup to my mouth and said, "Spit, girl."

I spit a couple times into it and Justin brought a new little cup of water to my lips, letting me drink a little water from it.

"Good.", he stood up and took all the toothpaste things with him as I nearly screamed.

When he came back I wanted to scream his name but stopped myself.

"Lay down, girl…", he eased me back and covered my mouth again, turning my head to the right as he began kissing my neck, "Let your master thank you."

Now his sweet, wet kisses were driving me more insane with lust as the evil little thing inside me kept its slow pace going.

I was groaning and breathing against the tightness of his fingers over my lips as he laid on me, his legs parted and underwear on his ass, keeping me away from what I wanted most.

"My little pet is very vocal today…", he licked up my neck and bit his teeth into the flesh at the bottom of my neck and at the start of my shoulder.

My hips were bucking up into his, trying to communicate without words.

"Stop that.", he scolded, his eyes really looking stern, "Bad girl."

I stopped moving my hips under his and he went about the business of covering my breasts with his kisses now, his hands squeezing and grasping them as I clenched my eyes, wishing I would explode already and put myself out of my misery.

"So pretty…", he admired, moving his fingers back and forth across my clit, teasingly, just grazing it as I panted and tried not to say anything.

"Over.", he rolled me over again, stroking my ass and kneading it in his hands.

His lips opened and closed on my skin and his hands delivered a couple light slaps, getting even more guttural sounds from me.

Then he gave me a little bite on my ass cheek, my voice giving a little squeal as he turned me back again, stroking up my thighs…knowing damn well how crazy he was driving me.

I nearly cried right then but then he took a little pity on me and rolled me on my back again.

He kissed my leg and stood up off the bed, taking his time to untie the rope at the leg of the bed and then uncoil the ropes from my ankles.

I wanted to part them but kept them together until I was told otherwise.

"Come.", he motioned me with his finger as he sat on the bed, resting against the pillows, sliding his underwear off.

I crawled with my knees to him, kneeling between his legs as he smiled at me with lust in his eyes. His penis was rock solid and waiting for me.

"Please me…and I'll please you in return.", he vowed.

I didn't need to hear anything else and I licked the little bead of clear liquid on the head of his cock as he hissed out loud. My mouth opened and sucked him in hard, my wet tongue swirling around his head tightly as I moved my mouth up and down around him.

All the while I pumped him in my wet, hot mouth the little egg moved inside me. I didn't see him reach over and take the little remote but he must have because the egg began to speed up all of a sudden.

My hands clenched into fists at my sides, useless to help me with his cock as the pleasure increased and raged inside me like an invisible wave. My voice moaned out loud, vibrating against his penis as he began to make these wonderful, savage noises that turned me on even more.

"Your mouth…Fuck, you're an ARTIST!", he growled out above me, "Fuck!"

After ten more minutes, he was grunting and panting and so was I as the egg had made me come for the second time.

"Stop!", he ordered and I was a little disappointed but obeyed.

"Turn.", he helped spin me around and I bent over, resting my head on the bed as his fingers inserted inside me and removed the egg. I heard him placing the condom on quickly.

He was inside me again, forcefully, perfectly. It wasn't very long before Justin shouted out and came like a lion.

Without saying anything, he pulled my head off the bed and laid me on my side in front of him, his arms curled tightly around me, his lips kissing my shoulder blade, teeth biting down slightly as he tried to catch his breath.

After a few minutes, he rose to go to the bathroom and clean himself up and he left me lying there for a minute.

When he came back, he smiled down at me and said, "Let's have you try out a real position, shall we?"

He grabbed me up by the hair and told me to kneel on the bed, right in the center, a couple feet away from the headboard.

I'm not sure where he got this rope from but he was an expert with it. He now had my wrists behind me, tied to my ankles, and, from the headboard, a pair of thin, tight ropes sat snugly between my ass cheeks, coming around in front of me, one on each side of my clit, pulling my pussy up high and tied securely to the top of the headboard over my head.

And if I let myself relax and my hips lowered, the little thin ropes would dig into my pussy lips, and that both annoyed and excited me at the same time.

My back was arched and ached a little bit but I could deal with it for awhile. This was a pretty hard position but I liked it. Until…

He came back to me and had a little rubber ball in his hand, only a ball.

"Open.", he smiled at me.

I opened my mouth and he gently placed the red ball between my teeth.

"Hold it.", he said, "Don't drop it, girl."

My teeth bit down on it and then he pet my hair affectionately.

