why do we care?

af , lørdag 19. november, 2016
why do we care?

 who are you?

Are you Goth? Scene? emo, jock, metalhead, prep?


It doesn't matter.


What happened to us? When did the world become so insecure? 

You. Yeah, you. I see you. You are on the internet, looking for answers. You have googled what you are. You have taken quizzes to find out what you truly are. You have read Wikihows to become popular or how to be 'emo' or 'prep'. Why?

Don't get me wrong, I am guilty of doing all of this. I, as well as you, have the physiological need to be liked, cared for. We all seek out truth, but why do we all so easily succumb to society. Why must we have labels? 

I have tried to find out what I am. Am I emo for loving the hairstyles and music? Yes, but I love metal and classic rock and moshing. Does that make me a metalhead? I suppose so. What about my love for the environment and trying to make a difference, does that make me a hippy? I can't live without books, music, art, playing guitar, and writing. I breathe music. I spread my voice with my writing. Find my creative outlet with playing instruments and making art.

  What am I?

I am human.

What are you?


Why the labels? Why do we crave the answers to everything, even things that don't have answers. Why do we strive to know all? If we knew all, then what would be the point of living? No surprises, new things, meeting new people, discovering yourself. You would already know.

So, what makes us want to be loved and liked by everyone? Why do we care what others think? I don't know. But I do know that we need to stop.

We need to spread our voices, be ourselves. Stop trying to fit yourself into a neat little package to fit in one neat little pile of other neat little packages that are the exact same as you, all with the same stamp of what you are, who you are. All with the same label. Then, the next day, finding out you fit some other label, some other genre of personality. It goes on and on.

I feel like I must be different, not a follower. I try to find different labels of me, but in reality, I fit none. Yes, I have aspects of them, but I am not perfectly made to fit into a single one. A square peg in a round hole. I am me. Trying to be one thing makes me a follower.

Inevitably, I am not the exact same as anyone.

I am so ashamed of myself, of caring of what other think. Why should I? I am insecure. I am not confident of me. I have to change. I have different beliefs and I can't label myself. The fact that I have tried to disgusted me.

From this point, I will stop taking quizzes of who I am, stop trying to be the same as others who clam to be different. Because each and every one of them are, but on the outside, they pretend to be exactly the same.

I am not the same.

You are not the same.

You and I are completely different. I am emo. I am a metalhead. I am grunge. You are emo. You are a metalhead. You are grunge.

On facebook, you and I are exactly the same as bob, Timmy, Sara, or at least, we try and fit into the label.

Put us together, and we are different. Similar, but not clones.

If I can try and stop, you can too.

If we all simply be ourselves, maybe bullying can stop. Terrorism could stop. Suicide, selfharm, depression, even people's emptiness, it can all stop.

In reality, we are all just lost little fish in the ocean trying desperately to fit into the school. The sharks destroy the schools, eat them up. The fish who is alone because he didn't 'fit in' is alive. The mainstream is dead, whilst the different ones are alive.

Get it?

Now, try and find what you truly believe in, what you need. 

Get out there, be an open book. The ones who accept you the way you are, are the ones who are worth it.

Voice your opinions, do things you have never done.

Make a list of things that you are uncomfortable with and one by one, do them.

Surround yourself with people who are truly wonderful and have already mastered the art of not giving a fucking shit. They will rub off on you.

I am young, in no way at all know everything, I can realize that we have to break out of this awful routine of nothingness. Don't be nothing.

I can't wait until I am 18, because you know what? I am going to did my hair midnight blue, pierce my eyebrow, get a tattoo sleeve, paint my walls, mosh my butt off, buy a motorcycle, fill an entire room with books, art supplies and amplifiers(gotta teach the neighbors a little thing called System of a Down), and you know what? I'm going to do what ever the hell I want. I will support myself. I will have fun and live my fucking life to the fullest and no one is going to stop me.

I am going throw the bare minimum on my back and just get on my motorcycle and drive. I don't know where I will go, but anything can happen. My life can change.

My life will change. I will change.

I am going to spend a long period of time alone in the wilderness, just surviving. I want to feel what my answerers felt, because if it weren't for the hardships they have endured, I wouldn't be here.

Do you think that native American thought what the other tribe members thought? No. They where brave warriors who protected their family and tribe, people who where judged because they liked to be one with nature. Then some English bastards came along and said;" hey! Look at this freak! Let's take all of his land, steal his food, and send him to a place we have no need for because he doesn't believe in god" what the fuck! How would you feel if some Chinese folk came to England and ridiculed you for who you are and what you believe.

Humanity disgusted me, but at the same time, it is utterly fascinating.

realize that every isn't really judging you. You can't live up to every single person, but if that person can't see how wonderful you are, then they can suck a toe.

Just stop worrying and get your sorry butt into the world and make a difference.

Don't worry what others will think, and as always,

rock on forever bitches.

I love you all.

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