Mine egne små tekster

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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2011
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Her vil jeg skrive mine små tekster. Digte, tanker eller små historier jeg alligevel aldrig for skrevet færdige. Det er underholdende, at se, hvordan min skrivestil har forandret sig gennem de seneste 4 år.

Underligt nok, er dette, dét, jeg er mest stolt af. Måske fordi, det er skrevet med føleleser og ikke hastværk?


155. Captured


The dark city,

the only stars,

lightning up my world.

Broken dreams,

violent wars,

depressed little girl.


“May the odds be ever be in your favor”

but never in hers.

It's a cruel man who would wake her,

when everything is at it's worst.

Words were spoken,

behind here back.

She was woken,

when said “No time to pack!”


“What if they caught me?”

The little girl cried.

“They are gonna capture me.”

Men dressed in black showed up in her sight.

Running from the demons,

bombs began to blow.

Every noise around her muted,

and her pulse went low.

Her legs collapsed,

and she fell to the ground.

She didn't complain,

with else but a shrill sound.

Soldiers took her away,

to a place for small children.

Where a little boy cried,

but nobody helped him.


Alone in a corner,

of a big big room.

Someone should have warned her,

to leave him alone.


Because she couldn't stand his eyes,

blue as the sky.

She crawled towards him,

and wondered he asked with a silent “Why?”

She could not help but smile,

as she hold his hand.

She answered his question with a worried laughter,

an answer the security could not stand.

They walked closer to him and her,

and took him away.

Her legs wanted to run,

but her brain told her to stay.


Now when they were apart,

it was a tough time for her.

Not to cry was too hard,

when she just lost her only friend.


Day and night she thought of him,

what happent to the boy?

Maybe he was killed,

because of one moment of joy.

Again she felt bad,

worse then ever,

she haven't thought, that he may died,

even though she was very clever.

Every day they fed her,

and she had to wonder why.

They had told them, they established a community,

but that was probably just another lie.

Maybe it was a game,

a sick one of the kind.

One she couldn't imagine,

with a small children mind.

They started to take some children,

out of the little house.

She believed that, they killed them,

but for others it was hope.

She was suspicious,

and hid when they removed one child.

Maybe children was delicious,

so they ate them for dinner?

She would fight,

when they tried to take her.

But maybe it was just freedom and light,

that they gave her?


One day she was the only one left.

A second they thought, all was gone,

but a tall man dressed in black noticed her,

and said, they weren't quite done.

Yet they took a step towards her,

and as they walked,

she moved backwards.

Together they talked,

about how annoying this little girl was.

Another man showed behind them,

and then he told her, they would open fire,

all of the four men.

She fell for the trick,

and after some time, she got out.

The man smiled, as he started to talk.

He was talking about,

how great the world was.


How light it was,

how clean it was.

How silent it was,

and how peaceful it was.


She got attracted by the city,

the fact, it wasn't as she remembered.

So she got surprised,

when it was as she remembered.

She looked back over,

she was looking for the man.

But he had driven away,

so she had to make up a plan.

And exploding sound,

brought her back to real life.

Then she looked around,

but still no ideas.


She felt someone push her,

and again she laid on the ground.

She had no time to rose,

before a piercing sound,

shot through her.

Literally and physically, she laid on the ground.

Her life was finally over, while blood was floating out of her mouth.

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