He inserted the egg inside me again, even though my sounds protested a little.

"Shhh…", he ignored me and turned it on a medium speed as I squealed out.

"Good girl.", he stroked his hand up and down my stomach, "This is a nice position for you. It focuses all its attention right here….(he roughly vibrated his fingers up and down my clit as I screamed out)…I'll be back in a bit…I'm going to take a shower."

I was growling in an angry way as he walked to the bathroom, leaving me in my sweet misery again.

The shower water started running and I closed my eyes, trying to hold my tough position, feeling those ropes digging in a bit more.

In minutes, I was coming and screeching like a banshee, gritting my teeth against the rubber ball there as I immediately came right after the last orgasm. This was awesome and torture at the same time.

By the time Justin came back out of the shower, I was bucking against the ropes digging into me and howling as if I were on fire, pleading with sounds for mercy.

"Click.", Justin said, almost to himself as he looked at me, drying his hair with a towel , moving it down his wet, naked body.

"Aww, Bambi…do you miss me?", he sat right in front of my upraised clit and began wetly and roughly licking it as I screamed out louder.

Through my ball, I was muffled but whimpering, no…no…noooooo….

"Bad girl, using words.", he said and bit me firmly, making me howl out and come right then. My God, what is wrong with me?

"Mmmmm," he lapped up the wetness, taking his time as the ropes kept sinking more and more into my lips, only intensifying the sensations.

"I love the way you taste…", he commented as he parted my pussy lips and licked new areas inside, my screams savage and wordless again. He was killing me with pleasure. I thought it would be easy being a pleasure slave…I was wrong.

"I could sit here all day and eat you over and over again…", he said, sucking on the clit now, clutching my ass cheeks, "I think I will."

By 2pm, I wanted to sleep for a week and couldn't even scream anymore.

The egg was now out of me, cleaned and back in the nightstand, and I was in a new position now, back against the headboard, knees tied up against the headboard, too, feet dangling as my legs were wide open. My wrists were tied to the headboard also, and a rope was coiled around my head, between my teeth four times around, gagging me and holding my head to the headboard at the same time.

I actually did get a little rest as I was left in this position, my eyes closed for a little bit of time and I almost slept as Justin massaged my feet with a nice lotion, then doing my legs next.

All the time, he pleasured me, even though I was tied up and under his control. He was never cruel to me, always caressed and kissed and massaged my body. And just when I thought I was totally relaxed and at peace, he would start pleasuring me all over again, in a new and excruciating way. He was challenging me…seeing where my limits were….exploring my submissive fantasies without going too far this first time.

I read once that a kind master is always a slave first, and knows how to treat his submissive when he finally has control. Justin as a master is clear proof that he has suffered as a slave. He's kind…and gentle…not callous or wicked just for the sake of being so. I was enjoying being his pet.

He massaged my pussy, too, kissing and licking it as his fingers moved around over it. I whimpered, trembling and suddenly he was off and gone again, making me a late lunch.

When he came back, he untied the ropes that gagged my mouth and he fed me little pieces of a ham and cheese sandwich, and he let me drink a soda from a straw as my body stayed tied in its position.

I still was not allowed to speak and Justin asked, "Do you like being my pet, Bambi?"

And his finger moved up and down my poor little clit again.

I nodded, wondering what he had planned for me next.

Smiling at me, he untied me completely then stood me up on my feet on the floor, simply tying my wrists together behind my back. He put the red rubber ball in my teeth again, telling me to hold it, and loosely tied a little rope leash around my neck. I had lots of room in it, it didn't choke me and would not tighten around my neck if pulled.

"Come on, girl.", he coaxed me, using the leash, letting me walk on my feet as he led me to the bathroom, "Shower time for you, pet."

He led me in the shower and washed me all over with his magical, soapy hands, washed my hair, and then rinsed me all off, drying my body and hair with the big, fluffy towels and leading me by my leash back to bed.

"Nap time, girl.", he said like a loving master, removing the ball from my mouth, laying me face down, removing the leash, and tying my ankles together. He covered me up and joined me in bed, snuggling his face against my arms as he drifted off to sleep.

I couldn't believe it but I fell asleep, too, so tired and happy.

A couple hours later, when I woke up, it was to the feel of his smooth fingers, playing with my hair, moving down my back, gliding up the curves of my ass.

He smiled as he saw me gazing back at him, still not saying a word.

"Hi.", he said, looking a little sad, then lost that look and smiled, touching my face, "Did you sleep well, pet?"

I nodded, closing my eyes for a second or two, then looking at him again.

