There Will Be Lies: A Cover Design Competition

This is your chance to design an alternate cover for Nick Lake


We can tell that you have all been loving the There Will Be Lies competition. Now we are opening another one for all designers and creative types! We know that there are some really talented designers out there and we want to see what you can come up with for There Will Be Lies. This new book by Nick Lake has an incredible cover from Bloomsbury publishers, can you do better?


About the book

Shelby Jane Cooper is seventeen, pretty and quiet. It's just Shelby and her mom, Shaylene, a court stenographer who wears pyjama jeans, stitches tapestry, eats ice-cream for dinner and likes to keep Shelby safe. So safe she barely goes out. So safe she doesn't go to school. Because anything could happen, to a girl like Shelby. Anything.


When Shelby gets knocked down by a car, it's not just her leg that's broken: Shelby's world is shattered. Her mom turns up to collect her and drives off into the night, like it's the beginning of a road trip, like two criminals on the run, like Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde. And somehow, everywhere she looks, there's a coyote watching her, talking to her, telling her not to believe.


Who is Shelby Jane Cooper? If the person who keeps you safe also tells you lies, who can you trust?


The competition

Read the extract here. Design an alternate cover for the book. Consider the book's themes of truths and lies, magic, and a thrilling road trip all set in the American West.


The prizes

The winner will receive a signed copy of There Will Be Lies and feedback on their design. 

Three runners up will win copies of There Will Be Lies.


The details

Open to everybody
You can enter as many times as you like
Competition closes 23:00 GMT 5th February 2014
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