Years Apart

This is a story about a girl and a boy, but mostly about a girl and what life has saved for her.

Follow her make her way through life.


6. The soldier (ENDING)

When the war finally came to an end, Scarlett’s heart had healed, but she had lost her innocent childlike mind. Still, like all the others, she participated in the parades, which were held all around in England. Soldiers returning home, came driving in fancy military cars, and between all the soldiers, some laughing and some of them dead serious, she caught the eyes of one General. She simply could not stop looking into those eyes. Her heart stopped for a moment and everything went silent as the grave. Then he smiled. A warm gentle smile that told Scarlett that he had felt it too.


The very same day, the two of them met in a little cozy café. “I know this must sound strange to you, but I feel like I’ve seen you before.” She said after a while. He shook his head. “Not at all. I feel the same way.” He said and smiled. Then he began talking about himself, and when he came to his childhood, she remembered. “It’s you! You’re that boy … Nathan!” Now when she looked at him, she suddenly remembered his child self. He hadn’t changed much, except for becoming manlier. But the smile and that glimpse in his blue eyes was the same. She could almost feel how her heart started beating again, after it’s long slumber. And it felt good.

Nathan looked surprised at first, but then his eyes lit up in recognition.

“Scarlett? Is that really you? Boy, I thought I’d never see you again.” He said. She smiled happily at him. “You’ve become … A man.” “And you have grown up to become really beautiful.” He said with warmth in his voice. And so, they continued talking, catching up on each other’s past.


After a while they started going out, and one day Scarlett took Nathan home to show him her son. This of course, was a big step for Nathan, who had never married and there for never had had any children himself. It took him only a second before he smiled at the boy with wet eyes and said: “William … Nice to meet you. You look just like your mother. And William smiled back.

It didn’t take long before they got married, and even less time before Scarlett was pregnant with her second child. It was yet another boy, and they named him after her first husband, whom I believe I have never told the name of. They named him David.

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