Spoken Word: A Video Competition

For the first time ever, Movellas is taking storytelling off the page


Spoken word poetry - poetry intended for performance with a focus on rhythm, free rhyme, gestures, and facial expressions.

Oh, but spoken word is so much more than that. Spoken word is a form of storytelling that has deep roots in oral tradition, which was used back in the days before books and smart phones to record cultural traditions, stories, and even laws. Nowadays, spoken word is often used to talk about taboo topics, like controversial politics, gender, religion and more. It's an emotionally charged form of self expression that is about having the courage to stand for what you believe in and do it with confidence. 

And now, with the cooperation of Tonya Ingram and Button Poetry, you get the chance to try spoken word for yourself!


The Guest Judge

We're very excited to enlist the help of an amazing spoken word poet, Tonya Ingram, who will choose the winners of this competition.


To hear spoken word in action, check out Tonya's performance of Unsolicited Advice

Tonya on Twitter

Tonya on Tumblr


The Competition

For this competition, we want to boldly go where no movella has gone before! Instead of submitting a written movella, we want you to record your best spoken word performance as a video or audio file. Upload your video onto Youtube, then create a Movella with the video embedded into the first chapter. As always, submit your movella to enter the competition.

Your spoken word poem should include one of the following themes: 

  1. Tell your story: a poem about you and your identity
  2. Out of the ashes: a poem about overcoming obstacles
  3. Home: a poem about what home means to you



The winners will receive a book of poetry provided by the poetry publisher Button Poetry

  • The first place winner will receive a book of poetry by (poet to be determined)
  • Three runners up will receive a book of poetry by (poet to be determined)

The Button Team is busy spreading the word about performance poetry by finding talented spoken word artists and promoting their work. 

Follow Button Poetry on Twitter

Check out their spoken word poets on Button Poetry's Youtube channel

Snag some inspiring poetry in their online store



Open to everyone.

All winners will be contacted by email.

Time limit of the video is 5 minutes.

Multiple entries allowed!

Competition will close August 10th 2015 23:00 GMT


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel (Maya Angelou)  

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