Science Fiction Feature Week Competition


Let's get our geek on with a SciFi feature week competition!


Wild mutant robot horses created in a secret government laboratory couldn't stop me from running a Science Fiction writing competition for feature week this month. In the spirit of the Science Fiction genre, the competition will leave room for exploration of many different territories.


The Competition

Write a fanfic from any SciFi book, film, or series. Crossovers allowed and encouraged.

More specifically, write an alternative ending for any SciFi book, film, or series.

Write a story within the SciFi genre.

Create new cover art for your favorite SciFi books. (update: images used to create cover art must be royalty free and free to use for commercial use. In other words, don't just Google search an image and use it without checking the copyright restrictions attached to it.)

Write a Science Poem (a poem centering around a scientific theme. Read the comments for a post from Jess N with an example of a Science Poem). 


The Prizes

Three winners will receive Movellas book bundles (subject to change).


The Details

Open to everyone

Multiple entries allowed (limit - 3)

Each entry must be published in a separate Movella

Entries must be published in 2015


Competition closes at 23:00 GMT on Monday 31 August 2015


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