Write a story in 24 hours!

by , Saturday August 6, 2016
Write a story in 24 hours!

You've got 24 hours!

Join the competition and find out


The day has finally arrived, the clock struck twelve (literally) and Movellas’ 24 hour competition has officially begun! The 24 hour competition is a write-a-thon but with prizes and a very special topic which your stories must be inspired by, meaning you have to write a story in just 24 hours!


The Rules

  • Your story must be inspired by the topic given

  • You must write a story - therefore poetry, essays, etc. are not permitted in this competition

  • You may not edit at all after tomorrow, August 7th, 12pm GMT. (This is very important)


The Prize

The winner will receive a $30 Amazon gift card. There will only be only 1 prize for 1 winner :)


The Topic

And now, the topic. The topic is the theme or the frame and the one-way-or-another focus of your story. And the topic is… Journey!


It can be a mental journey, a physical journey, a journey through time, space… You can intepret the topic as much as you want as long as there is a visible element of journey in the final result.


Remember to share your own writing journey with us on instagram and twitter with the hashtag #24Movellas!


Good luck - and write, write, write!


The competition is open internationally.

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