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Great authors with amazing stories

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    J.K. Panesar
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    ∞ Hey, I'm J.K. Panesar, but most people just call me J.K. {Awards} Author Of The Year - 2012/13 Bronze award - One Direction Comp Bronze award - Spooky story contest Published Poem -...   
    Awesome author! Specifically I suggest the book "Red <3" Though
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    From 1D.wonder, I became Social.Wonder. I am a girl with an unknown future, a tale to tell, a sole to bless. Like my books and i shall always be grateful <3 Hit me up with some books to read :) I'm always...   
    ALNDFVNGHSI AMzing books!!!!
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    ⬜️Single ⬜️Taken ☑️Married to Niall Horan☺️❤️ I'm excited to say that my dreams are coming true☺️. I'm going to WWA concert August 9, 2014!😊🎉 And 5SOS is performing😊 Well I'm a 15 year old girl...   
    babz! she is amazing no doubt!!
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    BUY "THE LAST GIRL" ON AMAZON.COM BY RILEY SHASTEEN(ME) Check out my website: Read about my life on Tumblr: RileyesWrites Stalk me on Instagram: riley.shasteen and Stalk...   
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    Directioner since 2011 (: Personal Twitter: @ashxxrose Twitter to update about my stories: @HazzaIsTheOne Instagram: @ashxxrose Vine: Ashley_Rose95 tumblr: (:   

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