The Illustration Contest

by , Thursday January 16, 2014
The Illustration Contest

Sometimes a book is so good that it demands two contests, Malorie Blackman's Noble Conflict is one of those books. 

By now you have probably already entered the Different Sides of the Dispute contest inspired by Noble Conflict, but we didn't want to leave our celebration of this incredible book there. And besides, such a well written and graphicly descriptive book demanded an illustration contest...  
In the below scene, Kaspar meets Mac for the first time, but the use of language and description means we are just as vividly meeting her for the first time too. Your challenge is to illustrate Mac or this scene. 
Through the door, Kaspar could see the duty librarian seated behind a desk. She wore her purple hair in a choppy hairstyle and the red ID Badge at the end of the lanyard prominently displayed around her neck meant she had the highest security clearance. She was scrutinizing data on a holo-screen to her right, a slight smile on her lips. Kaspar was surprised at how young she looked, not much older than him. And best of all she didn’t look too nerdy. He knocked once and went in.
She smiled the moment she saw him. ‘Hello. I’m Mackenzie, call me Mac. You’re up late. Are you a night owl like me or are you on some kind of punishment detail? Hang on! Aren’t you the cadet who’s been all over the news recently? Milding? Rilding? Something like that? Sorry, I’m rambling! How can I help?’
Kaspar blinked at the verbal barrage. Wow! And his first impression of her had been correct. She couldn’t have been more than a couple of years older than him. She had full lips, the largest almond-shaped brown eyes he’d ever seen and long, dark lashes. Kaspar wondered what had driven her to work at the research centre of the Guardian Academy. And how on earth had she managed to get such a high security clearance at her age? Surely proof positive that she had to be considerably older than she looked?
You can use your pencils or photoshop, old tins cans or clay, paint or lego... as long as you can then upload this artistic creation (or a photo of it) to the movella you enter into the contest.



The winner will be able to propell their illustration career forward and conduct a Q&A with the cover designer behind Noble Conflict, which will then be published on Movellas. Three runners up will receive signed copies of Noble Conflict.  


And to read the whole story: 

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