The decision could walk

One Halloween, one party, four children and a whole lot of teenagers.
Like every other night we were out and trick and treat..


1. trick and treat

One Halloween, one party, four children and a whole lot of teenagers.
Like every other night we were out and trick and treat..
I could see the light from the lamppost down toward the house.
"Ring Ring" the door was opened. Morten started singing but stopped when he saw blood flowing out.
At first I thought it was not really blood but as the corpse floated out with the bleeding and it was really was very surprising.
Sofia fainted. Morten ran down the street while he yelled "help with a dead lady."
Most people opened their doors and looked out while others went to the window and kept on partying.
Since nobody really worried about it we just went on. But first we had to wake up Sofia. We could not have a sleeping ghost. We passed the first houses and came to the hill house which was the best house on the road to decorate their plants as dead. There were more bodies in the front yard. Tombstones was also put alive with that although the neighborhood was over an old cemetery.
I rang the door bell. The door was opened with one hand with burn marks on. I could recognize the costume. A dead firefighter's father had it but it was not only the costume but a dead firefighter.
The door was fully opened and a face appeared. I could recognize Mrs. Hanson but not her body. It was dark and she was even light as her head.
We had candy. We looked down the street and saw how most people just ran around while the blood ran out of doors on most houses along with corpses.
We were all scared so we rang the door bell together. A man in black walked out the door. He also gave some candy and he had blood all over him. We looked inside and saw the family lying on the floor with blood all over them. We ran all together inside but wascaught by the young man.
I started running when I looked back. I could see that Morten could not move when he took a knife and stabbed in the head. You could see the knife towards the tip on the other side. He saw me and took the knife out of Morten.
I ran out the back door and looked behind me not knowing if the others were trapped inside. I had one thing in mind. I should never see behind on this path. When I ran into Morten I was unbelievable happy.
There was no one after us. I hugged Morten when I saw the scar on his arm, the same kind as the man.
We turned around. Then, the man stood there. We were trapped and had only one way out. The sewers. I jumped down into the sewers with Morten after me. but it was not only him who jumped. The men did the same thing. They were very confident in doing it.
I looked down into the water and discovered that it was blood, Morten tapped me on the shoulder. I said with a frightened voice "there is a body in the blood". I turned around and looked. Then I heard a splash, the two men had jumped in.
When we were some distance away we sustained a break. We looked at the wall on which were painted ghosts, Hesket, Dracula and other supernatural who was also on one of the two men.
Then the two men came around the corner. This time they were scared and nervous.
They walked right past us with Sofia on their bag. You could see her head sticking out.
It was dark and the blood flowed up the stones and got to our feet.
We struggled against the darkness. When vi got to the end it was still dark outside. We ran all the way home even lampposts went into pieces in front of us. At home the light was still on. We went to each window and doors, and locked them and pulled down the curtains so you could not see inside. We lit every lamp and anything else that could light up even the fireplace.
We fell asleep on the couch and woke up early in the morning.
I could see that my parents had come home and that Morten had been picked up by his mom.
I went to school. I turned my head away from the blackboard and then to Sofia and Alex's Place. They were empty. I looked over at Morten. He looked down at the table as if he had seen a ghost.
When I looked at the door it was opened. A new and confident Sophie and Alex came in. I could feel their anger. They sat down and waited to answer the teacher's questions. They hat forgotten a lot.
The lesson began. The teacher began to shout out loud: "Halloween surely become an everyday happening. Halloween should be for several days. I might take it in my hand. Live your life in Halloween". She yelled it 5 times before she stopped and sat cross-legged on her desk and began again.
We ran outside and saw all the changes. Everything was different. Darkness came back. Blood came up from the sewers.
We all went back to the classroom. Te two men were there. Sophie and Alex were behind them. We sat down with the rest of the class.
Alex, Sofia and the men walked quietly towards us. They killed everyone on their way. This time I was incredible afraid. I looked in my backpack for something I could use as a weapon but found nothing. I was looking forward to my jacket but found nothing.
They approached. There was only Morten between them and me. In a second they had killed him. I was the only one left.
I threw the chair against them. I started running. When I came outside everything was like a Halloween night. I was scared.
I walked toward them but stopped because thoughts went around in my head. I turned around and started running away but they caught me.
In two seconds I thought was dead but a decision took over and I could walk away.

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