51. AND ER OND, lol. <3

Andrea & "Taemin"'s samtale...... xD


Kwon Boa saengie really likes you^^

Taemin Lee really? ^^

Kwon Boa yes.

Taemin Lee good ^^ i likes u too, u r funny xD

Kwon Boa gomawo xD you too.^^ she's to shy to tell you, that she likes you. ^^

Taemin Lee who? ^^

Kwon Boa gong minji xD

Taemin Lee gong minji so cute meow xD i like her too ^^

Kwon Boa she'll be so happy!

Taemin Lee haha xD really? or this is one dare? XD

Kwon Boa no, it's not a dare - i promise. she'd hate me for telling you. ^^ but it's true!

Taemin Lee hahaha :DD gong minji one little cute and shy girl ^^ but why don't tell me? i don't kill her XD

Kwon Boa maybe she's afraid that you'll reject her? :OO

Taemin Lee ohh.. wait

Kwon Boa wait what? :0

Taemin Lee just wait xD 1 min xDD

Kwon Boa oh okay.^^

Taemin Lee i'm here sorry just my mother was xD

Kwon Boa haha, okay ^^

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