Den Første Lykke

The first chapter's the story in Danish, the second is the same story but in English :)

I hope you like it!


2. The First Bliss

I feel your warmth on my skin. Your fingers caress my arms. Your mouth greedily kisses my infant lips.

"I don’t love anyone but you," you say volatile, but your voice grows dark. Your eyes burn and I can see that you’re on something. I know which words your mouth will shape.
“Promise me you’ll stop, Dennis. I can’t do this anymore" I whisper almost inaudibly.
"I want to own you. Every part of you" you answer and your pupils look like two little
stones lying negligently in the snow.

I shake my head, taking a step backwards. Violently you grab my left arm, and throw me onto the bed. You bite my lip and hold my arms down. I scream, but your mouth swallows the scream and buries it deep within your lungs. Suddenly I‘m lying there. Naked. In your bed. I kick you off of me and get up quickly, but you get a hold on my hair and pull me back into the depth of the bed.

I fall and fall and the only thing I know is that I have to get away from the bed. You bite my throat hard and I feel the blood slowly leaving my body. Your breath lies heavily in my left ear. You press your body down on top of me as you force your hand against my cold lips. I can’t breathe. My lungs won’t let the air escape. I bite your hand as hard as I can and feel your blood mix with my spit.
You lift your hand and before I know it, my face is paralyzed by the thousand needles that prickle beneath the skin. Practice makes perfect, I think bitterly.

You hold my face firmly and I just lay there terrified, staring into those cold holes where your eyes used to shine. Who are you? You laugh viciously as though you can read my thoughts and spit me in the eye.

Your knuckles leave more marks on my cheek.

You steal my first bliss and moan the screams back into my lungs. You light a joint and the sweet smell paralyzes me. You ash on my naked chest.

Filled with anxiety I shiver in the night and scream those screams that didn’t dare to leave my lungs that day. I feel no satisfaction and know no tranquility. I shiver in the night when I feel your cold hands push me down. I can’t breathe and the only word I can say is your name.
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