Movellas English Class

English class with Movellas?

Vil du gerne være bedre til engelsk? Træn her ved at skriv en historie på engelsk.


Vi har fået vores engelske kollega Jordan til at lave en fantastisk engelsk konkurrence til jer. Så deltag her, skriv en masse og bliv bedre til engelsk.



I'm Jordan, the UK Editor at Movellas. When we found out that school had been cancelled in Denmark and that you would all have a lot of spare time, we started thinking about what Movellas could do to make learning a little bit more fun... and then someone at Movellas came up with the awesome idea of running an English writing contest!


We found a picture of a young couple looking a little bit unhappy underneath some pink balloons, and the rest is up to you. Write a short story (no more than 3,000 words!) that uses this picture as inspiration. 


Test your English writing skills by being very clear in what tense and person you write in:


1st person past: I sat underneath the balloons. 

3rd person present: He sits underneath the balloons.

2nd person present: You sit underneath the balloons. 


Test your English reading skills by checking out all of the other entries and leaving them lots of constructive criticism.


The best three stories (both in terms of English and plot) will all receive Movellas certificates of achievement, the first ever Movellas certificates of achievement! ...and a copy of the book "Forbudt Kærlighed"





English Class with Movellas er for alle. Er du ikke særlig god til engelsk, har du nu eller tiders mulighed for at blive bedre. Skriv en historie og bed om konstruktiv kritik. For på Movellas bliver vi sammen bedre:)


Så er der en ny "opgave" til Movellas English Class - den sejeste engelskklasse på nettet:) Se den her.


Og endnu en ny engelsk udfordring... Skriv en mumble på engelsk og link til den her i kommentarfeltet. OG kommenter på en af de andres mumbles (på engelsk selvfølgelig:) God fornøjelse!

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