Your Fourth Advent Treat!

by , Thursday December 26, 2013
Your Fourth Advent Treat!

The last Christmas competition!

Just this time, do not write about a Christmas picture...


but be Inspired by a New Year picture. How was 2013? What happens when you celebrate New Year with friends? And how do you think 2014 is going to look like? These are just some of the things that your story can be about. The only requirement for the contest is that you are inspired by this photo:



Whether you write a New Year's speech, a poem, a fanfiction or a straight laced movella... the only limit is you and your imagination. The length of your story is entirely up to you, it just has to be inspired by the New Year photo. It is also the last chance this time to win all the awesome prizes we are giving away this Christmas. 


We have joined forces with pulseit to provide the best possible Christmas prizes... stacks of free books! Each week, we will be taking the 7 books from pulseit's #31days of reading and give them to the best piece of creative writing entered right here on Movellas. 



Join pulseit read your favourite YA books for free! 


And we will give you until the end of New Year's day for this contest.


Enjoy. We look forward to reading what New Year's Eve and 2014 offers.





You can get involved by clicking on the green join button in the upper right corner.


And happy new year when I get there!

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