Movellas gets political!

by , Friday October 18, 2013
Movellas gets political!

Calling all aspiring journalists... following recent uprisings, protests and demos, from the Arab Spring to London Occupy, spending cuts to Student global movements, political expression is reaching a frenzy. What better way to get involved than with your writing ability?


George Orwell, a young journalist himself once, said that one of his primary motives for writing was 'political purpose' and that even choosing not to write about politics was a political act. 


With this in mind, we are rallying YOU to start a written revolution... or at least write a piece of engaging and meaningful journalism.


Whatever the issue that affects you, we want you to write a piece of journalism highlighting the underlying factors that contribute to your position and feeling in society, that captures the political mood of your community, that delves into your most powerful beliefs.


Our politically motivated intern has written this poem to get you inspired and in the political mood: 

This competition seeks to redefine the unproven!

Protest is not simply ‘anger’ but a passionate fusion.

What affects YOU to join the revolution?

Is it the banks, government, police or another institution?

Or the divide of riches due to corrupt wealth distribution?

What about Global warming, carbon emission, pollution?

Or all you Darwinists… is this the end of evolution?

Perhaps, the legal system, injustice of incorrect prosecution?

But are activists simply mad anarchists, nuts and disillusioned?


But it could be the politics of your situation at school, something that has caught your attention in the news or a concern you passionately emphasise with... the important thing is to use your piece to make the reader sit up and pay attention, to make them feel what you are feeling or, simply, to change the world.


The contest is open to all locations and the maximum length for your article is 1,000 words. 


And the prize? You decide!


Leave your suggesstions for prizes in the comments section below and we'll choose the most radical!


UPDATE: the prize that you chose... a typewriter! 



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