7 Years of Movellas!

by , Friday April 29, 2016
7 Years of Movellas!

It's the 7 Year Anniversary of Movellas

Join us in celebrating our anniversary in this Movellas-themed competition



Today we celebrate the fact that Movellas has been around for 7 years! Did you know that? We are so happy to be celebrating that we really want to include you all n the festivities. And what better way to celebrate this anniversary than by having you all write what Movellas means to you! Remember to visit Facebook, Twitter, snap chat and Instagram to see how we celebrate during the day in the office.


If Movellas was a child, it would be finishing up the first grade right around now. Favorite subjects would certainly be reading and writing :-) Perhaps it would be a mischievous girl or a thoughtful boy. ...Or maybe something else. "Movellas, sit down! Do not recite poems again!", "Movellas? Where are you? In what universe do you live?"



I am everywhere and nowhere. I live there where you cannot see me. I sit in the network that binds us all together. I am you and you are me, and together we create a magical universe of words and stories.


This competition is all about Movellas and everything positive that comes to min when you think of this great community and the great stuff that happens here. What do you love about the website? When we personify Movellas, we fall short in really describing what it is. Because it is in no way us, and not really the site because what would that be without all of you? You are all Movellas, and it's all of you who create the magic, so in a way, it's YOU we celebrate today. Without movellians, there'd be no Movellas.



How to Participate


The rules of this competition are simple, you are given free rein to describe "What Movellas means to you." You can write a story about it, a poem, make a cover / poster, or alternatively participate with a trailer. We will find a winner in each category.


Guidelines if you participate with a cover/poster:

  • Images should be in high resolution (over 1000 pixels) so that they are clear
  • Our new logo will help (choose one below!)
  • Covers must use resources licensed under CC0, or Public Domain.
  • Poster / cover must in some way symbolize what to read & write and Movellas. Be creative!


Guidelines if you participate with a trailer:

  • The trailer should last between 1 - 2 minutes.
  • It symbolizes Movellas and to read, write, and share
  • Remember to use imagery you have the rights to, so we can publish your trailer on all of our social channels

Want to win this T-shirt? They're among the prizes in this competition!


The Prizes

If you win with a story, you'll receive: a Movellas notebook (like in the picture:-) and a special Movellas anniversary T-shirt!
If you win with a cover / poster, you'll receive: a copy of YOUR winning poster (or if the cover wins) as a full size poster 70 x 50cm.
If you win with a trailer, you'll receive: a very special Movellas anniversary T-shirt (like the ones we're wearing here), as well as having your video shared on all Movellas social channels.





You are welcome to put some really nice covers of your own into a poster, like this example on the left. It doesn't need to be the same and the poster will not necessarily look like this - but maybe it will inspire you as to what kinds of covers, images, and other things you can use in your entry.





We are excited to see what you all will create!














The competition ends June 16, 2016 (20:00 PST)


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