Your Second Advent Treat

by , Tuesday December 10, 2013
Your Second Advent Treat

Be inspired by the next Christmas picture!

Find out what photo is behind the second door... 


Our first Christmas contest is closing... but another door opens. Every Tuesday in December we will give you a new picture for inspiration and every week will have a winner who gets an early Christmas present.


Your story should be inspired by this photo:



Just like last week, it's up to you whether you write fan fiction, a poem or a short story. The only requirement is that your entry be based on the image.


We have joined forces with pulseit to provide the best possible Christmas prizes... stacks of free books! Each week, we will be taking the 7 books from pulseit's #31days of reading and give them to the best piece of creative writing entered right here on Movellas. 


Join pulseit read your favourite YA books for free! 


You can get involved by clicking on the green join button in the upper right corner.


Good luck!

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