Mit Tog

The first chapter's in Danish, the second is the same story but in English :)


2. My Train

For some reason I've always felt alone. I grew up in a family full of loving musicians, while I, myself, am completely devoid of talent. Yet they’d never let me admit it and insisted that I had to be able to play something. I just had to find the instrument that was meant for me.
So I tried everything; guitar, flute, bass, cello, piano, singing, African drums and standard drums. But nothing sounded good or felt natural. Eventually my family lost hope that I would ever become one of them.
But this was nothing compared to what really happened to me. I was alone in the dark and satisfied when a hand suddenly appeared before me. I stared at it filled with apathy and remained alone. Suddenly a candle lit and I saw your face. Shiny and white. Pure. You whispered enticingly in my ear: "I will never leave you." From that day on, my eyes were always open and I took your hand. "We’re made for each other" became our song and I hummed it daily. For the first time in my life, I was floating on my own little green cloud, which we spun of dreams and golden kisses. The happiest time of my life was with you. But your whispers became fainter until you finally found someone else to share your life with.

I’m sitting here with my legs over the edge humming our tune. I hear the train approach and let go of the handrail. This is my train. In my thoughts, I let your golden kisses close my eyes.
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