Lidt Endnu

The first chapter is in Danish, the second one is in English :)


2. A Little Longer

Anxiety colours the night dark and draws little, burst dreams
where my stars used to shine so purely
that they lit up you and me;
in a silent present, our shadows disappeared.

But, as we all know, fairytales end
and I threw dark sins against your heart
for the shadows will always follow me.
Beloved, we willl never be alone in the light.
And when you realised this,
you let me fall deeply, with anguish painted in my face,
with a poisoned splinter deep in my heart
and with unhealable regret like a corrosive parasite on my every thought.

Our hands meet one last time in deadlock.
In a stolen present your lips kiss mine
and all evil should wither, but lingers
because I know my nearby future.

I want to forget that you were mine.

I've slept while you were with me
and lost precious seconds.
Tired of the lazy helplessness of sleep, I awake.

The two of us will never dance again.
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