Movellas Advent Calender

by , Tuesday December 1, 2015
Movellas Advent Calender

Christmas on Movellas

'Tis time for our Advent Calender!



Banner art for all Christmas blogs comes from Adison


Oh sweet Christmas! We love Christmas at Movellas just like many of our users, so this year we decided to do somthing a little different. Perhaps because we're thinking you migh all want books for Christmas...we know writers and booklovers don't mind paperpacks, bookmarks, notebooks, giftcards, and the like during the holiday season.


This joy of us getting all these books is that this year, we intend to share with you! This holiday season we are launching a Movellas Christmas calendar. There are 24 days before Christmas - and 24 mini-challenges every day to win. From today through December 24, every day on Movellas you will find a "door" to open or answer in our advent calendar. Behind the door is a small Christmas challenge that you must answer in the comments below to be in the draw for the day's calendar gift. It depends on what the challenge is, but maybe you will have write something, maybe you will have to guess something, but one thing is for certain - it's all about Christmas!



How to participate:

From December 1, so today, and up to and including December 24, every day a new blog will go on Movellas that matches the calendar dates up to Christmas. Inside the blog is a "door". There is an example of the first "door" you can see towards the bottom of this blog. Click on the door because behind it lies a link to a new page with the day's challenge. You must answer / comment on the challenge in the comments section to qualify to win.


It is important that you comment the same day as the challenge that is given, otherwise you will not be in the final draw. We count comments until midnight, after which we will draw the winner and announce them in the same comments section the very next day. Attention! On the 24th of December we will close for answers around 12pm noon so that we can also be on time for Christmas dinner.


What you can win:

Since it is an advent calendar, the gifts are meant to be a surprise :-) but we'll give you some hints. There will be winners every day, and each of the week's winners will be in the running to receive one of 2 prizes raffled every advent of the month (until the final winners are chosen on Chirstmas Eve, December 24). Every day we will reveal what the calendar gift is when we announce the winner. You can win several times during the month of December too!


December 1st - Door 1



  <<< Click on the door...









Good luck in our big advent calendar on Movellas, hope you like the idea and will participate :-)


And many thanks to our sponsors - remember this is where you will find the best books!

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