The hole in the stone

Dette er en engelskstil, som jeg for flere år siden har skrevet. Stave- og grammatikfejl er mulige, eftersom jeg kun har været 12-13 år da den blev skrevet. :=)


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It was night. It was in the middle of October and the weather was disgusting and cold. There was no ray of hope to find inside the part of the forest where the cave man, Josh, lived. He was only nineteen years old, but he had no family, friends, or something that just reminded. He had never known his parents, and since he was a little baby, he had been on his own. People he met on his way never stopped and talked to him. But maybe it wasn't so strange at all. He looked like something a cat had dragged in. But just as he went around and carried food, he didn’t know that he soon would be of great importance in a world, he still doesn’t know.  

If I had one wish right now, I would wish I had a bed. It was unbelievable long time ago since I have slept in a soft bed. All my days I spent exploring the woods, I lived in. I knew that it offered many wonderful secrets, because it was called “The Magic Wood”. When I was a kid, and I lived at the orphanage which was just around the corner, I had heard a lot of stories about this forest. There were myths and riddles, which were never solved. I had always found it fascinating.

I pulled my jacket over my shoulders and started walking. I came to a big stone. It was taller than me! I found my pocket lamp and lit it. There was a hole in the middle of the stone, and of course I was curious, and stuck my finger into the hole. Letters formed on the stone, and it ended up that stood with big red letters: "Access gate to The Land Behind The Stone - The magical world." The stone slipped suddenly to the side and I jumped half a meter away. The stone split in two, and a path appeared. I doubted a little, if I should go in there, but when the sunlight reached me, there wasn’t any choice any longer. This was an opportunity for me. To get away from the world that hated me. So all the myths about the forest had not been so stupid that someone had gone and said they were. This was the magical world. Now I was on my way.

I walked around in the unknown country before I finally reached a village. There were a lot of people, but in less than one second, they all disappeared into the nearby shops. A little man with long, gray beard whistled at me, and I went instinctively against him. He looked afraid. Very afraid, indeed.

"What?" I asked, and looked inquiringly at him. Once again he silenced me, and I immediately fell silent.

"Silence!" he ordered, and pointed to the west, "Willigion is on his way."

Willigion? Who is it, I thought. The answer I got quickly when I saw a three metre tall dog come walking from the other end of the street. I had never seen anything like it. It had four eyes, and his bristles were raised. His teeth gleamed in the glow of sunlight, and the whole crowd gasped.

"Who are you?" It sounded sharply from Willigion.

"Josh," I said nervously. I could feel thousands of eyes rested on me.

"You are human. How dare you enter the magical world!" he said. I didn’t know what to say. "Go away from my country!"

"Your country?" I asked. "All are allowed to be here."

"Oh. Even a cool guy who thinks he is something." He coughed, and fire came out of his ears. "Ha ha, sweep for yourself." A small smile spread on his excessive dog lips, while all the different creatures shouted in unison: "Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!"  

It all went so fast and before I knew it, I stood in the middle of one of the store. It was soon sunset, which was when we had to fight. I really don't understand why we should fight. I didn't come here for that reason. I just wanted to explore the country, and not get mixed into problems. The same old man who had warned me before, came over to me. He took my hands in his, and I looked confused at him.

"I will now transfer my power to you. You will find both a good thing for them, but you must not doubt that there also are drawbacks. You can now get the chance to destroy Willigion. The country's ruler. He is incredibly powerful, but he has also weaknesses. You will find them quickly when you meet him face to face."

A green light came from his hands, and I felt a strange breeze that swept into my body. All of a sudden I felt much stronger, and certainly not as the boring, ordinary Josh.

I stood in front of a nearly three metre tall dog, but I didn’t feel small. I felt stronger than ever before, and I had never felt better. All the different creatures stood at this second and looked at me. Only me. I was the centre. Something I had never tried it before. It was a very big moment for me. Without I was being aware of it, there came fire out of his ears, and I fall to the side. I swung clumsily with my hands while I thought, "Irritated him!" Before I knew what happened, the big dog lay on the grass and laughed. It looked like he was ... ticklish. Was he really ticklish? Maybe it was one of his weaknesses. I swung another incantation off, as he deviated. Big fire bombs flew to the opposite direction and I thought with lightning speed: "Ticklish him!" It all went up in flames, and before I knew it, ended the match when he couldn't resist. All clapped, and I felt incredibly important, and was really proud of myself.  

All were obviously happy that they had got rid of Willigion, but what about me? I just had to return to my boring and deserted forest? That what had happened to me today, is the biggest I had ever tried. Not just the winning of a battle, but, being the centre, and do something good for others. It felt really incredibly nice.

"Josh, my friend ... My name is Merlin," said the same, old man, whose strength I had. I smiled at him, and took the hand which he had extended. The same green light came out of my hand and I was ready to leave my powers. But when we let go of each other again, I could still feel that there was something inside me that were not used to be there. Magic.

"Oh Merlin ..." I said uncomprehending, but was interrupted: "You are one of us now, Josh. Settle down. You're free." He waved his arm and he disappeared.

It was indeed true what he said. I was free. A free man. Surrounded by thousands of people who loved me for who I was. And I was the hero, so it couldn't get much better. The door to the magical world was now truly open, and a lot of things are waiting to be explored. My hobby through always. This was a fairytale for me and I couldn't wait to experience only that, as no other human would ever get the chance to see. Or maybe. Perhaps there was another homeless man who lived in the same forest as me, and he going through the stone, just as I did. That the time must show us.


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