Endfic Writing Competition

by , Saturday October 22, 2016
Endfic Writing Competition

An Endfic Writing Competition!

Here's a new kind of competition worth checking out if you like stories with or about endings...



You may be wondering what an endfic is. We may have just made it up ;) but the premise is this: your character, your story, your plot surrounds one thing - the ending.


This ending could take many forms, it could be the end of a relationship, the end of the world, it could be death...before we delve into the possibilities here, let's give a good fanfiction example of an endficFor the sake of not offending anyone, we'll call our boy band the Hipsters and pretend there is a Harry Styles look-alike named Harry Hipster. ...It's their last tour together, and suddenly it becomes apparent that there is someone out there determined on ending Harry Hipster for good...will they find out before it's too late? So this may be a horror flick :) but the "ending" premise is what's important in this competition. Maybe Harry Hipster gets murdered and helps solve his own case, post mortem *cue sinister thunder...* Or perhaps the ending tour marks the end of the band as they know it, until the phoenix of a band emerges from the ashes in what would be a spectacular ending.


We hope these examples have helped clarify what we mean when we ask you all to write your own endfics. If it's one thing we love (and sometimes dread, but accept finally) is the ending of a story. Is there any hope left? Room for a sequel? Something hinted at, or leaving readers shocked and dismayed? In the end, everything will be revealed...


Think about what would make an endfic perfect in your eyes, because we all have different ideas of how it all ends :) This could be a challenge, but we also think you are all up for it! The end is near, and we can sense it...


How to Participate​


For this competition, write your own endfic or other themed story as an entry, or create your own cover/fanart. Some options for writing blogs:

1. Write a endfic about your favorite fandom. It can be written on "the end" of anything, a music tour, a horrific day, a life, an epic journey - just tie in your fanfic character(s) in leading up to the ending. 


2. Write a story surrounding the ending theme. You are of course not limited to fanfiction but can choose to write any story where something is coming to an end, just remember to make your entry as complete as you before the deadline.


3. Don't want to write for this one? Design a cover or create fanart from the fandom of your choice, just be sure to tie in the theme and tag accordingly :)


Enter this by creating a new movella, and clicking on the green "join this competition" icon on the top right of this page.




Winners will have their blogs/fanart/covers promoted on Movellas' social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) You will also get the chance to win prizes from amazon.com or gift cards.

The Best Fanfiction will receive an Amazon prize on the fandom of their choice!


The Best Story will receive a $25 iTunes gift card!


Best Cover/Fanart gets a Movellas-themed surprise...




Open globally

Multiple entries allowed (limit - 3)

No co-author entries

You may not update your entry/movella once the competition deadline has passed.

You may not use the same movella in future competitions.

You may not use a movella that has already been published in other competitions.

Check out the Competition FAQs for more...
NOTE: Covers/banners must use resources licensed under CC0, or Public Domain. If you’re creating something that will be listed as a fan work, then you may use resources relating to your chosen fan-base (or combination of fan-bases), but it must be listed as fanfiction when you release it on Movellas.


Thank you to Infinite_Exho for helping design the competition banner!


This ends Monday, November 21 2016 (at 20:00 PST)


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