The smell of murder

Allie is a 17 year old girl living Miami, Florida. She is not like everybody else. She can sense dead bodies, and bodies, which are going to be killed soon. Allie and her best friend Clara is dragged into one mystery after another wtih the police as their alliance. Will Allie find out what she is? And who is golden boy?


1. Prologue

I have always had it this way. When I was a little kid, I could feel whenever a bird would crash into my window and three days before my rabbit died I knew it would die three days later. When I grew older it became more serious. I could smell whenever a human had to die. If there was a murder coming up, I knew it. I knew the unlucky one and also the murderer. When I travelled anywhere I could smell if there was a deadbody in my area. That is also the reason why I can't go to churchsyards. I get sick by the smell.  

It is not only dead people I smell. I can smell everybody, especially the ones I know. I can smell their aura. Who are they? Sweet or sour? Happy or angry? I know it before they tell me. 

I have always had it. I don't know what it is. I don't know where it comes from. The only thing I do know. I can't tell anybody. 

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