Justin Bieber 'One Shots'.

Vi ligger vores historier ud på denne movellas, og skriver HVEM der har lavet hvilken. Ét kapitel er én historie, og de har ikke noget med hinanden at gøre, derfor hedder det; 'One shots'.


1. Samina. -Backstage-

I slowly took my dress on, and looked at Justin. Yeah. Justin Bieber. He smiled, and bit his lower lip.
“That was…”, I mumbled.
“Wow”, he finished my sentence. I playfully hit him on his arm, and he started to take his clothes on. He took his purple shirt on, and kisses me gently on my neck. Then he sat his teeth in my ear.
“Perv”, I laughed, when he grabbed my ass.
“What? Don’t act like I was the only one who liked it. You moaned too, remember?”, he said teasing, while he took his shoes on, and then sat his hair, so it didn’t looked like he just screwed his girlfriend backstage before his concert.
“Don’t remind me, Bieber Boy. You have to go, ‘cause your concert is starting about five minutes”, I said, and took my own shoes on.
“I’m gonna rock this show, after a little quickie”, he laughed, and walked over to the door. Before he walked out, I threw a pillow on his head. He just laughed, and ‘rocked the show’ as he said.
After the two hours long concert, Justin came in to his ‘private’ room, and took a shower. He threw something on my lap, and sat down by my side.
“Thanks Biebs”, I said, and kissed him.
“You’re welcome, Sexy”, he giggled, and kissed back. He gave me a dark red and really beautiful rose.
“How was the concert?”, I asked, and smelled the rose. Hmm…
“Amazing, I guess. But not as amazing like you in bed”, he said, and giggled a little.
“We didn’t do it in a bed, but on a couch”, I said, and hit him on his arm.
He kissed me, and I kissed him back. Damn that guy was an amazing kisser!

-Samina Bieber :D
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