Historical Fiction Competition

by , Monday June 22, 2015
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Historical Fiction Competition

Impromptu #MovellasThroughTime Competition

I said there wouldn't be a historical fiction competition, but I've taken a stock take of all the goodies for Movellas book bundles and I have plenty of prizes to win so why not!?! 


Historical fiction continues to be one of the most popular genres to write and read, and since you all voted for #MovellasThroughTime we want to reward the very best. Great romances during World War II, epic battles across continents, personal and political intrique in the Roman Empire, tales of rich aristocratic families and of people getting by during hard times... the past can make your writing a thousand times more interesting before you have even started! 

The competition

Write a story about a civillian in war time (any war)

Write a story where your character travels through several time periods #MovellasThroughTime

Re-write a historical love story

Write a story about any historical time period of your choice


The prizes

Three winners will receive Movellas Book Bundles. If a co-authored winner is selected all authors of the winning stories will receive a Movellas Book Bundle. 


The details

Open to everyone

Multiple entries are allowed (Limit- 3)

Co-Authored entries are allowed

Entries must be published in 2015

Only prose stories will be accepted

No word limit

Competition closes at 23:00 GMT on Monday 27 July 2015

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