"I think I'm beginning to feel like Raven a little bit…", he said as he moved his fingers over my mouth, "I don't want to let you go. But if you want to be released, just say your word and you're free. Alright?"

I smiled and nodded, wishing I could tell him he's nothing like Raven and never will be. My lips kissed his fingers and I hoped this message got to him. I don't want to be released.

"Selena…", his eyes looked a little sad again as he stared at my face, "I'm sorry I'm so weird…I don't think I even know how to make love like a normal person anymore. When did I become so…"

I hate him talking this way. So I bit his finger to snap him out of it.

"OW!", he exclaimed, jerking his finger away for a second, "BAMBI! BAD!"

He pointed his finger at me and I licked it, apologizing with a sensual smile as he smiled at me, watching my tongue closely. I slowly curled my tongue over every inch of his finger and kept my eyes on his as I took its entire length into my mouth and sucked wetly.

"Ugghhhhh…", he opened his mouth and squinted at me a bit, "Good girl…are you sorry?"

I gave a slow little nod and made my eyes very sorrowful, not letting up on the suction around his finger.

"Alright, I'll forgive you this time…", he grinned, "But next time you're getting a good whipping."

Justin and I watched a movie together after he made his call to Katie again. Today she didn't sound very interested in Justin and he didn't seem to take any offense. It was a ten minute call and I thought I saw hurt in his eyes but he smiled at me and said it was no big deal. Burying pain again…I wish we could have therapy tonight…maybe later.

At one point, Justin was brushing my hair but then he messed it all up again with his hands, letting it fall over my eyes. He said he liked it better that way, sexy, messy bad girl hair, he called it.

And now, I was still naked and had my wrists tied together in front of me, tightly with the rope running down and binding my ankles together while Justin stroked me, having me lay between his legs on my back, resting peacefully and quietly as we watched Sweeney Todd together.

His hands were in my hair a lot and often traveled down to play with my breasts as I cuddled my cheek on his bare leg, not wanting to be anywhere else in all the world right then. I liked it that not every minute had to be action packed with sex and games….even if I was tied up in his arms, we could still be Selena and Justin, enjoying each other without making a big production out of it.

Later, Justin was feeding me chocolate ice cream and kept letting some of it drip off the spoon and down my neck, dotting it over my breasts.

"Dirty girl…", he scolded, laying me down flat on my back as he licked and cleaned me off with his mouth and tongue.

Without using words, I planted kisses in his hair right below my mouth and raised my hips up again just once, wanting him again. There is something about being tied up naked all day, not being able to speak, it just kept me completely aroused, even if he wasn't doing much of anything to me at the moment.

"I wish I had my dog collar with me.", he said as he got up from the bed, going into my closet, "This'll work."

He found a leather belt I bought for Halloween once that had little silver moons and stars all over it. And he had another one in his hands, too, a thinner, brown one.

"Nice.", he said, coming back to me and rolling me face down, looping the belt around my neck, securing it snugly but not tight enough to restrict my breathing.

Then he used one of my scarves to blindfold me and without a word, he untied my bound ankles and slapped my ass hard, saying, "Doggie style…get on all fours."

I quickly felt my bound hands to the bed and got on my knees, parting my legs, my hands palm down on the bed in front of me.

"Stay, girl.", he said, and I felt the thinner belt around my pelvis, right above my clit. He tightened it pretty well and it almost dug into my skin a bit, but I just gave a little yelp at that. I heard him unwrapping a condom again and placing it on.

He gave a couple tugs on the belt behind me, halfway down across my ass cheeks and my knees actually rose off the mattress a couple times.

I felt both his hands grab the belt at my ass and he lifted my pussy up again, placing the tip of his cock right against me, not entering yet.

"Fuck your master, girl.", he ordered and I bent my head, easing my pussy backwards so he slipped inside my ready, wet lips.

We both gave a groan of pleasure as we joined and then Justin was controlling my hips with the belt, riding me like a human pony, using the reigns to slam my ass against his waist as he fucked me without mercy. I really wish I hadn't made all those 'fuck me harder' comments last night. I was paying for it now.

"I love my little wet bitch…", he growled and pounded deep inside me, and then his fist grabbed my hair in back, yanking my face backwards as I panted and groaned out louder, mindless.

We had so much fun after that, we didn't even have dinner. I had fallen asleep at one point of the night, still tied up and blindfolded, and we woke me up with an ice cold water bath, using ice cubes, water and a cloth to stimulate me awake.

