Justin Bieber 'One Shots'.

Vi ligger vores historier ud på denne movellas, og skriver HVEM der har lavet hvilken. Ét kapitel er én historie, og de har ikke noget med hinanden at gøre, derfor hedder det; 'One shots'.


3. Samina. -Engaged to a star-

”I’m engaged to Justin Drew Bieber!”, I laughed, and jumped in his arms. Justin laughed, nodded, and kissed my cheek.
“Please keep it between me and you, Al”, he whispered in my ear. I just nodded, and looked at the silver diamond ring on my left ring finger.
“What does your parents say, that you asked me to marry you?”, I asked, and bit mu lower lip.
“I’m 18, a grown up man. They don’t have to decide who I’m living my life with”, he said, while pulling me slowly away.
I giggled, because he said ‘man’.
“I just have to get used to the word ‘man’. My high school boyfriend, asked me to marry him”, I said. I was in my own world.
“I am a man!”, he said with a little smile on his lips.
“Sure you are, Biebs”, I giggled, and he lifted me up in his arms. He placed me on the sofa, and laid on top of me.
“I am a man”, he repeated, while kissing me neck. I soughed, and knew what he was doing.
He tried to suck up to me, but I liked it.
“I love you”, I said, and wrapped my legs around his waist.
“I love you too”. He said that nearly in a whisper, and nipped my ear.
“Justin?!”. I pushed him away, and looked at my mother-in-low.(Pattie).
“Hey… Mom”, Justin said nervous, and gave he a little smile.
“I’m sorry I disturbed you guys, but I have to… Is that a ring?”, Pattie said, and looked at my hand.
With fast moves I hided my hand, and nodded my head like a ‘no’.
“That is an engagement ring!”, she almost shouted. Justin walked over to her, and dragged her out off the living room. I heard them talk, and I smiled a little. I was going to marry Justin Drew Bieber. Wow.
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