My love {JDB}

This story is about a girl named Katherine. She's 16 year old and lives in New York.
But she have to move too Canada, Toronto because her parents died in an car crash. She's going to live at her aunt's and uncel's. In Canada she meets this boy named Gabriel, he's really sweet and Katherine starts to get feelings for him, but when she meets Gabriel's friend, Justin, her life changes completely...


1. People in the story.


People in the story;


Katherine - She's 16 years old. She have blond, long hair with highlights in. Katherine have green eyes, they turne blue in the sunlight. Her best friend is called Gabriel (she meets him in Toronto). She don't have any siblings. She loves shopping, she loves boys. Katherine hate her life. Everyday she cuts herself and cries.


Madison - 45 years old. Katherine's mom, she died in a car crash. Blond long hair and green eyes. Was married to William.


William - 46 years old. Katherine's dad, he died in a car crash. Black curled hair and blue eyes. Was married to Madison.


Emily - Katherine's aunt. She's 35 years old. She have black, long, curled hair and brown eyes. She hates children, especially Katherine. Married to Logan.


Logan - Katherine's uncle. He's 38 years old. He have darkbrown, short, curled hair and blue eyes. He loves children, but he don't love Katherine. Married to Emily.


Damon - Emily and Logan's son. He's 15 years old. He have black, short, curled hair and green eyes. He hates Katherine. He loves skateboarding.


Stefan - A boy who fells deeply in love with Katherine. He's 16 years old. He have blond, short hair and blue eyes. He love girls and flirts with them all the time.


Gabriel - Bestfriends with Katherine. He's 17 years old. He have black, medium hair and brown eyes. He loves hanging out with Katherine and Justin. He's bestfriends is Justin and Katherine. 


Justin - You know him... I hope ;b

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