He knelt in front of me and put his penis into my mouth and controlled me by my hair, moving me back and forth as I tried to breathe and keep pace with his directions. I swallowed all of him down that time and I was spanked for falling asleep. It was a lovely spanking, he used his hands and I whimpered in shame as he disciplined me.

I stayed awake in the dark silence after that, even though he lay next to me naked, stroking my pussy and breasts under the covers. He was spooned behind me as my blindfold remained on, as well as the ropes around my wrists and ankles.

About an hour later, I felt his erection behind me and I was glad I had stayed awake.

He whispered to me, "Are you awake, pet?"

I nodded and without moving his position, his fingers opened my legs a bit, giving his cock access to penetrate me again. This time, we moved slowly and his hands guided my hips as he rocked in and out of me…I let out a very happy sigh and smiled. Sex is so fucking fantastic. I'm glad I have such an amazing teacher.

Afterwards, he held me so tight I almost felt his pain in my own skin. He was thinking of leaving me next week and I knew it. Tears came to my eyes as I spoke to him in my mind.

Don't be afraid, Justin. I'm not letting you go. I'll never let anyone hurt you again.

We fell asleep a few minutes later and, against my will, bad images kept creeping up in my dreams.

Images of Victoria coming here to get Justin, holding a gun; another one of Justin walking in here alone one afternoon while I was at school and men diving on him from behind, handcuffing him and taking him back to Victoria without even letting him say goodbye to me or leave a note…I pictured Justin's poor face as he looked at Victoria through the bars of a cage…she was taunting him, telling him he was never leaving her.

Then I dreamt of Raven and Victoria teaming up to torture him for fun and I almost got sick. Victoria struck at Justin's bare back with a whip and blood flew out of the new lash as he threw his head back and howled in agony.

"Selena, wake up!", I heard and was being shaken when my eyes opened and I gasped, still tied up in Justin's arms.

"Selena…", he stroked my face and hair, "You were having a bad dream…about me, it sounded like…are you okay?"

I was shivering but so glad I had been dreaming it…

"Want me to untie you?", he began to move to my ankles, "Maybe it's too much, sleeping this way. It took me a little getting used to at first…"

"No.", I jerked my ankles away from his hands, "I like it."

"You do?", he asked, not convinced.

"I like being your pet.", I snuggled myself in his arms and closed my eyes, "But tomorrow I have work to do so no trying to distract me."

"What work?", he asked.

"Finding your way out.", I reminded, "What'd you think I was joking?"

"Selena…", he began but I didn't want to hear his warnings of it's no use right now.

"Shhh…sleep, Justin…and hold me…", I suggested, feeling him lay down and cuddle against my back with his chest, his face touching my hair in back of my head.

"I love the way you feel…laying with me like this…in case I never told you before…", I confessed, "I am so in love with you…"

A long pause lay between us and I almost thought Justin wasn't going to answer until he said….

"I guess that means I am someone after all…", his voice was so low and quiet, he sounded afraid to say the words, as if somehow Victoria would hear him growing a self worth in secret.

"There is hope for you yet, Mr. Bieber…", I yawned, drifting off to sleep.


Tuesday, Day 9


The next day when I woke up, I frowned, hearing women's voices in the next room. Opening my eyes, I saw the bedroom door was closed and I looked beside me in the bed. Selena was gone, the ropes were gone…how the hell did she get out of that?

She is in so much trouble.

I got up and grabbed my jeans that laid in a ball in the corner. I also put a t-shirt on, not wanting to show my marks to any other company Selena had in the next room.

I could hear Selena's voice more distinctly than the other voices and it sounded like she was on the phone, saying, "I can't give you any names. I would just like to remain anonymous, if that's alright."

I opened the bedroom door and saw a little operations center at work right there in the kitchen and living room.

Rosalie sat on the sofa, typing on her laptop, and was also talking on a hands free cell phone.

Alice was sitting at the kitchen counter, also on her laptop, holding her cell phone and not talking, it looked as if she were on hold with someone.

Selena smiled at me and waved without saying anything and Rosalie turned to me, giving me a very friendly smile. I'm glad I put my shirt on. Alice smirked, acting like she didn't notice me and kept typing on her computer.

"Selena….", I whispered, frowning a little. She was already dressed and pointed at a plate on the stove. A little stack of pancakes waited for me but that's not what I wanted.

"Selena.", I didn't move, trying to get her attention. She put a finger up, and said to the person on her phone, "Well, alright, let's call him Antonio, then, if you have to have a name."


