Hold my hand...

When Alexis Ann Boyd, better known as Alex, said yes to her uncles offer of coming on tour with him to see the world on half time, she had no idea what she signed up for.


1. convincing

----- Alex


"So what do you say ?" Scot Braun, better known as Scooter, had been walking around the living room, back and forth, back and forth, he finally stopped when he asked that last question.

"I don't know Scoot..." Alexis Ann Boyd, known by the name Alex, was sitting on the big dusty white couch. Her uncle had just asked her a question that was hard for her to answer. Should she go for it or not ?

"Think about it Alex, you get to see the world, bring that camera of yours and you'll get to take a lot of cool pictures!!!" To Alex that pretty much sounded like heaven, being free to take pictures all around the world.

"I still don't know Scoot, I wanna go, I really do, but I still wanna stay here, I wanna stay a normal kid, I wanna be able to have fun and see my friends..." Alex's mom Charlott was standing in the door way, she was listening to each and every word without bothering to interfear.

"Please Alex ? It would be like old days, you and me kiddo, you and me. Plus you would get to see Jas some more and hang out with her again!" Jasmin Villegas was and would always be Alex's best friend, no matter how far apart they lived, and right now it was pretty far from each other.

"Maybe... I just don't know..."

"You could always come on tour at half time ? Than go back to school for a couple of weeks, and on tour again!" Finally Charlott found the words to speak up, and she automaticly draw the attention towards her.

"Okay, okay I guess..." Finally giving in to the begging from Scooter she found herself hugging him in the middle of the living room.

But there was no time to waste. The tour bus would be there to pick them up within days and she needed to pack her paint stained suitcase before she could leave.


Saying goodbye to Nolan, her best friend since forever, was extremly hard for her. They usually never separeted for more than two days, and this was to be a couple of weeks before they would see each other again.

But with the thought of her seeing him again very soon she left with a little smile on her face, and a single tear in her eyes.

"Alexxxxxxx!!!!!" Jasmin's soft voice rang in the center of the tourbus as she came running towards Alex.

Jasmin Villegas was a pretty girl with long brown hair, and those amazing dark brown eyes, nearly the same color as the night. Her and Alex had been great friends for almost three years now. They met at a dance class on the school they both went to. Since then they had always met up at lunch or between classes just to hang out. They would usually go on shopping together every week just to check out the latest fashion or the cute boys at the mall.

But ever since Jasmin had kicked off her acting and singing career there wasn't much time for Alex, which they both were really sad of.

"Jas, it's so great to see you again!!" Alex and Jasmin was in the middle of a tight when the bus driver decided to end the reunion by coughing fake.

"Ready to leave Miss ?" The two girls let go of each other.

"Yes we are ready to go!" After the bus started moving Jasmin leaded her friend off to the far end of the bus, where the sleeping bunks where placed.

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