The Selection: A Writing Competition

by , Wednesday August 3, 2016
The Selection: A Writing Competition

The Selection: A Writing Competition

For those of you who love this novel, there are many books in The Selection series by Kiera Cass and there are also many chances to write good stories inspired by it!



The Selection is a novel by Kiera Cass about 35 girls selected from a country where you are judged by your talents and money. They enter this "selection" for the chance of a lifetime, a chance to win Prince Maxon's heart.


Every girls dream right? But for America, it's not what she wants. She's in love with someone else, who's in a caste lower than her, and it's a disgrace to marry into a lower caste. So she leaves for the castle, but not for the love, but rather for the money and the food. Except when she does she falls in love. 


For those who haven't heard of this awesome book, read the book blurb on goodreads.


Many of you loved this novel and so to honour the book series - as well as a few request from you to write on these themes - we're excited to have a competition all about power, royalty, princesses & princes, love, competition, and more <3


Only read the first book? Enter your story or cover into this competition and you could win other books in The Selection series as prizes! Just like "the game" in this thrilling and dark love story, good luck to all those willing to join in the fun, we're looking forward to selecting the winners...



How to Participate​


In this competition, be as creative as you want! Write a story on any of the categories listed below or create an alternate cover for the novel.


1. Write a story about a prince/princess looking for their soulmate, or a similar romance story. 

2. Write a story about judgement/someone changing the way things are done. 

​3. Write a story about a "game" picked by lottery }:-)



The Prizes


The winners will have their stories and covers promoted on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) For this competition, you can win books from the Selection series. If for some reason you have one book from the series and instead win the other, let us know and we'll happily switch prizes to a book from the series that you haven't read, should you be one of our winners.

Best Story will receive a copy of The Elite, the second book in The Selection series!


The Runner Up will receive a copy of The One, book three in Kiera Cass's series.

Best Cover will receive a The Heir, the fourth book in The Selection series.





Open globally

Multiple entries allowed (limit - 3)

No co-author entries

You may not update your entry/movella once the competition deadline has passed.

You may not use the same movella in future competitions.

You may not use a movella that has already been published in other competitions.

Check out the Competition FAQs for more...
NOTE: Covers & trailers must use resources licensed under CC0, or Public Domain.



Thank you to NathanielStanley for creating the banner and to w o n d e r l u s t for helping create this competition!



The competition ends September 7th, 2016 (20:00 PST)


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