Get Your Fash-On: A Fashion Writing Competition

Calling all fashionistas - enter your story and win the outfit of your dreams from Kylie @ M&Co!

To celebrate the 25th birthday of on-trend UK teen fashion brand, Kylie @ M&Co, we're bringing you our very first fashion focussed writing competition! If you reckon you're a fash-tastic blogger or you've got a great idea for a stylish story, this is the competition for you. 


About The Competition

Take a look at the pieces in their A/W 2014 collection here. Then pick one of the following:


1. Write a story about a birthday party.

You could write about your dream day, a birthday with a sinister twist or even a birthday romance! Include a suggested outfit for one or more of the main characters in your story using the Kylie @ M&Co moodboard for inspiration. Insert this into your story.


2. Don't want to write a full story? Using the pieces from the Kylie @ M&Co moodboard for inspiration, create a character instead.

Create a Movella and include pictures or moodboards of your character's outfits and anything else you feel is relevant. You could include a paragraph about how their personality is portrayed through their posessions. 


3. Write a fashion report based on the clothes in the moodboard

Imagine you're a top fashion journalist or blogger reporting on the new season trends. 


DON'T FORGET TO SHARE! Once you've chosen your option, share your story on Twitter with @Movellas and @Kylie_mandco using the hashtag #MyFashionStory. Share it on Instagram or Facebook using the same hashtag! We'll be sharing our favourites.


The Prizes

  • One winner will get £100 (or equivalent) to spend at Kylie @ M&Co. Vouchers can be spent instore or online. 
  • Two runners up will win an item of their choice to the value of £30 from the Kylie @ M&Co website


The Details

  • This competition is open to everyone.
  • There is no word limit.
  • Winners from outside the UK will win the equivalent of £100 to spend on the Kylie @ M&Co website.
  • Runners up from outside the UK will have their item posted to them. Items are non-refundable. 


How do I create a moodboard?

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Polyvore: Use a digital scrapbook service such as Polyvore to style and layout your outfits. You can them embed them into your story. 
  • Pinterest: Create a new board named 'Movellas Fashion Competition' and pin images to your board. Insert a link to it in your story. 
  • Photo editing software: Use software such as Photoshop or alternatives to layout your outfits and save them as a JPEG. Then upload them as an image into your story. 



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