Rio Olympics 2016... and Writing?

af , torsdag 11. august, 2016
Rio Olympics 2016... and Writing?

What do athletes and writers have in common?

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With all of the hype of the Rio Olympics, it's a great time to share how athletes and writers have a lot in common. And who knows? Maybe the Olympics will inspire you to write some more! But without further ado, here are five ways in which writers are not so different to the olympians.


1. The Race Is On

We have our writing sprints, and our races (NaNoWriMo, anyone?), and we don't want to stop until we have reached the end. And once that race has come to an end, we'll just join another one :)


2. Training

Everything we write is basically us training for something - maybe you're getting ready for NaNoWriMo, or some Movellas competition. Or maybe you want to practice writing until you feel that you think you could be published - whatever it is, you're training for your own olympics.


3.  Hard Work and Effort

Have you ever felt completely discouraged with your writing? Like no matter how much you do or how much effort is put into it, you'll never get there, and there will always be someone better? I think we've all felt that, and you can guarantee that some olympians feel that way too - even still, they give it their all and dive in, and you should do the same.


4. We're Different, but Similar

With writing, you have people who have the ability to keep going all day, and some people do writing in short bursts. We have action, adventure, fantasy, romance and more, and even though we are all different in our writing ways, styles and genres, we all write. Olympians have artistic gymnastics, tennis, handball, swimming, and more - and yet they are all there, all working towards a common goal.


5. Our Inspiration

People are inspired by other people. A number of writers might inspire you to complete your first story, or to have a go at writing in the first place - the same goes for olympians. These athletes might have that one - or maybe many - athletes who inspire them to keep going and to stay on track. 


In what ways do you think olympians and writers are similar?



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