Trick or treat!

by , Thursday October 31, 2013
Trick or treat!

‘Tis the season to be spooky... and as it is Halloween we have a terrifying new competition under way!


Happy Halloween!


It’s time to let your inner horror writer brood over the next 24 hours (more or less depending on on when you are reading this) and inspire yourself to write a short story that’s spooky, freaky, scary or darn right chilling!


Do you want to write a treat, a spooky tale that ends well, or a trick... which is just terrifying?


The Movella can be, at most, 2,000 words long, but you don’t have to write nearly that much... as long as you can frighten your audience in less words.


Once you’ve written your story, enter it into the contest and wait to scare your fans.


The competition will end on midnight of All Hallows' Day - that’s midnight on the 1st of November in case you were wondering. The winning story will be chosen by the Movellas staff based on fright factor and will be featured on the front page for a whole month, as well as being available to you in Papella form. That means we will give you a free physical copy of your story... an awesome Halloween treat.


Good luck!

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