I pulled at her t-shirt at the bottom, feeling like an annoying child, hoping she was almost finished on this call.

She tapped my hands away and I sighed, giving up and going to the kitchen for some orange juice. I was starving after skipping dinner last night, so I took the plate of food and sat across from Alice at the kitchen counter, sitting in the area in the living room, as she sat in the kitchen side.

Alice made a little room for me and gave me another polite smile, waving with her fingers at me. I waved back, pouring syrup on my pancakes.

"Alright, thank you.", Selena was saying and I looked over at her, hopeful she was getting off the phone now. She did hang up and came over to me, putting her arms around me and kissing my cheek.

"Good morning Ed—" she began but I cut her off.

"What are you doing?", I asked, my voice low, I didn't want to yell or seem ungrateful.

"We're making some calls and starting my new mission – the "We're getting Justin's ass out of Victoria's clutches" mission.", she informed.

"Selena, please stop wasting your time.", I only asked, "No bureau or non profit organization is going to help me. The situation is totally fucked and believe me, if there were a way out, I'd have found it by now, don't you think?"

"Justin…", her voice sounded hurt.

"I'm not angry at you, sweetie.", I wanted to make that clear as I turned to her and put my arms around her waist, "I love that you want to help me, really. But this is a waste of time…besides, if we make enough calls, Victoria is bound to find out somehow."

"We're not giving your name or anything.", Selena pointed out.

"And how is it going so far?", I raised a brow, "How long have you been at this, you three?"

"Since 7.", her eyes looked solemn.

I peeked at the clock. "It's eleven now. Four hours…how is it going?"

"Terrible.", she admitted, "No one cares…we keep getting transferred, redirected, disconnected…"

"Where is superman when you need him?", I teased, smiling, hoping she'd cheer up and realize our day would be better spent outside. I wanted to take her on a boat and see her in her bikini…and swim all day with her.

"I've got my superman.", she kissed my lips, "I just need to find Victoria's kryptonite…and I'm going to find it."

"People don't care about the problems of prostitutes, Selena.", I said, honestly, "They figure we chose this life and whatever comes of it, it's our problem. Police find dead hookers all the time in this city and they don't even investigate that much. We're shadows…ugly, unwanted shadows."

I sighed again and guessed I wasn't going to have Selena all to myself today. Damn. Selena didn't answer me, but her eyes were hurting me with their disappointment…their hopelessness.

"Are you guys going to be doing this all day today?", I wondered out loud.

"We only have five days left, Justin.", Selena reminded me, as if I needed that horrid information, "I'm going to keep working until I find you a way out."

"But, Selena, we're wasting our time together.", I pointed out, feeling selfish and unappreciative, "Please…let's just have another nice day out somewhere together…I loved that the other day, didn't you?"

"Yes, and I want more days like that with you, that's why I'm doing this now.", she insisted stubbornly.

"You really think that you're going to fix my life in five days?", I put it this way to make her see my point.

I held her hands and kissed them, seeing the look in her eyes.

"I don't want you putting all this pressure on yourself, Selena.", I said, "It's so impossible…believe me…let's just please enjoy our time left together."

"No.", she said and tears came to her eyes, "I won't give up on you, Justin. I don't want you going back to her. She's gonna hurt you again."

"She hurts my body.", I looked dead serious into her eyes, "But she can't touch me in here."

I put her hand on my heart and gave her a little smile, wishing she'd smile, too.

"You gave that to me, Selena.", I whispered, "I want time with you. Please. Time is all I have."

She nearly cried and I saw her chin trembling.

"How about this?", I suggested, "I will go have a good workout at the gym with Emmett for a couple hours and you can keep working…and when I come back, we can go on a normal date…no bookstores or anything…I'll be the perfect gentleman. Anywhere you want to go…"

She agreed to this plan and I felt so relieved.

"Smile, Selena.", I almost asked as she gave me a weak little grin. I kissed her and grabbed my things, calling Emmett on his cell on the way to the train. Even when I left, the little office Selena had created was still hard at work.

I felt so touched inside as I watched them and I raised my voice a bit, calling all of them, "Ladies?"

They all stopped and looked at me and I put a hand on my chest, bowing my head a bit, hoping they knew how sincere I was when I said, "Thank you all."

I got their smiles in return and they only paused a moment, watching me leave them to it. I had two more friends now…Alice and Rosalie.

As I walked down the stairs, I just heard Selena say one thing to her friends.

"I'm done playing with people who don't care.", she said, "It's time to call the ones who DO."

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