Your Third Advent Treat

by , Tuesday December 17, 2013
Your Third Advent Treat

Are you ready for the third Christmas challenge?

Be inspired by this week's picture and win some awesome books!


So Christmas is fast approaching and we have another competition for you. This week, write a story inspired by the following picture of an angel:




Who is she? Where does she come from? And where is she going? As always the action, story, characters and genre are entirely up to you. Maybe she meets one of the boys from One Direction, is lost in the Hunger Games universe, is part of a fantasy story or... We look forward to hearing your take on!


In case you didn't know the prizes by now... here is a reminder. We have joined forces with pulseit to provide the best possible Christmas prizes... stacks of free books! Each week, we will be taking the 7 books from pulseit's #31days of reading and give them to the best piece of creative writing entered right here on Movellas. 



Join pulseit read your favourite YA books for free! 


You can get involved by clicking on the green join button in the upper right corner. For this contest, we are going to give you until Boxing Day (26th December) so that you have something to write when everyone else is asleep after eating Christmas dinner. 



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