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These are movellians who I believe are worthy of a special mention here. You should check them out! This list is in no particular order.

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    RDM Goldlight the slurg
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    WARNING: YOU ARE NOW READING THE PROFILE OF A PROFESSIONAL WEIRDO Try to solve this code: I tjbmm cbmm jin trvitjz bpf je tjbmm de nipe. Hey! How are you? (I really want to know.) So it's me, R.D.M.,...   
    Kind. Sweet. Awesome. Has a kitty for her profile picture. Enough said.
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    To the ladies, To the gentlemen, To the young, To the old, To those who are rich, And to those who are poor, To the wise, To the foolish, To the witty, To the sly, To those who believe in magic, And...   
    Isn't extremely active anymore, but Night is still one great Movellian you won't want to miss.
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    Lily Anna
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    Fiction writer. I mostly write crime/mystery themed stories with the occasional make believe aspect. I try (and hope) to make my characters interesting but believeable. (I also love to make book covers.) (An...   
    Oh, Lily Anna. She only gets on every once in a while, but checking her out is beyond worth it.
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    Chrissy Sky
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    ❝Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.❞ - Matthew McConaughey ☆ Things I love; Owl City Mistborn (no spoilers, haven't finished the trilogy yet) Brandon...   
    Pretty cool gal. Not much to say... except, go drop by her page!
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    Probably in a corner somewhere. Search a bookstore or music shop near you. [the older, more sophisticated dramaticllama Nightshade]   
    Again, if I don't include Zee, her ZORG might come after me!
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    Some people are just so awesome that you can't quite explain what makes them so awesome. Introducing Myra.
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    Queen Gravity Pan
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    People want to be friends with me because I seem to have a "gravitational" pull... HAHAHAHA, just kidding. I like bad jokes.   
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    Midnight Rogue
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    "All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act...   
    Aunt. Author. Pirate assassin. No combination works better!
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    Le Fox
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    Books Harry Potter The Hunger Games Divergent The Lord of the Rings The Chronicles of Narnia (if something isn't in the list, I'm working on it ;) Shows Doctor Who Sherlock Supernatural My...   
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    Iris just Iris
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    Cancer. I bet 99% of you won't repost this on your bio. The 1% of you that does has a real heart. Hi my name is Emma. I love the books The Book Thief and Ptolemy's Gate. Well hope you enjoy this corner...   
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    J.K. Panesar
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    ∞ Hey, I'm J.K. Panesar, but most people just call me J.K. {Awards} Author Of The Year - 2012/13 Bronze award - One Direction Comp Bronze award - Spooky story contest Published Poem -...   
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    Kaitlin Siân
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    WELCOME CITIZENS OF MOVELLAS. You are obviously very lost as you have stumbled upon my profile... -I'm a proud Scottie and nothing will ever change that. ~Grandmother of the Clearwater family~ -Books...   
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    Hello! Call me Toni. I'm a pretty chill guy if you get to know me. I have a novel coming up; hopefully you guys will enjoy that.   
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    Planet Shay
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    Hai, I'm Shay! :D   
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    Emma Bird
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    Willing to talk/rant about books, bands and equality at all times :) "If you truly believe in the words that you preach, get off your screens, and onto the streets" - BMTH "Oh how wrong we were to...   
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    K.s Nightshade originals
    Historier af forfatteren29Fans af forfatteren88Kommentarer postet til historier af forfatter2516
    Hello, you might have seen this profile pic and recognize the username from before & you are right! My Other accounts is on Wattpad as Ksoriginals and Pintrest as Ks Nightshade s! So right now if you are...   
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    Hai, my name's Aurora! District 4, my Hogwarts house is Slytherin my Faction is Erudite and my School is Coates Private School (Woo team Caine all the way!) Current Favourite Author: Aunt Midnight Rogue...   
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    I am a trekkie, I am a jedi, a witch(Gryffindor.) I am a dauntless divergent, I am a demigod, pokemon gym leader, a pegusister, a grey warden, a Fairy tail marionette wizard, a DWA maester, a whovian,...   
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    Historier af forfatteren37Fans af forfatteren184Kommentarer postet til historier af forfatter2360
    Ambassador 2015-2018 A law student who likes writing on the side. I try to be here as much as possible, but I'm a busy bee! If you need to contact me swiftly, please email me (comes to my phone) at madoucscas...   
    Madouc is just amazing. A fantastic artist, and very knowledgeable of dragons, there are many reasons to stop by her page. She hasn't as many fans as she deserves.
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    do you ever feel personally offended by mika's existence   
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    Ms Holly
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    Not much really to say, only that I'm a writer on here interested in high fantasy, hidden fantasy, science fiction, and gaming fanfiction. I'm an ambassador, so if you've got any questions about the...   
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    hello I'm an overly enthusiastic piece of trash If you're going to be really awesome and read any of my work, I'd suggest the following: -When the World Falls to Darkness (if you're into longer fantasy...   
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    Hey! I made it more interesting now! :D The girl you just called fat? She's overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting on makeup hoping people will like her. The...   
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    Aldrin; A Black Crusader from the grim darkness of the future, where there is only war... ❒ Go to Hogwarts ❒ Become a Jedi ✔ Become a Pokémon Trainer~ Author of the Month - August 2016 One...   
    The best brother ever... Words can't describe what he means to me.
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    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
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    Welcome to Mitchell's Dojo, current Guide ambassador and teacher of the writing arts. Would you like some tea? ☕ (it's American tea though: just warning you!) ........... _________............. .........   
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    "Stone-heart, machine gun, firing at the ones who run." "Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name." "And now I'm here to give you all my love so I can watch your...   

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