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Feedback til Movellas English Class

Nilu, der arbejder på vores egenske kontor, har været med til at læse jeres historier. Hun har skrevet en blog med kommentarer og gode råd til historierne.


Hey guys,

We were all really impressed with your submissions and your command of the English language - a lot of talented writers out there! Some of you should consider posting your stories on the English version of Movellas; we need more international writers like you.

We were also really happy with the positive response -- maybe we'll be doing another English Class Competition with a bit more of a challenge next time. Spice it up a notch. We're certainly not against it - we loved reading your entries. 

So we decided to post a blog with some feedback about the stories submitted: use of language, storyline/plot, technique, etc.

Here's what we thought:

Overall, most of the entries didn't have any spelling errors, and your command of the English language was good, to say the least for some of you :)

As for the use of verbs, we were very impressed to see that most of you didn't confuse verb tenses, and didn't make any mistakes, to boot. Well done; that's probably the hardest part about learning a language (and writing a story, for that matter) and almost all of you managed to succeed at it! 

When it comes to grammar, a few mistakes here and there. Some of you had awkward phrases: run on sentences, fragments, etc. which made some passages hard to read.

There were also quite a few common misuses of words like 'there' and 'your' and 'it's'. 
Remember, 'their' is possessive, while 'they're' is short for 'they are.' Same goes for you're/your ('you're': you are; 'your': possessive), and it's/its ('it's': it is; 'its': possessive) Also, some forgotten apostrophes after names… (Cassie's house, not Cassies house) But we know it's hard, because they all sound the same, so don't worry. Just try to pay attention to detail and review what you're trying to say before writing the word. 

As for punctuation, some dialogue errors here and there, as well as misuse of punctuation marks at times. Remember, it's:

"Hey," John said. 
"Alright," said Cassie."

And not:

 "Hey", Said Cassie.
"alright"? John asked. 

A tip to remember is to always keep in mind the basic rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation, because although the mistakes seem small, they're important. Just look the rules up before you start writing, and ask someone (friend who's a native speaker, teacher, or even us here at Movellas!) if you have any doubts. And of course, always proofread your work to double-check for any mistakes-- especially if you're writing in a foreign language!

Now, on to the CONTENT of the submissions: 

We've got to say, a lot of repetitive boy-meets-girl plotlines. (Well, we didn't exactly make your job easy with the picture, did we?) There were some stories with a twist thrown in there, but overall a lot of cheesy, romantic movellas. Just remember, we've got about 50+ submissions to judge, so you want yours to stand out from the crowd. Think about how you can turn the picture into something more interesting: by adding some history to the story, by throwing in an incredibly sassy or memorable character, by taking into account real-life events… By writing a poem, even? There's always a way to upstage your competitors - you've just got to figure out what it is. For instance, writing an engaging beginning, (without overdoing it) is always a good way to capture your reader's interest. A slow, scattered beginning is never a good way to start because it relies on further reading. And when entering a writing competition, try to avoid cliches as much as you can, despite how tempting they are. Also, I know it's tough to do within such a short word-frame, but please, try to develop your characters so that we can relate to them, or hate them, or feel slightly irritated with them… Anything so that we feel something for them, so that we know the author's taken the time to give the character some depth. Because again, it's not just about the story; the character's gotta have some depth too! 

Last but not least, a lot of you were on the right track, and submitted a great story…. But it was unfinished! Unfortunately, we can't judge a movella if it doesn't have an ending.

Anyway, well done to everyone who participated! We were all really impressed to see the amount of comments, likes, and constructive criticism posted on all of the stories submitted. After all, the best way to improve when learning a language is through advice and support, so try to read the other submissions and provide some helpful tips if you can. And you can always contact us here at the English Movellas if you need some support, or just want a bit of feedback! So let us know, and hope this helped. 
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