fags that i happen to chat to

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these bitches happen to be my bffls

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    ☁️Alexa Losey☁️
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    •It's The Good Girls Who Keep Diaries; The Bad Girls Never Have The Time. •Talking Shit Behind My Back? Well Bitch, Feel Free To Bend Down And Kiss My Ass. xx • I'm A Mother Fucking Proud Ass Bitch! •I'm...   
    shes such a bae i cant
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    ✓Zayn Malik
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    just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life :) x --- Twitter: @ZaynMalik Instagram: zaynmalik -- Love Life Like It's A Roller Coaster - Thank you all for getting us 5 this...   
    hes so deep
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    ITS BEEN 84 YEARS   
    dis girlie is dating my guy
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     ✔Ashley Benson
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    Hi. If you're seeing this, then wow. You still get on this website. (I do to so lmao oh well) I love each and every single one of you, no matter what you think. and I won't be on here again, maybe, but...   
    ashy hates it when i call her ashy
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    ✔Shay Mitchell
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    Hey you beautiful people! I'm Shay Mitchell. 26 years old, I found my Prince <3 Love you Luke. #Whatever Haters 1/3rd on The Tan Trio Pretty Little Liars, My BFF's are Dani, Shelley and Taylor. Mwah!...   
    dis girl is preggo and hasn't seen a dick

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