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basically my opinion of the roleplayers here. :)

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    ITS BEEN 84 YEARS   
    1/8 of Fab Eight, an amazing friend, absolute hilarious
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     ✔Ashley Benson
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    Hi. If you're seeing this, then wow. You still get on this website. (I do to so lmao oh well) I love each and every single one of you, no matter what you think. and I won't be on here again, maybe, but...   
    1/8 of Fab Eight, very amazing, don't get on her bad side.
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    ✔Shay Mitchell
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    Hey you beautiful people! I'm Shay Mitchell. 26 years old, I found my Prince <3 Love you Luke. #Whatever Haters 1/3rd on The Tan Trio Pretty Little Liars, My BFF's are Dani, Shelley and Taylor. Mwah!...   
    1/3 Tan Trio, absolutely a best friend.
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    ✔ Camila Cabello
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    Role Play yo So yeah Im Karla Camila Cabello. Follow yo Si si we are back mofosss #SPLL Single ladyyy   
    amazing, just amazing.
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    ✓Austin Mahone
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    perrie is very funny and an awesome friend to have.
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    cameron dallas √
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    Hi ♡ Love or Hate me your never gonna brake me Roleplay † No harm done ✿   
    absolute best friend. el is amazing and there's a lot words to describe her, but mostly amazing fits it.
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    ☁️Alexa Losey☁️
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    •It's The Good Girls Who Keep Diaries; The Bad Girls Never Have The Time. •Talking Shit Behind My Back? Well Bitch, Feel Free To Bend Down And Kiss My Ass. xx • I'm A Mother Fucking Proud Ass Bitch! •I'm...   
    honestly is the perfect friend, shes amazing. 1/8 of Fab Eight
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    ✓Josh Cuthbert
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    Hey I'm Josh also known as Joshina! Yeah you got it I'm Fabulous Haha! So HEre's some stuff about me... -1/4 of Union J -Singer -1/3 of the Fab Three -Dating The Beautiful Danielle Bradbury♥ -Buy...   
    Josh or Joshina is the definition of fab, okay. He is one of my best friends and he's awesome. 1/8 of Fab Eight 1/3 of Fab Three
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      ✓Josh Devine
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    Drummer for One Direction, living the dream !   
    not really fond of josh, but his icon is nice.
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    ✓Niall Horan
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    ~RP ACCOUNT~   
    niall and i haven't really met, but he's awesome, honestly.
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    Hii :)) I'm Zayn Malik 1/5 of One Direction I love all our Directioners :) I love my brothers :) 1/3 of the Fab3 Austina, Joshina,and me Zaynisha out fab you all!! #Team1D #ZARRY Role Player...   
    can i just start off with fabulous? zaynisha and zayn are very amazing but if you get on their bad side, your loss. 1/3 of Fab Three and 1/8 of Fab Eight
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    ✓JJ Hamblett
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    Hey My name is Jamie but you can Call me JJ. I am 1/4 of Union J I would love to get to know you all so don't be shy I don't bite Hard ;) Lets Chat. Yeah I am dating the most beautiful girl in...   
    first guy roleplay i met on here, hes in union j so i already love him
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    ✔Vanessa Hudgens
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    Harro c: ✔Vanessa Hudgens Originally AnnaSophia.. Single like the pringle Food is life & I eat lots of it. Work hard, Party harder is my motto. Love these people >>> Ashley Benson, Jade...   
    1/8 of Fab Eight, oh my dear Anna. she's honestly so sweet and an awesome best friend.
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    ✓Jai Brooks
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    jai is me and i is jai
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    zoey ♥
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    zoey sugg aka zoella im a youtuber roleplay account xoxo   
    annoying but we have our moments. love you, troian.
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    ✓Justin Bieber
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    hello I am Justin and buy my new single #thatpower with will.i.am (role play)   
    talked before but not really friends. seems nice.
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    ✓Selena Gomez
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    Hey everybody!!! :) Wish you all a good day! And to all my fans, I love you! Also by my new single on itunes. Come and Get It! ╔══╗ ♪ ║██║ ♫ ║ ( ● ) ♫ ╚══╝♪   
    desperate. i love selena ooc but this one is honestly really the opposite of selena
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    Sam Craske
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    Hey Guys! Im sam....Im from England and im gonna have the best girl in the world soon ;) Follow me on twitter:@SammmmmBoy Friend me on FB: Sam CraskeRp   
    haven't chatted much with him, but he likes jade and he's always moody.
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    ✓Sasha Pieterse
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    “Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead.” I'm an actress/singer :) Pretty Little Liars, woo! Any fans? Taken by the amazing George Shelley. #TerribleTrio with George and Lottie. Keep...   
    I love Sasha ooc, but I haven't met this Sasha, Her bio sounds nice.
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     Liam Payne
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    BATMAN IS HERE TO SAVE YOU its on like donkey kong... Thank you all for everything! Blessed to be where I am now! -- Twitter: @Real_Liam_Payne 🐦 Tweet me 😋 -- Believe in what you do, and...   
    Liam is cool, but he's getting a bit nasty. Dickcorns? No thanks.
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    Eleanor Ralston
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    this is my second account. first one is Nandos!!!!!!!!! so yeah   
    George is really cool and nice. He's a cool guy.
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    ✓Camila Cabello
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    Hi I am 1/5 of fifth harmony "Where words fail, music speaks" I love our harmonizers!! It's sad and crazy that such a beautiful man and amazing actor died in a car crash. We might've lost an...   
    Really adorable and sweet, just that she always asks me what happened and its sorta hard to explain everything.
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    ✓Andrea Russett ❤
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    ❤96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will❤ HELLO I'M ANDREA ROSE RUSSETT! If You Don't Know Who I Am Check Out My Channel On YouTube "GETTOxFABxFOREV...   
    Andrea is such a cheeky girl. Haven't met her, but absolute cheeky.
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    ✓Cher Lloyd
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    Cher Lloyd | Solo Artist Love each and every one of my fans! <3 You're all just so amazing! Swag on! x) ~~~~~~~~~ RP Account ;)   
    Cher is a total sweetie. We haven't talked in awhile but she was one of the first people to talk to me
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    Really good friends with Lottie, very loyal.
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    *Deleted Account*
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    My account is deleted Bye   
    Was in the Shit Six (before fab eight) but kicked out because of her french.
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    ✔ Selena_Gomez
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    Hey I'm Selena, I enjoy preforming/acting and if your a fan I wanted to say thank you, your the reason I'm here!! 143 I love you guys <3 (This is a roleplay account :])   
    Another Selena? She seems exactly like the other one.
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    ✔Ariana Grande
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    Hey guys!! Hopeful Arianators, tiny elephants, or The Ariana Army!! ♥♣♥ put that sign in your bio and I'll lov ya forever!! Ariana here!! I'm also Cat, from Sam and Cat. Spending my time with singing...   
    Party buddy! Haha, Ariana is one of the first people I met on here and she's an amazing friend
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    ✓Demi Lovato
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    Hey! I love all of my fans and hopfully can talk to all of you and make some awesome friends on here! Im Single but you know being single isn't a bad thing! Love my Lovatics! I hope I can make...   
    I think the first one to say Hi to me was Demi. Very sweet and loyal.
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    ✔ Stella Hudgens
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    pink is the color the nail posh on my middle finger, wanna see it?   
    me tryna be straight

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