My Summer - Engelsk Stil

Min meget underlige engelskstil! Den er skrevet klokken 4 om natten, så undskyld hvis mit ordforråd er fucked xD


1. My Summer

I had a wonderful summer. The best summer of my life. I think we easily can conclude that it is because of who I spend it with.

Let me explain.

I was in Spain with mom in the beginning of the vacation, and a met a really nice guy, named Damon.

I’ll just admit that I fell a little in love with him. But he was from England, so I’ll probably never see him again. We kept contact though.

When I got home from Spain, I had a day to pack, and then I was going to Jutland to meet a friend I’d met over the internet. Her name was Mette, and we had a nice time, flying around.

Wait, now I get kind of suspicious. People can’t fly… Whatever, this is going great.

She was 20 years old, and lived with her boyfriend, who was on a camp, so we had the house to ourselves.

And the dog, Rofus. Which, by the way, was completely insane.

So there we were, flying, when Damon showed up again. Not that I complain, I’d already missed him. Sadly, he was only there for the day (I have no idea about how he found me in the first place) and then he went back to England.

Carlisle in the north-west I think. After a couple of days, four or so, I went home to Copenhagen.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, ‘cause I’d really enjoyed my time on the country.

But home I got, and in a way it was nice, because I needed a break from everything.

I enjoyed a couple of days with my wonderful horse Martell, who actually acted nice, which is very unusual. If anyone is a psycho, it’s Martell. But now he’s just a schizophrenic, because he change his mind in a second. But that’s better than a psychopath all the way, right?

Then, after a week or so, Mette flew to Copenhagen, totally unexpected. She didn’t even expect it. But we ended up having a really good time together, going to the cinema, and reading each others books. Weird… Who cares, we had fun!

This thing just get weirder and weirder…

I woke up with a set. I looked at the calendar on my phone, and found that I was going to school in two days, and I’d slept my summer away. Unbelievable!

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