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This is a list of my favorite authors, and my Movellas friends. NOT in order from best to worst or any of that ish. So yeah, if you're in here, it means I LOVE YOUUU.

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    Patch ⚓
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    ❝Well hello there... I'm Patch, in case you're struggling to notice that by now :) First thing you should know? I adore reading. And books. Here are some of the books I love in no particular order: •...   
    Amazing author, amazing friend, amazing person.
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    Why hello there! My name is Tony I am a non-gay guy directioner. So yes you've hit the jackpot. I will write fan-fiction stories in a girls POV because girls are soooo much more descriptive and detailed....   
    Guy Directioner, and funny, and nice, and just epic. Amazing author, him and his siblings. (at least the ones on movellas)
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    /Hold my breath and let it bury me/ 🙃 Lanna 🙃 I like bands Welcome!   
    Amazing person. PERFECT author, Amayzayn co-author, great friend
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    "I really want to have sex with Michael clifford" my twitter: @versacemashton   
    Amazing person, amazing author, amazing co-author, amazing friend
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    Forever Michael's Kitten ❝I won't apologise for being different❞   
    Nice, Funny, Amazing author, and yeah.
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    SUPER pretty!!! Amazing author. Her and all of her siblings.(at least the ones on Movellas)
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    Blue ♫
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    Hello. I'm Blue and I enjoy 15 things in life: • Reading • Writing • Doctor Who • The Big Bang Theory • Youtubers (SHANE DAWSON!) • Having blue hair • Being Irish (because, let's face it, Irish...   
    Amazing friend. Amazing author. Amazing person. xxx