Suddenly I see

En lille novelle jeg skrev i går aftes, da det tordnede :) Novellen er oprindelig skrevet på engelsk, og oversættelsen lyder måske lidt mærkelig, men jeg håber I vil læse den alligevel :) Novellen ligger der i to eksemplarer, den engelske og den danske :)


1. Suddenly I see

I suddenly remembered; she was afraid of thunder! Every time, as a child, she ran rather scared to my room and hid with me; usually under the table or the bed. Most times my twin brother was with us. She was so sweet when she said she was frightened. She shuddered every time, when a new thunder was sounding. No doubt. She was terrified! Outside the café the thunder sounded lout.


She was the dream of my childhood. She came to my family whenever her parents were travelling, and that were a lot. I haven’t seen her since my 18th birthday. She ran away, because she saw my twin brother kissing another girl. She had always been in love with him, and never given me a look. She was always very mature, when my brother was around, but whenever he was out playing, and we were alone, she was the most childish girl I have ever known.I was pretty sure she was the girl standing on stage, looking like she would run away every minute. She didn’t. She was standing there, like she was a part of the floor. Rather scared, just similar to the episodes, when we children. She never seemed to get over her phobia to thunder.


Standing there she looked at me, with her big brown eyes. She recognized me, no doubt. Her lips curled into a little smile. Her band was looking confused. Never had she, during a live show, acted like that. Maybe it was me. Maybe it was the thunder.  She was very still. The bassist went to her. He whispered something in her ear. Her mouth was still folded like a little smile. She turned her head to him and said something. Then she took the microphone, and said, with her clear and pearly voice: “I am sorry. I have seen a person in the back, and I know you know me. Please come up here!” I turned towards her looking at my friends. They seemed to wonder who it was, just like rest of the crowd. I excused me all the way up to the stage. She bended down to me from the stage, and said: “Meet me outside, will you?” I just nodded, and she left stage. Her band would do great without her. They had a male singer, who was just as great as she was.


She went off stage, and I was trying to hit the door. One of my friends looked at me, like I was crazy. I couldn’t help it. I hadn’t seen the girl for ten years, and then they want me to forget her. Impossible! I was out in the rain. She stood there, under a roof. I went to her. Suddenly a lightning struck from the black sky. She came close to me, and said: “Please, hide with me as we always did.” I laughed. She thought she could wander back in my life, just as she left. No, I wouldn’t let that happen. She hadn’t given any sounds from her the last ten years, and she still thinks she can act as she did when she was eight visiting. I said to her: “Thom is married now.” She looked at me, her face turned red. She said excusing: “I had been in love with him for four years, and he knew. He could have waited to kiss her until I went back.” She was defending herself. I said loud and clear, so she wouldn’t doubt anything: “I had been in love with for just as long, and you never looked my way. Why should you do that now? I certain of one thing; when you see Thom again you will be as crazily in love with him, as you were years back.” She looked at me and said: “You are probably right, but I can’t get him. He is crazy in love with his wife. I saw him the other day. He looked at the girl, as he used to look at you; with a love you could only envy. I know you looked at me like that once, and I know you have four good looking girls inside, but I know you haven’t forgotten me”. She shuddered, another lightning burst through the thick skyes.


I was about to leave, when she caught my hand. I feel her warmth in my cold. She pulled my closer, and kissed my lips. I pulled away, and said: “Just so you know, I have waited for that kiss ever since you disappeared ten years ago.” I had fallen back into love with her. I took her other hand, and pulled her tight. I kissed her beautiful lips again and again. Suddenly there was one poking my shoulder. I pulled out of the kiss, and looked in the direction. My best friend was beside me, and he said: “Introduce us!” I felt ashamed, we were only here, because I had birthday to night. I did not know she would be the one playing, the others just said there was going to be live music. I said: “Carrie, this is my best friend John; and John this is my love of my childhood, Carrie. “ She looked at me, and kissed my cheek. John said: “Nice to finally see he is able to get a girl. We have worried if he was gay”. 


Carrie and I went back to my apartment after a while hanging with my friends. She called her band from my phone on our way in the subway. She sounded so happy, and said that she had finally found the place she did belong.

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