Unite Us Trilogy

af , torsdag 29. september, 2016
 Unite Us Trilogy

Day 1

How to write a book...


My friends have been going on at me for some time that I should try writing something a bit more in-depth than just a short story, so here goes.

Over the next six months, I am going to write a novel. The name is United We Stand, and I named it that because when I suggested to my friends that I was going to do this, they said they would stand by me. So here goes: every day for the next six months, I am going to write more of my novel and upload a blog post on how it is going.

Just to say, I have never written anything longer than a three page essay for English, so for me, this is a real shot in the dark. I hope people will support my decision to try this. 

Every Saturday, I am going to publish a chapter or two. I know this is going to be hard work, but my friends have offered me serious moral support (and a sofa to curl up on with a notebook). So here we are, the journey is starting. I'm pushing the boat out from the jetty and stepping into a new adventure. The adventure begons here...


Day 2

Today I drafted out the character profiles of my two main characters: Adele and Max. Fortunately for me, writing in character is my strong point with writing. My English teacher keeps going on at my class about how you can't do a piece of creative writing without a decent plan, or you end up with a "stream of consciousness" as she calls it.

Adele is the heroine of the story and quite unusual in that because most heroines are beautiful and perfect, but Adele isn't. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something where the heroine isn't the model human, but where she has been tainted by the torments of life.

Max is a very strong character and completely besotted with Adele. However, they have both had very different lives so far. Max has been on the run for nearly 10 years, whereas Adele grew up in a carehome because her parents and siblings were killed in a car crash some years ago. Nobody is quite sure how Adele herself survived it.

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