4. December Review

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4. December Review

I What makes you feel alive?

Inuyashiki has a family, a wife, and two kids, none of which care about him. When he learns that he has only three months to live, he realizes that the only one who will miss him is his dog. Shortly after this realization, he is killed in a crash landing by aliens. He is rebuilt by them as a machine with a human exterior. How will his life change now that he isn't human?

Inuyashiki is actually really good. It sounds weird when you read about it, but it slowly gets better and better. The old man Inuyashiki Ichirou might get killed by a spaceship, which you won't see anything off in the manga at least. I have only read the manga, not watched the anime. So I will only talk about the manga, which I've read, but if you guys watch the anime, then I won't be sure that the same stuff happens in it. 

I believe that in Inuyashiki it tells a lot about the different types of people. There are always two kinds of people, which makes two worlds in a land full of humans. Sure, you might see it as stupid.


There is the old man Inuyashiki, who suddenly feels very wrong and dead because he is a robot now. But then he figures out how to feel emotions and how to feel like living again, he does that by helping people. If someone gets attacked, or raped or anything else. Then he jumps into action, he stands in the way of the shooter and does everything he can, in his power to help strangers around him. He saves people from the mafia, heals people with the sudden power he gets. He actually finds out that he is able to heal cancer, so he suddenly starts going to the hospital helping people out there. He helps a man, who has been thrown out of his home by his wife. The man gets jumped by youngsters that "wants" the city to be clean, which means >No homeless people< So they attack this man with fireworks and when they are out of fireworks, they attack him. Inuyashiki helps out and ends up being beaten by the youngsters too, but as he is beaten up. His body takes out a hidden camera and films everything, puts it everywhere. AND I mean everywhere, every screen, tv, mobile, street corner, tv store. EVERYWHERE!!!


Then we have the second Robot! Hiro Shishigami a high school boy, who also gets crushed of the spaceship. He is built in the same way as Inuyashiki. But his way of feeling alive is way different. He feels alive whenever he kills people. Which makes him into a mass murderer, he walks into peoples homes and murder families. This is what makes this little rut feel alive. 

He himself loves it and has a deep love for his mother too, he wants her to feel well and he loves his best friend too. Which makes him murder his friend's bullies, but this only makes his best friend step away from him. This ends with his best friend turning him the back and makes him go to Inuyashiki. 

His friend wants to stop him, but Inuyashiki and he have the same strength. But Inuyashiki trains his ability to shoot anyway and learns new ways his body will help society.


In this manga, you actually get to see a lot of emotions. Everything is drawn perfectly and the background is beautiful! It hit me like a bird, flying into the window. Seriously. You get to see the people in action and ofcause you get to see lots of blood, killing etc. In the manga, you even see the world suddenly getting crazy, when Hiro starts attacking everyone. His mother kills herself, and when he finds a girl he likes, the police kills her and her grandmother. This makes him angry, so angry that he chooses to kill everyone in japan. Which makes him announce that everyday he will kill a hundred people, then it raises to the next day... a thousand people must die! He kills and kills... I LOVED IT!!


I won't tell you how it ended, you must read that for yourself. But I will tell you, it isn't a happy ending at all. :D Ohohoho But i will tell you that Donald Trump is in it XD

I give this manga a 10 out of 10!!



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